Business woman and cam girl on special vacation – part 2

Part 2 of Business woman and cam girl on special vacation begins here

“I don’t know if I want to answer that,” I said.

“That’s fine. I think I know already anyway.”

“You do not!”

“Do too.”

“How can you even I don’t know? I mean… I think boobs are still in contention here.”

“Ah,” Isabel said, like it was some all-knowing response.

“Don’t ‘ah’ me. You can’t see into my soul.”

“That you know of.”

“Fine, what about you then?” I asked. “What would you ask me to take off?”

Isabel’s eyes traveled in a brief circuit around my body, and that quick but intimate assessment did things to me that made me squirm. Was I seriously wet? I felt like I was. But we hadn’t done fuck all. And we weren’t going to. But fuck though.

Did I make her feel that way when I watched her? No wonder she didn’t mind.

“I think,” Isabel said slowly, “that if I was gonna get a peek at anything, it’d be your butt.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I like butts.”

“Butts are nice,” I agreed.

“And yours… I think you’ve got a good one.”

“My tits are gonna feel left out,” I said, deliberately moving to stretch my top tighter against my chest.

Isabel let out a little noise that she clearly didn’t mean to, and all at once she was blushing harder than I was. I slumped my posture back to normal and we both sat silently for a moment.

“They could be good too,” Isabel said in a small voice.

“Thanks.” I avoided looking straight at her for a bit. “So after you finished school…” I prompted.

“I kept coming,” Isabel confirmed. “It’s probably not a long term career, but the money’s good for now, and if I save a bunch of it I don’t have to worry so much about what I do after.”

“Investing at all?”


“We should talk about that sometime. Nothing complicated. But you might as well be earning some of your money, otherwise inflation means you’re actually kind of losing money.”

Isabel grinned crookedly. “Business stuff, huh?”

I snorted. “Business stuff? That’s my expertise in your mind, is it?”

“Until you tell me anything more specific, yeah.”

“Fair enough.”

Isabel sighed and curled up in her seat, her glass empty again. “The funny thing,” she said. “The funny thing is I got to like a lot of the guys. A lot of the regulars. I mean, assholes get kicked, so that part’s easy. But some of ’em… lots of ’em are nice, and just want to see me naked, and sometimes rubbing my pussy or sticking things in my bum. Sometimes not even that. Sometimes we just talk for a while.”

“Good money for just talking,” I said.

“It is. I mean, I make more by being all sassy and naughty and pervy. But it’s nice to chill with my tits out and get paid for it.”

“Living the dream, Isabel. Living the dream.”

“Hehe, yeah.” She looked at me with big, soft eyes. “Do you think my parents would understand? If I told them?”

“I… damn, I don’t know. I really don’t.”

“Yeah, I guess. Who knows, huh?”

“They’d probably be worried. If I had a daughter… yeah, I’d just be worried, want to make sure she’s being safe. Not giving out her address and stuff, and investing her money, and–“

Isabel laughed. “Frig, maybe I’ll adopt you as a second mom then.”

“Oof, way to make me feel old again.”

“Well you are over thirty. All downhill from there.”

“Shush, you. You were doing much better at consoling me before you were drunk.”

“M Not drunk.”

“You sure?”

“Maybe… maybe a little.”

“Yeah, me too. Probably I should go home.”

“Pff, all the way there? Just stay here, we’ll have a sleepover.”

I gave Isabel a look. “I don’t think–“

“Just a sleepover, you perv. Not the euphemism kind.”

“Thank goodness for that.” I stood up. “But no, I must go.”

“Well thanks for coming over,” Isabel said, unfolding herself from her chair as well. “Do feel free to bring me more high-class booze anytime.”

“I might just. You, uh, doing a show tomorrow?”

“Sure am. Wanna come over? You can get a closer view, if you want.”

“Oh god, don’t tempt me.”

“Seriously. You can if you want. Just, like, sit and read or something. Have a smoke.”

“You think I’d be able to read anything with you sitting there without clothes on?”

“I’d really hope not,” Isabel said. “But you’re welcome to try.”

“That sounds,” I said in my firmest-but-slightly-drunk voice, “like a bad idea.”


Naturally, I found myself knocking on Isabel’s door again the next day. Just before her show was going to start, because at this point who was I kidding pretending I didn’t know her schedule?

“Decided to attend, did you?” Isabel said, grandly waving me into her cottage.

“I thought I might try doing some crosswords today,” I said. “Your yard’s as good as mine.”

“And the view’s better?”

“Something like that.”

I settled myself outside, strategically picking my spot to be near to Isabel, but not too near, and certainly not where it would interfere with her camera angles. I turned my chair to both catch the sun and make it appear at a casual glance like I wasn’t just there to stare at her, though of course that was exactly why I was there.

I had my crosswords with me, and a pen, some water, my big sunglasses, and my smokes, just in case they became necessary.

“Awfully brave,” Isabel commented as she finished setting up.

“Coming to watch you?”

“Doing a crossword with a pen.”

I stuck out my tongue at her. She pretended not to even notice, but her grin was far too wide to be hidden.

The truth was, in regard to her question of the night before, that the part of her that most fascinated me was her smile. Especially when it was a smile specifically for me.

Yes, her young, lithe, near-perfect body had many good qualities, and I was enjoying it immensely, but it wasn’t a question of which article of clothing I most wanted to remove from her. The question was how could I get her to beam at me as often as possible, ideally with that knowing gleam in her eye that made me feel all warm and exposed before her.

Eye fucking. It wasn’t a term I hardly ever used, but ever since Isabel had mentioned it, it rang around in my head on a daily basis. That was what it felt like. Or maybe eye-foreplay would be more accurate. It felt more like foreplay. The sensuous, torturous kind where I wasn’t sure it would actually lead to anything else, that was ok. It meant a lot of alone time with my clit, was all.

“You’re really gonna pretend to sit there and do crosswords?” Isabel asked just before settling herself into her seat.

“Who’s pretending?”

“Ha, ok, have it your way.”

Then she started her show.

The opening was quite casual. I’d never been around for that part. But there really was hardly anything sexual at all for the first half-hour or more. Just Isabel casually greeting people and chatting with them. A few lazy tips rolled in, I could recognize the sound of them from time to time, but it was a while before she got down to business.

My attention strayed from my crossword as Isabel started taking clothes off. It was a drawn out process, she did plenty of teasing between each removal, getting progressively lewder.

My instinct was to only take sneaky peeks of her, only when she was distracted. I went a different direction and stared fully at her. She’d been glancing my way fairly frequently as though looking for my attention, and I gave it to her. It was rather gratifying the way her cheeks would color at times, or she’d look away again quickly like she was the one being caught staring.

If ever I’d made a conscious effort to eye fuck someone, this was it. I didn’t stare at her constantly by any means, but when I looked, it was with deliberate intent to fluster. I’d learned the power of a calm, steady, silent gaze in the office. It could easily present more power than any eloquence of words when used correctly. I am learning a new variation of it now.

“You’re right, guys, I am a little antsy today,” Isabel said. “You wanna know why?”

Noting my cue despite only halfway paying attention to her chatting, I slipped my sunglasses on. When Isabel turned her laptop toward me, I blew a kiss toward her. Not to the audience, but to her. They might not tell the difference, but she could. She deliberately delayed swinging herself back into shot so she could send me a quietly smoldering look, complete with the sort of lip-bite that was practically an invitation to bed all on its own.

“I think she really likes me for some reason,” Isabel said, slipping easily back into her cheerful, bubbly, casually sexy persona. “Especially when I take my clothes off. Guess she’s got that in common with all you pervs.” Isabel read some responses and giggled uproariously. “For those of you who missed her before, that’s V, my sexy new neighbor.” She lowered her voice to a stage whisper. “I’ve been luring her into my web.”

I rolled my eyes at that and very deliberately focused on my crossword again.

“You know me,” Isabel carried on blithely. “Full of debauchery and ready to corrupt a new victim. Although,” she said thoughtfully, “that’s not quite right, is it? You all kinda basically corrupted me, didn’t you?” She paused again to snicker at responses in chat. “Yes you did, don’t pretend you don’t all know what you’ve done to me. I used to be a sweet, innocent little thing.”

I snorted at that, making sure it was loud enough for Isabel to hear. Drawing her attention only made her eyes gleam evilly.

“You guys know what else is fun about V hanging out with me today?” she asked, looking directly at me the whole time. “It was V’s birthday not that long ago.”

I dropped my crossword and glared at her. I realized almost immediately that with my sunglasses on, the effect wouldn’t really work. I didn’t really dare take them off, as I had the suspicion I might be on camera again in the near future.

“We don’t need to get into that,” I said.

“Unfortunately we missed the day itself,” Isabel purred. “But I still think it’d be nice to give her a present, don’t you guys think? Something like… some birthday spankings?”

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