I love her family; but one of them too much – part 4

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“Of course not. But it was the idea that she would do that, even when she thought it was a terrible, filthy thing to do, she’d do it out of love. That was pretty incredible. Of course I couldn’t help but think about how … taboo it was. How wrong.”

“Of course.”

“What do you want me to say, Kate? You’re ten times as good, on the rare occasion you’re willing. It was just that, well, how badly she wanted me to be happy, to show how much she loved me. That was pretty intense.”

“The rare occasion?” Kate said angrily.

Oops. I’d stepped in it. “Be honest. You know we don’t do it very often.”

“Jesus H. Christ, Glover! Do I ever turn you down for sex? Aren’t I willing, and loving? Do you really have any complaints? I think we have sex more than any other couple I know!”

This wasn’t going well. “I think we have a great love life, and you’re incredibly generous in bed. I have no complaints. It was just an observation. It doesn’t mean anything. So I only get a blowjob a couple of times a year. I’m not complaining.”

“It sure sounded like you were,” she said.

I reached out for her, and thankfully, she didn’t pull away. “I love when you do it. Sure, I’d like more, but it isn’t that big a deal. I’m happy with you, and our love life. Even if the ratio of oral sex is heavily skewed.” The fact was, I did it to her a lot more often. A lot.

She pouted, and I saw her Grandma’s pout. “I thought you liked doing that to me. You said you did.”

“I love to do it. I love to see you come for me, and how excited you get. Stop reading anything into my words that I’m not saying. Our love life is great. Yes, it’s rare that you suck me to completion, or for even more than a few seconds, and yes, I go down on you a lot. But I’m not complaining, I was just pointing out the truth, stupidly I guess. The truth seems to be getting me into nothing but trouble.”

“That’s not fair, Glover!” she hissed. “This isn’t about being honest. You cheated on me with my own Grandma!”

“I know. The first time I kissed her, the first time she felt me up, I cheated on you, and you told me not to stop, to play along, to keep her happy. I tried to do that, and I fucked up. I’m sorry, Ok? I’ll stop it all. I knew it was a mistake from the beginning. I told you it was weird. Everyone thought it was so funny, poor Glover, having to pretend to be Grandpa. So funny until I woke up to her mouth on my cock!”

“But I never thought it would go that far! It was just supposed to be, I don’t know, to keep her happy,” Kate said.

“Sure. Pretend to be her husband, whenever she got confused. She was crying, Kate, telling me I’d changed. She was upset because I wasn’t joining her for quickies. She asked if I was tired of her, if I had another girlfriend. ‘No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a wife.’ Is that what I was supposed to say? ‘Yes, I’ve changed. I’m not your husband, I’m your granddaughter’s husband. Your husband is dead.’ Wouldn’t that just make her happy? Jesus, this is messed up!”

Kate nodded. “I know. It’s not all your fault, I know that. It’s just hard to accept, I guess. You understand why this would bother me?”

“Of course I do. It bothers the hell out of me. I never wanted to cheat on you, ever. I feel like total shit. Total and complete shit. I’ve fucked up everything, and don’t know for the life of me what I should have done differently. Maybe I should put a lock on the door.”

That actually got a chuckle out of my wife. “Somehow, I don’t think that would have stopped anything. Grandma is a pretty resourceful woman.”

I grinned. “You’re right. Maybe we should go down to Condoms-r-Us, and see if we can buy me one of those chastity things, a cock cage. You can keep the key. That’ll stop her.”

She smirked. “Don’t tempt me, buster. You have no idea how good that idea sounds to me right about now.”

I pulled her close. “I’m sorry. Truly. It won’t happen again.” She let me kiss her, even participating after a few seconds.

“Was she really bad?” Kate asked.

“Not bad. Inexperienced, I’d say.”

“And I’m ten times better?”

“At least.”

I don’t know where the conversation would have gone, if not for the knocking on the door. “Grandma says to tell the lovebirds that dinner’s ready in five minutes,” Bob shouted through the door, giggling.

Dinner was amazing, and Grandma? As good as it gets, practically walking on air, a joy to be around. She was playing with the kids, her laughter ringing through the house. Later she was telling stories, entertaining us all, able to talk about Grandpa and smile, even laugh.

The atmosphere between Kate and I had started out pretty chilly, but we were both swept up in Grandma’s good humor. Once everyone else was in bed, we retired. I was a little nervous that we would end up continuing our argument from earlier.

I returned from the bathroom, to find my wife staring at our bed. It only took me a moment to notice she wasn’t so much staring at the bed, as at the woodcut scene Grandpa had carved into the end of the chest, of the three women, Grandma, Mom, and Kate. I walked up to her from behind, and wrapped her in my arms, hoping for the best.

Kate reached up and held my arms in place. “Did you see how happy she was? That was my Grandma from when I was a little girl, always full of stories.”

I kissed her on the neck. “You were pretty lucky. You had a great family growing up.”

“I know,” she said. She turned in my arms, facing me, and kissed me. Then to my complete shock, she dropped to her knees, and took me in her mouth.

“You don’t have to do that,” I said.

She looked up at me, but kept going, getting me hard, which didn’t take long. Then she pulled away and dragged me to bed.

It was nice, and something she did every now and then, sucking me to get me ready for a little play. Once in the bed she pushed me down and went back to sucking. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was showing off. She was definitely giving me her best, which could be pretty damn good when she wanted it to be. After several minutes, I understood she wasn’t just warming me up.

“That is so wonderful, Kate,” I said, brushing her hair back from her face. She looked up at me, and increased her effort. As I got closer, she kept it up, almost eager. It was mind-blowing. “I’m close baby,” I said, pushing her off.

She brushed my hand away, and kept going, looking up at me again, as my groans became more insistent. “Oh God, Kate,” I groaned, before losing the battle to hang on even a moment longer.

I came, hard, groaning, and thrusting my fingers into her hair, holding her head, while I exploded, volley after painful volley accepted by my incredible wife.

When my shaking had stopped, and I was gasping on the bed, she continued sucking softly, until my cock slowly collapsed in on itself. Then she climbed up the bed, grinning.

“That. Was. Amazing,” I said.

She smiled, then leaned down for a kiss. I wasn’t about to refrain. It was the first time I’d come into her mouth. One other time I’d started to, and she’d exploded at me. It was pretty ugly, and if not for our bed, and my abundant apologies, I don’t think I’d have survived. It was made very clear to me that she wouldn’t do that.

I was afraid I was going to get a ‘surprise’ when I kissed her, but what I received was a kiss of love and passion I hadn’t expected. An intense expression of her desire, that soon had me hard again, and she mounted me, while our lips never parted. She was breathing hard, still kissing me, when I felt her tremble, and she squeaked adorably into my mouth. She had come, only moments after our joining. It was incredible.

“God, I love you so much,” I said, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her.

I watched her familiar actions, as she rode me, one hand holding the top of the headboard, bracing herself, while the other traced the words written there. Our names and the names of our children. “You really do love me, don’t you?” she said.

“Do you even have to ask? You saved me Kate. My life was nothing before you and your family took me in. I was nothing. You were, and still are, the best thing that ever happened to me. The mother of my three wonderful children. I love you more than I think you could ever imagine.”

She nodded, and I saw tears in her eyes. “I know. I’m sorry I don’t do that more often. I love you too.”

I pulled her down into my arms, kissing her tears away. “I know. You don’t have to do that to prove it.”

“No, I want to. Like Grandma, I need you to know I love you, I’d do anything for you.” She gave me a little twisted grin. “Not my favorite dessert in the world, mind you. But I’ll do that for you anytime you want.”

She started to pull away. “Right now if you want. I’ll do it again. You deserve that and so much more.”

I actually had a bit of a struggle to keep her impaled on my cock, and not let her get loose. “Let’s not get carried away,” I teased. “It was wonderful, amazing, but not near as good as being inside you.”

“But you said—”

“I said I loved it, and it was rare, but I wasn’t complaining. I love being inside you more.” I held her hips, thrusting into her. “Honestly, and I’m being completely honest here, if I could have my choice, I’d love for you to suck me, get me hard, keep me going for a long time, watching that gorgeous face of yours, that tempting mouth holding my cock, until I urged you off, so I could enter you and finish inside of you.”

“Really? You’d like that better?”

“Oh yeah. I love being inside you. But every now and then, I’d like to feel what you just did. I don’t need to come in your mouth, baby. Not that it wasn’t absolutely mind-blowing that you would do that for me, but I don’t need that. I’d much rather be balls deep in your amazing pussy when I come.”

That got me a huge grin. “You’ve got yourself a deal. I had a good time showing off for you. The ending, not so much. I’d much rather have you come inside me, too.”

We got quiet, and we made slow, easy love, enjoying each other. When we were done, I was holding her, pleasantly exhausted, and maybe, just maybe mentally patting myself on the day for getting it three times in one day.

“You saw how she was,” Kate whispered. “We can’t take that away from her.”

“No, baby,” I argued. “We have to find a better solution.”

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