The Machine

The Machine

Norman gave me a call this morning all excited about some secret project he had been working on. We have been buddies since the 6th grade, in fact he helped me cum for the very first time at a sleepover.

He said his parents were away for the weekend and I needed to try out his new invention. This got me curious so I jumped on my bike and peddled over. When I got there we went downstairs to his dad’s fix-it shop. There was something sitting on the workbench with a big rag over it. This was apparently going to be the grand unveiling. He went over and stood beside it and said “drum roll please” I did my best to make a goofy drum sound as he pulled off the cover.

“Ok, I give up, what is it?” I said with a skeptical tone.

“It’s a jerk off machine you ass hole!”

“A machine that jerks you off?!!”

“Exactly, you just lay there and fantasize about Jody Miller’s big tits and let the machine do its magic. And I just happen to have a naked picture of Jody that someone took in the girls locker room.”

“You’re kidding! Where did you get it?”

“Roger Wilson emailed it to me. I hear it’s all over the class.”

“Shit! Let me see it!”

“No, not until you try out my machine. I need a beta tester”

“I’m not sticking my dick in that thing!”

“It works great, I promise. And that bare naked picture of Jody is waiting for you.  I know you want to see her boobs.”

“Shit, alright then.”

“Just strip and lay over there on the old couch next to the water heater and I’ll carry it over.  It will be the experience of a lifetime!”

Norman was crazy, but he was my best friend so I played along. In the back of my mind I was actually excited to be his test subject. I quickly got out of my clothes and was lying there watching my cock grow in nervous anticipation.  The machine had four legs and he set it down over top of me. He got my boner all lubed up and had that mad scientist look as he directed it into the opening.

“Shit, this better not pull my dick off!”

“Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.”

It felt interesting as I wiggled and nudged my way deeper inside the mechanical contraption, but I also felt a little vulnerable being at the mercy of a machine.

“Ok, looks like you’re all snuggled in there, so here’s my phone.”

“Damn look at those cool puffy nipples!”

“I knew you would freak. Ain’t those the prettiest tits you ever saw? Now I’m gonna start you off at a slow speed then gradually increase. Are you ready?”

I was too busy looking at his phone to even hear what he said. There was a click and the sound of a motor, then it was like these rolling waves of movement.  I was surprised how nice it was as I fantasized about squeezing those big melons and running my hands all over her body.

“Norm this is fantastic!  I’m pretending my cock is inside her.”

“Yes that’s it! Your cock is pumping deep in her slippery pussy and your hands are playing with those huge tits. You can hear her moan and gasp. She loves your big juicy cock and is begging you to shoot your load inside her!  Alright, I’m gonna crank up the speed.”

“Oh man that’s intense!  I love this!”

“Yeah dude, she’s right here on this couch fucking the shit out of you!  Keep thinking about how unbelievable her pussy feels.”

“Holy crap Norm this thing is magical.  My boner feels so awesome!”

“Yeah I know!  It works way better than I thought it would. That’s why I wanted you to try it out.”

“Shit it’s happening, the pressure, I can feel myself winding up!”

“Now for full speed!”

“Oh fuuuuuck”

Ahhh! Ahhh! EEAAAAHHHHH!!! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!  Fahhh… Ho shihhh…

Norman shut off the machine as soon as I stopped convulsing.  I tried to relax and catch my breath.

“Dammit Norm, this is the coolest thing you ever built!”

“I suppose I need to confess something…  It was my brother that actually built it. But he said I could use it anytime I want.”

“I don’t care who built it. The thing is freaking awesome!”

“Ok it’s my turn.  Gimme my phone back.”

The Machine ends.

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