Weekend outing went out of normal with friends – 05

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“I’ll deal with it. I’m sure I can find ways to get their mind off of that.” As if to prove her point, she slid off of my lap and took my cock in her mouth, then licked it casually, looking around at the rest of our play partners.

I caressed her hair while she licked me, and waited to see the outcome of the other conversations. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Ladies? How about if you all move clockwise, and tell your new partner where you think the evening should go?” He smiled, looking directly at Nora, eager to play.

No more eager than Aria it seemed, who was climbing into my lap so quickly that Nora barely had time to get out of the way.

I looked at the nude Amazon, perched on my lap sideways, her legs extended toward her husband, my hard-on pressed against her hip. I held her easily, one arm around her back, one arm around her waist, just enjoying feeling her, seeing her naked flesh so close. Then she leaned back, almost stretched out, using the couch arm as a back rest. She looked incredible, with all her substantial charms in easy reach.

“Did you hear us?” she asked me.

“Sorry, not a word. Can I kiss you?”

She didn’t answer, she just leaned forward a little, and I bent down allowing our lips to meet. We exchanged a long ardent kiss.

As we pulled apart, I asked her the $64,000 question. “Do you want to tell me about your limits, or should I just find out on my own?”

“Full penetration is off limits. That’s it,” she said. “That and we can’t leave this area.” She smiled, sat up a little, and kissed me softly. She then ran her hands down her body, in an extremely sexy way. “It’s all yours, your own playground,” she smiled as she lay back against the couch arm. “I’ll tell you now; I’ll be paying for this for a while, so I expect you to make it worthwhile.”

I let my hand slowly caress her torso, and finally moved up to her tit, and gave it a squeeze. “You know, that’s a pretty devastating offer.” I leaned down and kissed her again, loving the taste of her. “I wonder if Elias has plans for keeping us moving around the table. How much time do you think we have?”

“I don’t care. Take your time. If I have to go, I’ll be back,” she said hungrily, her hand sliding between us and grasping me. “I wish I could let you go all the way, but that’s not in the cards, at least not tonight. Not while everybody’s awake.”

Damn. That was pretty clear.

She stretched, her arms extending above her head, her legs tensing, then separating slightly. Her back arched, pushing her tits to the sky. Then she relaxed, opening up her upper body for me.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I put my mouth to good use, leaning forward and taking her tits in my hands, squeezing them, and taking turns licking her nipples and watching them swell. I was nibbling on one, when I heard the chiming of an alarm. My hand had just reached down to the ‘V’ of her legs. Damn it!

“I think it’s time to switch,” Elias said, then I watched him take his watch off and adjust it, then lay it back on the table. He definitely did have a plan.

“I don’t know how I’m going to sit on his lap,” Aria whispered in my ear, and I suddenly remembered the huge difference in size between the two of them.

Carter waited patiently for her seat to open up, and then she was climbing into my lap wrapping her arms around me. “Ready for me, tiger?”

“What do you think?” I asked her with a smile.

“I think you’ve been very patient, and should be rewarded,” she said, giving my hardness a squeeze.

“So what should I know about your limits?” I asked her.

She gave me a huge smile, and then leaned and whispered in my ear. “My ass is off limits to your friend here.” She emphasized the ‘friend’ with a squeeze of my manhood. “Other than that, I’m yours until that stupid alarm goes off again.”

It was everything I’d hoped for, and more than I’d dared to dream. “Elias is cool with that?”

“Elias is eager. He wants to see me cum on your cock. We shouldn’t disappoint him. He is the host after all.” She then asked a little more timidly, “Is that going to be OK with Nora?”

“More than OK,” I told her.

She closed her eyes, and I saw her shiver, “Thank God! I was so afraid that we’d have to stop short.” She looked over at my wife, who had Dylan’s face buried in her tits already. “I’m going to have to thank her properly, when this is over.”

“I’m hoping this is never over,” I told her, hugging her tightly and kissing her warmly.

She squirmed in my arms, “I want to see what Aria looks like on Elias,” she giggled, turning in my lap and facing away. I had one hand on her tit, and the other one caressing her delightful pussy, my fingers teasing her entrance, separating the lips without penetrating. I looked over her shoulder to see Aria straddling Elias, and he was almost invisible beneath her. She was pulling his face against her chest, and looking around to see what was going on behind her. I kissed and nibbled on Carter’s neck and ear, getting her squirming, while I played with her body in full view of everybody present.

I was sorry to hear that alarm go off, but I knew that the constant switching and teasing would make the whole thing that more incredible. That Elias was a slick one. I was going to have to have Nora thank him properly when this was over.

Nora took no time at all to get what she wanted. She pulled me down the couch a bit, and then straddled me, taking me inside of her. I slid in easily, and gasped at the relief. “Fuck. I needed that.”

“Having fun?” she asked.

“Yes. And you?”

“Oh yeah,” she gave me a wiggle. “What are their rules?”

“Aria said no penetration,” I told her.

“I kind of figured,” she laughed, “and Carter?”

“The sky’s the limit,” I told her.

“Fuck! Say that again, it made my pussy jump the first time,” she hissed, clinging to me.

“I’ll be fucking her until she screams before the night is through,” I told her. “I’m going to stick this cock so far inside of her that I’m going to have her speaking in tongues.”

“Jesus,” she moaned, moving up and down on my cock, openly fucking me in front of her friends. I looked around and saw our hosts watching.

“Don’t look now, but Elias and Carter are both looking so see what I’ve got in store for her in a little while,” I told her.

“Oh God, that is so damned hot.” She settled deep onto my cock, then lifted all the way up, and slowly took it again. “How did we get here? Can you believe this?”

“We can thank some damn thief for getting the ball rolling,” I told her, “and some naughty, devious ladies for getting behind the whole teasing thing.”

“And don’t forget Mr. Tequila last night. Without the tequila, I don’t think we would have had an observer last night when I sucked you off. That little show had her so hot to play today I was surprised she didn’t just jump your bones right in front of everybody.”

“So what are your plans for these boys?” I asked her.

“The world’s best, most extended blow job,” she said confidently. “After this I’m going to spend every minute sucking a strange cock. I hope they have stamina, but if they don’t, well I’ll just have to get them up again. I’d like to go for six.” She started fucking me a little more animatedly. “I hope Aria blows you next. I think I’d like to have her get a taste of me.” The alarm went off before she had finished speaking.

“We’ll see,” I told her, watching her take a small sip of the rum before moving on. She went straight to her knees in front of Elias. No doubt about what she was planning.

It turned out that all three of the girls had the same plan in mind. Aria got down in front of me, and I scooted to the edge of the couch to improve her access. She wasn’t in a hurry to get to the main course, and she licked me and teased me with her hands, lips and tongue, without taking me into her mouth.

She took her time cleaning any trace of my wife off of my hardness, without a hint of fastidiousness. Just the opposite, she seemed to enjoy it. I looked around and watched the other guys relish being on the receiving end of a blow-job from their friend’s wives, while their own spouses went to work with their hands and mouths elsewhere.

I watched my wife blow Elias, taking his entire cock in her mouth repeatedly, while he groaned his appreciation. He always looked so young, until you saw that angry red cock of his pointing up, loaded for bear. I swear it looked like she was corrupting a neighborhood youth. I looked over at Dylan, watching him scan the activity, gazing down at Carter’s active mouth, then glancing over to see what Aria was doing for me, before looking across the way to gaze on Nora’s artful oral play.

Our eyes locked and we both grew immense smiles. If he was jealous, it wasn’t showing. I put up a hand for a high-five, and when he smacked my hand with a resounding crack, we got the momentary attention of all the women.

Aria looked over at him with a look of surprise. She stroked my cock with her hand, exaggerating the long slow movement. “Enjoying yourself, Dylan?” she asked out loud. “Ready to see your wife take someone else’s cock in my mouth? Want to see Liam fill my mouth with this beast?”

Dylan just moaned as Aria slowly sank her mouth over my length, taking me deep, pressing the head against the back of her throat. She pushed and pushed, taking even more of me, until she pulled away gasping. “Was that what you wanted to see?”

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