Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 1

This is a story about a Business woman and cam girl meeting on a vacation, a great lesbian story.

I didn’t have many expectations for my stay at the cottage. Some rest, some relaxation, some lazing around, maybe some swimming if I was feeling ambitious.

I hadn’t even been there in… two years? Three? Something like that. It was a nice place. I’d certainly paid enough for it between buying it and the ensuing upkeep, and I wanted to get my money’s worth from it. I just never felt like I could take the time.

Burnout has a funny way of making priorities change for a while. Work… work could wait. It would have to. I just didn’t have it in me to care. A week off, or two, or maybe a month, whatever. I really didn’t care.

And the cottage was just sitting there, unused, and very conveniently away from anybody’s ability to reach me. A select few knew where it was, but short of an utter catastrophe they wouldn’t bother me. So long as I didn’t check my phone, I was isolated, just where I wanted to be.

It was… well it was boring. In my mood, that was perfect. I laid in bed all morning, shuffled to the back deck for a smoke, then either back to bed, or if I was feeling ambitious, breakfast. If it was still called breakfast after noon had come and gone.

It was purposeless, meaningless, and definitely slothful. It needed to be. I needed to shut out the little voice in my head urging me to just look at a few emails. Just important ones. Just to stave off chaos at the office. But as long as I was spending some time pretending not to be part of humanity, that little voice got pretty quiet. It was so much easier not to worry about that stuff when my life consisted of shipping between bed and couch, with generous smoke breaks in between.

It was the life of a teenage girl, not the life of the successful woman I was now. Not even me as a teenager. I’d been driven and motivated back then. Well, mostly. There’d been some weekends off at times. Some with as little ambition as I felt at the moment. Some necessary breaks from busy busy and go go go.

That was all the expectations I had for my little vacation. Just to relax and let my work brain shut well off for a time. Those expectations, it hardly needed to be said, didn’t include shuffling outside for a dart in the wee early hours of mid-afternoon, only to discover a naked girl in the backyard next door.

I leaned against the rail of my deck, calmly evaluating what I was seeing. I didn’t get anywhere with it at first. My hands started the process of lighting up a smoke without any intervention from my brain.

It probably wasn’t the correct etiquette for the situation, but I nevertheless just kind of kept staring, kept watching. A secret audience of sorts. But not the only audience.

“It’s really nice out, guys,” I heard the girl tell the laptop in front of her. “You’d all love it here.” She giggled deliberately. “Yes yes, because of the view,” she added, shaking her boobs around a little. “The view’s pretty good.”

She was camming. That much I’d pieced together. What I couldn’t figure out was what to do about it. Or, rather, I knew I should simply just go back inside and leave her to it. What I couldn’t figure out was why I was just standing and watching her. It was… impolite. Though on the other hand, she was the one naked outside where anyone could see. And by anyone I meant specifically anyone in the yards immediately next to hers. By which I supposed I really meant that I could see. Me. The woman next door who, in all likelihood, this girl didn’t know existed.

“Oh shit!” The girl gave a muffled shriek, then covered her mouth, giggling like mad again. “Guys… guys I think I got caught. Shit. Hang on, there’s, like, a neighbor totally watching. I think I gotta go see about this. Hang on.”

Correction, she hadn’t known I existed. She did now.

I was glad I hadn’t moved. Being a spectator as this girl unfolded herself from her lounger in the middle of her yard and flounced over to the chest-high fence between us was a joy unto itself. She somehow embodied a mix of sensuality and innocence, that oh so attractive allure that you found only rarely and had to enjoy when you’d stumbled on it.

“Hi,” the girl said brightly.

There was no trace of embarrassment about her. As she’d moved up to the fence, the largest part of her body disappeared from direct view behind said fence, but it was still there, and much closer than before.

“Hi,” I said back, relying on well-honed instincts in polite conversation to see me through that brief exchange.

The girl glanced back at her laptop, which was facing away from us. “So, uh, I kinda didn’t know there was anyone around. I’m doing… like….”

“Camming?” I suggested.

“Yeah. That. I swear I didn’t mean to bother anyone.”

I shrugged. “Who’s bothered?”

The girl’s lips twitched into somewhere between a cheeky grin and a full on smirk. “So you don’t mind if I carry on then?”

I took a slow drag of my cigarette. “No problems here.”

She nodded. “Ok then.”

I watched her skip back to her seat and her audience. It was a good thing I was leaning securely on the railing of my deck because I wouldn’t have trusted my legs for a moment.

The body on her, all naked as it was, and her carefree attitude, and that unfairly beautiful smile she’d given me just before turning away….

I vaguely remembered the delight I’d felt when I first figured out I could make boys all flustered and shaky with just the right amount of skin and some very calculated smiles and winks. I couldn’t remember ever having the tables quite so thoroughly turned on me.

It might have been on purpose, to some degree. Maybe she thought it was funny. Or maybe it was just part of the whole thing that went along with camping. Anyone good at it who did it for a while almost certainly would have to learn to do some things naturally. Things that turn guys on, and bring them in emotionally, and make them want to hang around her as much as possible. Maybe that had been enough to hook me too.

Or maybe I was being a horny fuck perving on a naked girl ten years younger than me. Maybe focusing on her role was only to solve my own ego.

“Yeah I dunno guys, I think maybe she likes watching me as much as you all do,” the girl said, before apparently bursting into laughter at some response she got.

I idly wondered just how many guys were watching her right now. And, related, whether any of them were women, just as entranced as I was currently.

Lost in my own thoughts, the girl had to wave at me a few times before I realized she was talking to me again.

“Hey, lady, chat doesn’t believe you’re real.”

“Um… ok?”

“Can I show them a quick peek?”

“Of me?”


“Oh god. Really?”

“Yeah. Just cover your face or something. Just give ’em a little wave.”

My composure dropped a few notches. I’d been outwardly holding it together pretty well, but now I was properly flustered.

I didn’t, however, want to say no. Whatever I was feeling for this girl I’d just met, I didn’t want to disappoint that beaming face of hers.

I turned my head away and hid it in my elbow. On cue, I gave a little wave with my other hand.

“There! Told you,” the girl said triumphantly. “Everyone saying I was making it up owes me. Pay up, suckers!”

I cautiously looked back over at her. She was back to teasing her audience, and apparently even raking in some tips just from my brief, unsexy appearance. I sighed and raised the small remainder of my cigarette to my lips.

I stayed outside for a while longer, even when I didn’t have an excuse anymore. Naked Girl didn’t mind, and had leveraged my presence into higher tips for her show, if the way she spoke to her laptop was any indicator.

I had to go inside when she moved beyond showing her naked self off, spanking herself, playing with her boobs, and other such things. When she started actually using a dildo on herself, I felt too much an intruder and a spy to carry on blithely watching. That was just me, though, she gave no sign at all that she minded me still being there.

When was the last time I’d masturbated? Not since I got to the cottage, anyway. I went through cycles of it, at times. Sometimes not much, sometimes kind of a lot. Sometimes I was with someone and could play with them instead of myself. I missed that feeling of being able to crawl into bed with someone I liked when I was horny.

Today it was just me, lying on the couch, panties off, rubbing my pussy. My head, obviously, was full of my newfound naked neighbor. I didn’t bother trying to make excuses for my little fantasies. It was just what was happening.


There was a knock on my door that evening. I felt it very unlikely that it would be the neighbor girl, but I found it even more unlikely that it was anyone else. The increased beating of my heart confirmed who I wanted it to be as I swung the door open.

“Hi,” said the girl, now thankfully with clothes on.

“Hi,” I said back.

“Hope you didn’t mind about my show.”

“Not at all. Do you… want to come in?”

She nodded. “Thanks. I’m Isabel, by the way. I don’t think that came up earlier.”

I shook her extended hand. “It didn’t. Juliana.”

“Well nice to meet you, Juliana,” Isabel said, putting a little emphasis on my name that could almost have been mocking, but instead made me feel all floofy inside. Again I had to wonder whether it was calculated on her part, as part of her career and all, or whether I was just being desperate today.

“Can I get you anything?” I asked. “I have… coffee. Tea, I think. Some booze, but I’d have to–“

“No, no. Just wanted to come meet you.” Isabel was already peering about the place as we moved toward some seating. “I really didn’t think anyone was here, you know. I don’t try to be a total showoff to the world around me. Just online.”

“But you didn’t flee back inside, I noticed.”

She grinned. “No, I didn’t. I notice you didn’t yell over at me either, hm?”

I shrugged. “It’s your yard.”

“My parents’ actually. But they aren’t using it this summer.”

“Ah. How….”

“How?” Isabel prompted.

“Sorry, nothing.”

“Oh, give me a hint. I don’t mind. How can an innocent young thing like me do camming for a living? Something like that?”

I shook my head. “Not really.”

“Oh. Good.” Isabel considered a moment longer. “How young am I actually?” she hazarded.

I felt my face flush and give me away. “Something like that, perhaps.”

“Ha, well no worries. I’m twenty-three. I won’t hide it.”

I tried not to let my sigh of relief show. She’d struck me as being in her twenties, but there had been the chance of her still being a teen which would have made me feel ever so much older and creepier.

“Relieved about that, are we?” she asked teasingly.

“Stay out of my mind, please.”

Isabel nodded happily, then flopped herself down in one of my comfy chairs. I sat on the couch.

“How old are you?” she asked.

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