Naughty Revenge made her fall – part 1

Hello Everyone, I’m here with a romantic story Naughty Revenge made her fall. Please read all the parts to get maximum pleasure.

I love Halloween. The unapologetic, over-the-top nature of the whole holiday. An excess of candy, a shortage of material in costume making, a handy excuse for the wildest party of the year. Black and white horror films. Technicolor home displays. The sluttification of the American woman. The perfect excuse to scare your friends.

Did I mention the candy?

Our office has a break area supplied with drinks and snacks. Mostly soda, water, some juice, and something over-caffeinated in the fridge. Chips, cookies, crackers, nuts and fruit in the cabinets and on the counter.

Halloween brings candy. Mmmm. Chocolate.

It starts a couple of weeks early, when the over-sized, individually wrapped goodies come out for Halloween, and it continues for another week of decadence following the Trick-or-Treating, when everyone brings in their excess remains.

Our admin is a cutie, young and definitely OCD. Everything has to be in order, lined up, organized, everything in its place. I can see why my office drives her nuts. She gets fidgety whenever she’s in there more than a few seconds. I made her sit through a conference call once, and within minutes she lost it and was sifting through my desk contents, stacking, moving, lining things up. I kept smacking her hands away, and 30 seconds later she’d be back at it. Embarrassed, but unable to stop. Cute as hell.

I stop by her desk a few times a day, checking on mail, assigning some minor tasks, sometimes to chat. She’s a sweet girl, pretty, almost finished with college, which she’s completing part-time. Wears nice little cleavage exposing tops at least once a week or so. Bless her little heart.

Nova does the snack buying, and I noticed she had a penchant for M&Ms. Regular, no peanuts, pretzels, or peanut butter. Simple candy coated chocolate heaven. I personally am a fan of the Hershey Kisses. How simple and elegant, teardrops of endorphins, individually wrapped. Melt in your mouth goodness.

I couldn’t help notice how she’d grab a handful of M&Ms out of the candy jar, and lay them out in orderly little piles, sorted by color and number. Sometimes they’d be lined up, other times separated into groups. Boxes of 4, curved rainbows, triangles, concentric circles.

There was always an uneven number to start, more of the greens and oranges, maybe the blues, a shortage of yellows, reds, browns. She’d work to even it out, eating the excess quantities down until they were nicely balanced, then continuing to bring the number down until there were one or two of all the colors equally. She worked from left to right (never right to left) or top to bottom, until they were all gone by the end of the day. One good size fistful to start the day, lasting all eight hours.

I’d been giving her a hard time. We were out of Kisses and dry roasted peanuts, but the M&M jar was still a third full, so no shopping. On the third day of shortage I was leaning over the edge of her desk, eyeing her neat little piles. Time to ratchet things up.

I commenced my terrorist campaign.

Let’s face it. Engineer’s are a weird bunch. Nothing half-assed in our plans. If we’re going to do something, there’s no reason not to do it to excess.

When Nova returned from lunch, she was faced with an epic disaster. In a line of M&Ms six long, and three deep, the fourth from the left was missing. There was a note, written in newspaper ransom font.


I had a perfect view of her response. I had adjusted the entrance camera to look down on her desk, and had tapped into the IP feed.

She appeared to be in shock. She shrugged it off, and sat down, a few minutes later moving the M&Ms around, into different patterns. She always came back to the same three lines, in the same order. Green, orange, blue, red, yellow, brown. And that sad gap where one was missing.

She got up and went to the kitchen, returning with one red M&M. Damn. Such a beautiful plan, such a simple flaw. Nova slipped it into the opening and went back to her work.

For about 10 seconds.

She turned back and moved the one new red M&M. Adjusted its position. Turned it upside down. She finally picked it up, looked at it and popped it between her pretty red lips. Leaving the huge cavity in her design.

Thirty seconds later she was standing in my doorway. “I want it back,” she said, looking so determined. Adorable.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” I said calmly.

She walked over and stared down at me from her lofty 5’5″, including three inch wedge heels. Wow. I rated it. She’d put on her shoes to confront me. “Give it back.”

“You know what it takes,” I told her calmly, continuing my typing.

She turned and stomped out of my office, “You can be such a jerk, Ethan.”

“Thank you, please come again,” I called out after her.

I brought the video feed back up and watched her angrily push the candy pile to the side, making a jumble of it, getting back to some form she was working on. That didn’t last five minutes. She turned to the side, her hands practically shaking, rearranging the piles, desperately. Seeing her like that I started to feel bad for her. It was a real compulsion.

Damn. It was just a joke. I didn’t want to do that to her.

I unlocked my file drawer, reaching to the back, and pulling out the tiny little clear plastic box I’d put her M&M in. A joke. I looked up as Nova burst into my office, closing the door sharply behind her. She leaped upon me, pressing her lips against mine. She bit my lip, her tongue brushing against my teeth, her breath heavy.

She pulled back, her eyes on fire, chest heaving. “There. Now give her to me.”

I was shocked, and on the verge of groveling for treating her like that. But I couldn’t. It was too damn funny. “Chocolate Kisses, Nova. We’re out of chocolate kisses.” I pushed her little captive red M&M out in front of me.

She picked up the box, clutching it to her chest, blushing. “I’m so sorry, Ethan,” she whispered, bringing her hand to her mouth.

“Three days we’ve been out. It was only meant to be a little reminder,” I told her. I wanted to hold her, calm her, but I was afraid. The office. Sexual harassment. The age difference, only about 10 years, but it seemed like 20.

“Don’t tell, Ok? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” she whispered, literally shaking. I could swear she was on the verge of a breakdown.

I couldn’t stand it. “Shh.” I whispered, putting my arm around her and walking her back to her desk. I didn’t give a flying fuck if anybody saw.

Standing in front of her candy pile, I took the plastic pillbox from her and opened it. I placed it next to the colorful stacks. “You rescued her. Bring her home.”

Nova fumbled twice, her shaking hands unable to pull the red M&M from its temporary home. She ended up turning the box over, dumping it out and pushing it in line with the others. She pulled it out again, turning it upside down so the imprinted white ‘m’ was on the top. She turned it so the printing was straight, and slid it back in place.

I saw the tenseness disperse, and she sat back in her chair, obviously relieved. She grabbed the first M&M in line, the green one and popped it in her mouth. She grinned at me, leaning back in her chair. Suddenly so calm and collected.

“I’ll get the Kisses tonight,” she said. “Hershey, chocolate Kisses.”

“I’m not picky about the brand. I suddenly find myself a fan of all types of kisses.”

She grinned. “I bet. You say one word about this, and I will make you pay forever. Believe me, Ethan. I can make your life hell.”

I shrugged. “Or heaven.” I leaned over. “Sorry, I was only teasing,” I said softly.

She gave me a sweet little smile and a wink. “I know. We’re cool.”

Her phone rang, and she looked at the number. “I have to take this. It’s important.”

I nodded, turning back to my desk.

“Mom? Everything’s fine…”

Back at my desk, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and that kiss. I kept the video feed up on my desktop, while working. She had slowly worked her way through the first three M&Ms and had come to the red one. She picked it up and moved it to the back row, eating the one she’d replaced.

Naughty Revenge made her fall – part 1 will continue in the next page.

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