Naughty Revenge made her fall – part 2

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He stepped back out of the doorway, gesturing to me to come in. “The girls are still getting ready. You know how they are, everything has to be perfect. To the last detail.”

I nodded, grinning. “Women.”

“Especially these two. Like a mother , like a daughter.” He walked toward the kitchen, while I followed, still stunned by his size. “Stella usually has her issues under control, and the drugs help. Nova’s trying to deal with it on her own.”

He passed me a beer from the refrigerator, opening his. “You don’t mind if we talk about this? We probably won’t get another 5 minutes alone. You should know what you’re walking into.”

“I don’t mind at all. I appreciate it. She doesn’t talk much about her family life. Nor about her condition. She does seem to have it under control, as long as she stays on schedule, and we leave her personal space alone.”

“You understand, if you’re going to date her, your personal space becomes hers?”

“I figured that out. Got my office in order, with her approval after a few minor changes. Detailed the car and even organized the trunk.”

“Containers,” he said softly. “For some reason, things in containers don’t bother them as much. A messy container is a very minor nuisance. Even a simple box in the back seat of the car for anything loose, helps a lot.”

“Has your wife always been this way?”

“As long as I’ve known her. If you have any questions, anything, ask. Call. Anytime. I’m serious. Day or night. Anything at all. This isn’t easy. Not for either of you. You’re the first man she’s gone out with more than twice. That says a lot to me. I’m pulling for you.”

“Thanks. I’m going to take you up on that. I hope for a very long time.”

He grinned. “That would be good. We only want her to be happy.”

I heard the women in the other room. He perked up, and walked toward the living room. “Coaster, at least an inch away from any edge of the table. Ideally geometrically placed,” he said softly. “By the way. Good choice on the costume. Home Run. You’ll see.”

We walked out and I saw his wife. Bride of Frankenstein, in miniature. She looked like a doll. Even shorter than Nova, with a Marge Simpson hairdo in black and silver. Tight torn mini-dress, black fishnet stockings. Wow. She walked over to me, and gave me a hug. “I’m so glad to meet you, Ethan. She can’t stop talking about you.”

“Mom! Gosh!” I turned to see the most adorable sight. A giant Hershey kiss must have been four feet across at her thighs, if it reached that low. Her legs were encased in white fishnet stockings. She was wearing a smaller Kiss for a hat, and long white gloves. Little white streamers, labeled with “KISSES” stuck out of her hat and the back of her outfit.

She smiled, walking over. “I know how much you like Kisses,” she said. She looked at me, grinning. “Looks like great minds think alike.”

I was dressed as a huge bag of plain M&Ms, dark brown wrapper, from shoulders to knees. Black pants and a black turtleneck complete the ensemble.

Nova giggled. “God, that’s mean. I haven’t had a single M&M today.”

“Ready for a little treat?” I teased, reaching down to my waist, and opening one of my customizations, a pocket, around belly-button level.

“Ethan!” she gasped, blushing.

“Trust me, sweetie. Reach in.”

She closed her eyes, turning away from me, and slid her hand into the opening. She laughed, pulling out a hand full of loose M&Ms, in her three custom colors. She popped one in her mouth, gave her mother one, then dropped to her knees, organizing them on the table.

I sat on the couch, placing my beer on a coaster as I’d seen her father do, the coaster touching the corner edges of one of the four large square patterns embedded in the wooden surface.

“Any more surprises in there for me?” she asked. She reached over and nudged my coaster hair. I couldn’t even see the difference.

I reached into the two side pockets, equally hidden, pulling out mini-bags of M&Ms. “Plain and Peanut.”

Any more teasing was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. “It’s starting!” her mother exclaimed, clapping her hands like a little girl. I could see where Nova got her cuteness from. Her mother must have been at least 40, but she seemed like a teenager. Friggin’ adorable.

Nova finished her M&M segregation, hopped up and ran to the door, the bottom of her outfit bouncing sexily, teasing, not quite showing what she was wearing underneath.

Any ideas I had of watching a movie were quickly abandoned. Nova was right. The kids didn’t stop for hours. She and her mother had a system: a large table around the corner from the front door had an assortment of candy arranged in organized piles. Nova would select the treats to distribute, and pass them to her Dad. He’d hold them on a tray while Nova’s mother delivered them to the trick-or-treaters.

I felt like an outside observer, until Nova got me involved, opening bags of candy and putting them on her table, for her to reorganize before sending them out the door.

It was a blast, talking about the kids outfits, hearing about past costumes, and the Halloween house decorations. The parents were subtle, sliding in a few more personal questions now and then, family size, schooling, job, but only rarely, and never more than one or two without a break.

I didn’t mind sharing, since they were doing the bulk of it. Stella was a tease, surprising me by giving me a hug from behind. “I’m so glad you’re here with us, Ethan.”

“No Mom!” Nova snapped, giggling, slapping her Mom’s hands away as she pulled them out of the front pocket, M&Ms in her greedy grip.

“They’re mine,” Nova laughed, grabbing at her Mom’s hands, trying to open them.

“Brian!” her mother called out. “Help me!”

He laughed. “You brought this on yourself Angie, I’m staying out of it.”

They were obviously having fun, and I didn’t want to interfere. A group of kids walked up to the door, and I intercepted them.

“Trick or treat!” the four ankle biters called out.

I reached into my side pockets, pulling out some of my M&M treats. I was happy to get rid of them, they were heavy, and I figured they’d be melting before too long.

I dealt with the crowd of four, 2 mini-bags each, and looked back to see the girls gigging, wrestling. Stella had her hands at her mouth, struggling to eat her treat, while her daughter was trying to pull it away. “My hair!” her mother whined. “Don’t mess up the hair.”

I looked over at Nova’s father, and he shook his head. Don’t get involved. Seems like good advice.

I had another group of three coming up the walk. Tots. I was a little surprised they were still out, it was getting late. I knelt down in front of them, and when they made their plea for candy, I reached into my outfit and passed out the bags.

“Mom! I can’t believe you! He made those special for me,” Nova whined.

“I didn’t raise you to be selfish,” Stella teased. “I’d share with you.”

Nova came over and without a word reached down my front, coming up with some more treats. She walked over to her Mom, holding them out. “Mom, they’re not normal M&Ms. They’re for me. Look.”

I could feel myself blushing, as Stella looked the candy over. “Oh, sweetie. I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I was just playing,” she said.

I watched and Nova went to her table, segregating the candies, and coming up with two extras. She gave her father one, and gave her mother the other one. “I’ll share. But don’t take them, please.”

Her mother took her by the hand, and sat down with her. “Relax, baby. I won’t take any more, I promise. I didn’t know, Ok?”

Nova was sitting anxiously, moving the candies around, pushing two to the side, before she seemed to settle down. She moved one of the extras in front of her Mom, holding the other one, waiting for her Mom to eat hers.

I dealt with a new crowd of kids at the door. When I finished with them, Stella was standing beside me, looking nervous.

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