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We talked for a while, and I walked with him, wielding the machete while he did the weed whacking. We talked about what he could do to make the cabin more secure. He was looking for low tech answers, better shutters, warning signs, locking the interior better.

I had to tell him I thought that a determined person could probably get in no matter what. And with the place out in the middle of nowhere, it’d be hard to stop them. My idea was more in line with my technical skills. I thought we could put cameras on the outside, and alarms on the windows and doors that would set off a cellular call to his phone.

If anyone did break in, he’d at least know about it, and chances are, he could make the drive up to the cabin in just a few hours and still probably catch the perpetrators. At least he could take care of any damage.

We discussed a few different possibilities and made it as far as the big tree I’d cut down.

“Shit!” He looked over the logs carefully stacked on the side. “I should have known that sucker would fall someday. It had been leaning badly ever since I started coming up here over four years ago. That was a lot of work, I bet.” He laughed, giving me a slug. “Better you than me!”

“I didn’t mind,” I admitted. “I kind of enjoyed it. I like working outdoors. This may sound stupid, but I feel great after all the work today.”

“I know what you mean. Carter gives me crap for spending most of our outings up here working on the place, but I love to see the results. There’s something really fulfilling about it.”

We turned around at the tree. The sun was getting low, and he was afraid if we took much longer, we’d be in the dark before we got back. He was probably right, but we were saved from finding out when Dylan showed up to shuttle us back on his bike.

He gave Elias a ride back, taking the tools with him, and I decided to jog back to my bike, and head back on my own. It was a tough run, with the mud and pools of water, but I made it before too long, and was able to ride back while the sun was still a good bit above the horizon.

As part of our provisions, we’d brought an entire beef tenderloin with us, and Elias had pulled out an old Weber and was cooking it up by the time I got back. I put the ax away, stripped, and jogged down to the water without even checking in with the others. I felt sweaty and grubby, and wanted to rinse off and cool off before dinner.

Nora was waiting for me at the end of the dock when I finished my brisk swim, holding out a towel for me. Looking up from the water at this naked beauty, waiting patiently, I had to smile once more at the circumstances that had accidentally turned our place into a nudist cabin. The accidental nudist cabin.

I stood in front of her and she dried me off. It was incredibly sensual, feeling her squat down and drying each of my legs, as if nude swimming was the most natural thing in the world.

She seemed a bit nervous, and started hesitantly. “You’re OK with all the playing around today, aren’t you?” She looked up at me, with those big blue eyes. “I mean, we did a lot of teasing, but I didn’t go over the line. Not really.” She said, almost apologetically. “You had fun, didn’t you?”

“It’s been a great day,” I told her, taking her in my arms. “And I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed watching you tease the guys, knowing how hot and bothered they were getting, and that later on you’d be with me, while they could only wish they were in my shoes. Shoes? I guess that’s not the best metaphor.” I gave her a kiss. “You OK?”

“Never better.” She sighed and sank into me, hugging me almost desperately tight.

We sat down on the dock side by side, looking out over the water. I knew my wife, and she had something to say, but the best route was for me to just wait for her to figure out how she wanted to say it.

It took a while, but she finally spit it out. “I loved it. I loved the attention, and seeing those poor boys getting all hard over me, and leaving them worked up and horny as shit. Maybe not at first, when I was still a little nervous, and worried they might think me trashy, or not like me or something.”

She giggled, “That certainly didn’t turn out to be the problem.” She hesitated, “I might have let them take a little too many liberties with me, especially with these,” she remarked, holding her tits out for me, “more than I had planned on. I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.” I reached out and caressed her full, firm, tits, my fingers lingering over the reddish areas where I figured someone’s stubble caused some irritation. “It was just play. A little fun and games. Nobody here is trying to steal anybody’s spouse or anything like that. It’s just a kind of wild freedom to indulge a little in each other; all the time knowing there are limits, and wanting to push them just a little. Maybe we just want to think that we’re the special ones, the one that our friends would risk everything for.”

She giggled some more, “I figured you probably pushed a few limits today too, huh?”

“Absolutely,” I laughed. “I had to get out of that cabin after lunch with Carter, before I forgot myself, and did something really stupid.

“You know, I hear about how naturists get so that being around others naked isn’t really sexual. I don’t know how. Every time I see you women, any of you, out here in the open, completely naked, my heart just wants to burst from excitement.

Maybe when there’s the unfulfilled potential for sexual activity, it changes things, but I’ve got to believe that a week from now, seeing one of those pretty girls walking down that trail to me, naked, would lead to an instant hard-on, and naughty fantasies.”

“No shit.” Nora said. “When you walk near a guy, brush against him and see his manhood jump to attention, how can you not feel that down in your loins? Immediately, I feel my nipples hardening, and I know that they can see that too, and I know what they want.

I know what they want to do to me. Even with their wives just a little ways away, I know they’d take a huge chance just to touch me.”

“Pretty intense, huh?” I asked my dear, quivering wife.

“Mmmhmm.” She seemed lost in her thoughts and then shook her head and came back to Earth. “We’re cool though, right?” She seemed inordinately nervous, and I wonder if maybe one of her barriers had slipped more than just a little. Not like I had room to complain.

“Nora, you’re going home with me when this is all over. That’s what matters. If the playing around got a little out of hand, as long as we leave it here, at the cabin, who does it really hurt? I know you love me, and I love you, and everything else is just letting our hair down for once.”

She leaned into me, sighing. “You’re too good to be real.”

“And you’re too wild to be caged,” I teased. “Although I don’t think I ever would have guessed it. You’ve surprised me this weekend. I have to confess I like it. I like the teasing, and am fine with what’s been going on.”

I heard Aria’s voice from nearby. “Ok, lovebirds! Dinner is about ready, and even though lumberDylan Liam may have earned a rest, we ladies have still got to pull a few things together. Coming?”

I hadn’t even realized that Nora’s hand had wandered back to my lap, and was bringing me to life, yet again. When I stood, and helped my wife stand up, Aria looked us over. “Jeez, you guys! Liam, doesn’t that thing ever go down? You’re going to give my man a complex.”

Nora giggled. “Oh, I think your man’s been doing just fine on his own. Quite responsive, that one.”

Aria laughed. “I bet I’ll walk bow-legged for a week after tonight. You’ve got him primed and ready to go.”

“That was the idea, right?” Nora said as we walked along hand-in-hand.

“Shh! That’s our secret. You’re not supposed to share that with the enemy!” Aria said, falling in step next to me, and snaking her arm around my hips. I placed my arm across her shoulders, then let it slide down to cup her delicious ass.

The sun was setting behind us, a sliver of orange on the horizon, a little off to our left as we walked up the hill.

“I’m a lumberDylan and I’m Ok, I sleep all night and I work all day,” I started singing, just happy as could be with the wear life had taken me at that very moment.

“As long as you don’t start wearing women’s clothing, ‘and hanging out in bars’,” Aria warned me, singing the second half of her statement.

Gotta love an educated woman.

“The day turned out pretty nice, after the rough start we had.” I said as we approached the house.

“Nice?” Aria said, almost in shock, “Abso-fucking-lutely incredible is what I’m thinking.”

Nora giggled. “I’m glad we’re in agreement. I hope everyone else thinks so.”

Aria snorted. “Just stick those big titties out there, and tell the boys what they’re supposed to think. I’m sure they’ll agree to whatever you tell them.”

“Cool. I’m going to tell Dylan to fuck your pretty little head off tonight, and I might even give him a flash or two for inspiration.” Nora told her friend.

“Mmmm, maybe I’ll do the same for you. With Liam I mean. I mean with you. Oh shit, you know what I mean.” Aria mumbled, stumbling over her words.

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