Weekend outing went out of normal with friends – 02

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Carter stood and removed her towel, folding it in half and placing it back on the couch. She then sat back, with her legs crossed and sipped on the tequila. “I’m glad we played the ‘I’m glad’ game, but I’m ready for something else. Any suggestions?” Then she quickly stood up for a second, “Oh, and by the way, I’m declaring this cabin an official clothing optional resort.”

That got another conversation going, during which Dylan finally got up and took off this towel. “I feel stupid, the only one covered up.”

We ended up taking turns talking about our worst luck ever, which resulted in some pretty funny stories. The bottle managed to make it around again, with an awful lot of ogling going on, and a lot of slurring of the words. When the bottle passed me, it felt like it was only about a 1/3 full.

Carter insisted on another change. This time it was decided we’d take a turn talking about our worst vacations. It was a lot slower getting around the table, and the chemistry was changing. The tequila was definitely at work. Nora was cuddling up to me, and Dylan had his arm between Aria’s legs, lightly stroking her inner thigh. She had spread her legs a bit, and was visibly excited. The only problem with our seating was that it left Elias and Carter unpaired.

While Elias was telling a rambling story, I decided to get the last bottle of tequila and let it start its way around the seating, separately, since it appeared the current bottle had stalled and it was being used as a place keeper. It was painfully hard, and my cock seemed to stick straight out into the center of the room, waving and wiggling as I walked.

I expected a lot of teasing, but didn’t hear a peep out of them. I couldn’t help but notice that both Aria and Carter watched my flagpole with inordinate interest, both going and returning. It was a little embarrassing; I know I look a little different than most guys, though nobody said anything.

When I sat back down, taking a swig, Elias was still telling about his experience getting lost on vacation his junior year in high school.

I passed the bottle to Carter. She looked at the different bottle, and took a hesitant sip, then a heftier one. “God, Liam, you have great taste in liquor. What’s this?” she whispered to me, while her half-drunk husband rambled. I hated to break it to him, but I don’t think anybody was listening any more.

“Jose Cuervo, Reserva de la Familia. Change your mind about Jose?” I asked her softly.

She leaned back into the corner of the couch, raised her legs and laid them across my leg. “Jose Cuervo is back to being a friend of mine.” She took another sip then placed the bottle on the table, where Dylan could get it. My hand casually rested on her bare thigh, while my erection threatened to spontaneously combust.

Dylan, in the meantime, was staring at my wife who was leaning against me, the tequila having thoroughly kicked in with her. I couldn’t blame him; she really was a sexy little thing. His hand had moved higher between his wife’s open legs, and his own erection was quite visible.

Aria was spread open, one leg looped across Elias’s, the other foot resting on the coffee table. Elias’s hand seemed to be absentmindedly stroking her inner thigh. His eyes were closed and his head was leaning back as he mumbled something that might have been his story. I certainly couldn’t tell.

My wife was almost in my lap, and I had an arm around her shoulders, one hand resting easily on her tit. I felt her hand slide across my leg, and almost lost it when she wrapped her fingers around me, and started slowly stroking.

Carter got my attention by moving her leg and leaning into me. “Dammit! That’s not fair. I’m so fucking horny right now.” She was looking across the way at Elias who was still leaning back, but his lips were no longer moving. I couldn’t believe it but he looked like he was sleeping!

Abruptly, Carter was pulling my hand down between her legs, while she leaned back and watched my wife’s hand job. I felt her moistness, and let a finger slide inside of her. God, it felt good. I hadn’t touched another woman like that in the two years we’d been married. Across from me Aria had her eyes closed and was lying in her husband’s lap while he fingered her, watching my wife the whole time.

Nora turned in place and put her mouth over my cock, and I decided that I wasn’t going to let too much tequila ruin what might be an incredible weekend. I regretfully eased my fingers out of Carter, and whispered to her. “I’d love to continue doing that, and so much more, but not like this. It’s not fair to Elias.”

I coaxed Nora off of me, and excused myself from the crowd. I picked her up in my arms and took her to one of the two open beds. “I want to suck you,” she said, slurring her words.

“I’d like that,” I told her, climbing in bed with her. She moved down the bed and started a long slow blow-job. A couple of minutes into it, I watched Carter drag her half-asleep husband into bed beside us, and try to get him hard.

It distracted me from the view at my own waist, watching the exotic beauty with her gorgeous body in profile while her face was lodged in his lap, her hands working diligently. He never fully woke up, nor did he manage to get it up, and she finally turned away from him, lay on her side and openly watched us. Our eyes locked for a bit, before I took in more of her body, then turned back to watch my naughty, cock-hungry wife’s actions.

The other side of the cabin was getting noisy and I could see Dylan on top of Aria, with the couch squeaking merrily away as he tried to push her through the bottom of it. Her occasional squeals sounded wonderful. I peeked over to the side to see Carter watching the couch show as well.

She abruptly looked back at me, then came over and sat on the edge of our bed, watching my wife at work. She was playing with herself, and she stretched out, lying against me. I put my arm around her, against my better judgment and fondled her warm tit.

Her hand was moving fast between her legs, and I was getting close to coming from the multiple levels of stimulation. “I’m going to shoot for you,” I announced, and my wife took it like a champ, swallowing everything, licking me clean. Right in the middle of my explosion, I felt Carter tense up next to me and she moaned as we came in tandem.

Nora eased off of my rod, slid up beside me and fell asleep against my shoulder. I relaxed with my arm around Elias’s wife, whose hand was wandering more than it should have. When it settled over my dwindling cock, I knew I should have done something to stop it, but it felt too damned good.

Feeling her breasts pressing against my side, her lips occasionally reaching down to my chest, and her hand gently holding my semi-hardness, I tilted her head back and leaned down and gave her a kiss. It was long and tender, and I hardened it in her hand. “Not like this,” I told her softly. “I want to. You know how bad I want to, and how long I’ve wanted to, but not like this.” She reluctantly let go of my hard cock, and I kissed her again, and again, and yet again. Somewhere in all those kisses, I finally fell asleep.

I woke to find myself blissfully on the receiving end of another blow-job. Looking down, I could see that it wasn’t my wife at work, but Carter, who was showing me that she was just as talented at giving head, if not at listening to good common sense. We were very quiet, and I noticed that the weather outside had almost completely subsided, and the fire in the fireplace was nearly out.

The room was noticeably cooler. But not where Carter’s hot little mouth engulfed me. She was slow and steady, her mouth and hand determined to get me off, without shaking things up too much, and eventually she got her way. Then she climbed off of our bed and moved a few feet over, back to the other bed. I fell back asleep; almost convinced it was a dream.

* * *

I woke up slowly, sticky from the humidity and heat, my head hammering from too much alcohol, and my mouth as dry as the Sahara. I could hear voices nearby and pulled the pillow over my head to block out the vicious light.

“Looks like someone is waking up,” I heard pronounced.

“I wonder if his owner is as well.”

“Aria!” I heard my wife admonish our friend.

I realized I had a bad case of morning wood, and without a half-bottle of tequila in me, I wasn’t the exhibitionist I had been the night before. I moved the pillow from over my head down to cover my waist, which got me soundly booed.

Sitting up and looking at the group I was entertaining, I was glad I was covered with the pillow. The view alone was almost enough to put me over the edge.

All three of the women were in the kitchen, and all were topless, wearing towels around their waists, and nothing else.

“Glurgh earring, uuunh,” I mumbled. I wasn’t a morning guy.

“Elias is down cleaning up the brush and mowing the grass between us and the water. Dylan is scouring the area for our clothing, most of which the wind had its way with last night, and is scattered across 30 acres. Wouldn’t you just figure it out?” Nora answered, as if she understood my grumbling.

I staggered out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom where I waited patiently for my erection to subside enough to pee through it. I read the plaque above the toilet reminding me, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.” Just below that was a reminder to keep toilet paper and other paper items out of the toilet.

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