Naughty Revenge made her fall – part 3

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“Thank you,” she whispered, leaning down on top of me, lifting her ass up. I grabbed her hips, pounding up into her. Close, very close.

“Take it,” she moaned sweetly. “It’s yours, baby.”

I hammered into her, as fast and hard as I could, groaning. “Fuck!” I gasped, pulling her down for my final release.

She whimpered sweetly, as I filled her sweet pussy, pushing into her deeply, releasing stream after stream deep inside.

I held her, breathing hard, reveling in the sensation of her naked body pressed against mine.

I felt her tense up after a minute or so of delightful repose. “That was amazing,” I told her. “Everything Ok?”

She nodded. “Wonderful. But I need to clean up now, alright?”

“Of course.”

She moved down my body, licking my chest. “You sure you don’t mind?”

“Whatever you need, Nova.”

She smiled, then scooted downward, until her mouth was over my crotch. She inched downward, peeking up at me, before she started licking the base of my cock, her tongue slowly moving upward, cleaning me. She sucked me briefly, taking all of my flaccid tool into her mouth, tugging on it, until it started to harden.

She took her time, meticulously, until I was as clean as possible.

“Better?” I asked.

She nodded. “Much. Not perfect, but better.”

“What would make it perfect?” I asked.

She blushed. “I can’t say, it’s embarrassing.”

I pulled her up onto me, getting a cute little squeal for the effort. “Spill, angel. Openness, remember? I need to know.”

Her face was bright red, as she looked into my eyes. “I’m still dirty.”

She looked nervous, the expression on my face probably not helping matters. She kissed me on the chin. “I’m sorry. I told you it was difficult. I can bathe.”

In for a penny, in for a pound. “I’ll take care of you,” I told her.

She smiled, her face lighting up. “You don’t mind?”

I gave her a twisted little grin. “Not something I ever imagined doing, but I’m willing, for you.”

She sat up. “Wait.” She rose up on her feet, squatting over my hips. She screwed up her face a moment, and I saw my juices leaking out of her. She gave it a few more seconds, then scrambled down the bed and licked me clean again. When she was finished, she smiled up at me.

She laid down on her back, opening her legs, her head hanging over the edge of the bed. She reached between her legs, and brought her hand back to her mouth. She licked her fingers and did it twice more. “Your turn,” she said softly.

I moved in place, tentatively running my tongue through her pink groove. The taste wasn’t terrible. Still a hint of the chocolate lube. I licked her carefully, and she moaned, gasping. “Clean me, Ethan.”

I sucked on her swollen nub, licking her, feeling her tense up. “Ok?” I asked.

“Wonderful,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

Her legs were trembling delightfully. I licked her, until it was only her juices I could taste. She cried out for me, squeezing her legs around my head. I turned my head, biting down on her sensitive inner thigh, making her scream, her hips thrusting upward desperately.

I pulled her legs open, roughly, dragging her up onto the bed. She was gasping, moaning so sweetly. Absolutely irresistible.

I was hard again, between her oral ministrations, and her reaction to mine. I held her legs open and thrust into her, making her cry out. I pounded into her, desperate for the feel of her around my cock.

Nova pulled her legs back, opening herself. “Yours, always yours,” she gasped, before throwing her head back and screaming, coming hard on my cock.

I rose up on my knees, pressing her legs back further, thrusting into her. She moaned, her body shaking. I thought I’d come quickly but I didn’t feel the urge. Not yet. There was so much I wanted to do with her. To her.

I pulled out, grabbing her and flipping her over, lifting her hips. She pulled her knees underneath her, lifting her sweet ass.

“Cleaning time,” I said, licking her from her swollen clit, up across her back door, probing her with my tongue.

She chuckled. “That’s not for you. Not yet.”

“Not yet?”

“I’m saving that for my husband.”

“Good. It’ll make it that more special when we do it.”

“When do we do it?” she laughed.

“Someday.” I moved in behind her, thrusting into my third KISS, looking forward to the day she’d offer me the fourth one. But this one was more than enough for now.

She moaned, thrusting back against me. I grabbed her cute ass cheeks, holding them tightly while I long-stroked her, amazed at how wonderful it felt. I made her come for me twice more before I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I didn’t warn her. I pulled her back and jammed myself deep, erupting with a groan, hammering my release into her. She dropped her head to the bed, groaning. “Yes, yes,” she whispered.

I pulled out and collapsed backward onto the bed. She turned around, smiling. “Bad boy. Now we have to clean up all over again.”

I brushed her hair back, watching her lick and suck me clean. She scurried forward, squatting over me, and pushing out what she could of my latest gift, before turning around and licking me clean again.

I lifted her legs around my head, lowering her over my mouth into 69. I was less fastidious this time, not all that worried about a little taste of myself, not as disgusted as I thought I might be. She whimpered, spreading her legs wide, her weight resting against my mouth. “That’s it,” she moaned, trembling.

When she was happy, she turned around and laid down on top of me. She pressed her lips against mine, nibbling on my lips, rubbing her tongue against my teeth, exploring my mouth. She giggled, and crawled off of me, reaching into her bedside drawer. She returned quickly, climbing back on top of me. She sat up, and put her hand to my mouth. “Kissy lips,” she said.

I pucker my lips for her, and she grinned. She opened her other hand and pulled out an M&M, placing it on my lips. “Hold it there.”

I felt funny, my lips pushed forward, a light pink M&M, sitting on them.

“My secret stash.” She leaned forward and sucked up the one on my lips.

“Not bad,” she said. “I think we can do better. Sit up.”

She scooted down to my thighs, and I sat up, facing her. She wiggled closer. “Tongue.”

I grinned and opened my mouth, extending my tongue. She placed an M&M on it.

“Feed me, Ethan.”

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