Weekend outing went out of normal with friends – 03

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I had my work cut out for me.

Call me a freak, but I like physical labor. Maybe because my earliest jobs in high school and college were all hard labor. Now that I spend most of my days behind a desk, I like getting out and getting dirty. Swinging the ax, trying to cut my way through a tree a good two feet in diameter, feeling the intense impact, watching chunks of wood explode away from my precise blows, I loved it all. I enjoyed the feel of the wooden handle in my hands, the flexing of my shoulder muscles, the tension in my back.

I worked hard, cutting through the tree, and chopping it up into sections less than three feet long. I got good and filthy, stacking the logs at the side of the road, and even trimming the large branches down and cutting them into more usable pieces. My arms and chest were scraped up from handling the rough bark on the heavy logs, and by the end my hands were starting to feel like hamburgers. I don’t know how long I was at it, but I was surprised when I saw Aria roll up on her husband’s Road King.

“Damn, Liam! You’re filthy! What have you been up to for the last few hours?” She asked, stepping off the bike. She was wearing her remarkably tight pants, and someone’s t-shirt that was way too big. I wanted to rip it off of her. Instead I nodded toward the stacks of wood on the side of the road.

“There was a tree blocking the road,” I explained, leaning my ax to one side and wiping my forehead where the sweat was dripping into my eyes.

She walked to me slowly. “Are you done yet?”

“Yeah. I think this is good enough. I was just going to cut up a few more for fireplace wood, but I think a rest might do me good.” Now that I had stopped working, I could feel the ache in my forearms, shoulders and back, and my legs were almost quivering. I’d overdone it, but that was pretty typical for me. Once I got going, I rarely had the good sense to know when to take a break.

Aria walked up to me, and rubbed her hands over my chest and shoulders. “Poor baby, I bet you’re completely worn out.” She leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on one of the worse scrapes. “And your poor skin! You should have been more careful.”

“I just need a break. A short rest, a quick swim, and I can finish that other, smaller branch back there, before sunset.” I said, my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of her hands on my skin.

I felt her hands lower to my pants button and her lips traced a patch down my stomach. I opened my eyes to look at her as she unbuttoned me and started to ease my pants down. “You deserve a reward,” she told me, her hand rubbing my swelling cock through the thick material.

We were standing in mud, and I suggested we move to the side. She walked past me and sat on one of the wooden pyramids I had created, and beckoned me over. I stepped in front of her, and let her lower my pants and lean forward to give my trouser friend a nice thank you.

She had a mischievous look in her eye. “The girls made me promise I would leave your friend here alone,” she sighed. “But if you can keep a secret, well, I didn’t promise not to let you do what YOU might want to.” She leaned forward and opened her mouth just an inch beyond my swollen cock head. “You’re not the kind of man to take advantage of a woman, no matter how much she’d been teasing you. I know you wouldn’t be as naughty as to stick your cock in my face and use my mouth for your own pleasure, now would you?”

“I hate to break it to you, beautiful, but I am just exactly that naughty.” I wiped my hands on my pants, removing as much mud and dirt as I could.

“Oh dear,” she said plaintively, “such a strong and virile man, how could I ever stop you? Please don’t fuck my face, out here in the open, out where anybody passing could see you take advantage of me!” She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes.

I smiled and pushed my hardening meat into her mouth. I reached down and with a finger under her chin, had her close her mouth around me. I held her head and slowly fucked her mouth with the end of my cock, while her devilish tongue did absolutely fiendish things to me, out of view.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at me with a look of helplessness that just made me harder. I pulled my cock back and pushed it deep in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. I felt her give a little push back, and started fucking her pretty face just a little quicker and more forcefully.

She’s such a pretty girl. Big brown eyes that almost exactly match her hair, except for the shades of red. Her look was very natural: unpainted lips, fair skin with a sprinkling of freckles, and a tinge of red where the sun had brightened her upper cheeks just below her eyes. Her eyebrows seemed unplucked, and almost perfect. I took in every little bump, line and nuance of her visage, as my hard cock enjoyed its warm, if redunEliast journey.

The constant ongoing teasing and my previous play with Carter had me ready to shoot in no time at all. Or so it seemed to me. As I started to get more and more into fucking her face, her eyes opened wider, and she just let herself go loose, letting my do with her face and mouth what I would.

“Suck it,” I told her, holding her face firmly and moving her back and forth slowly on my cock, her mouth and tongue once more working diligently, bringing me that last little bit needed to come.

I felt my breath burning; almost as hard as when I’d been cutting through the main tree. “I’m going to come for you, beautiful,” I told her, and she closed her eyes and let me do what I needed.

And what I needed was to fuck her face hard, and cum in her hot mouth, exploding hard, feeling her sucking and swallowing with each shot I took. As my breath slowed, and my movements came to a near halt, with my cock buried in her mouth, she took over, sucking me dry, and adding a little extra, sucking me well after I’d finished and slowly restoring some of the hardness to my partner in crime.

She cast her head down in mock shame. “Oh you cruel, vicious man! How can I ever look my friends in the eye again? How can I be in the same room as you, knowing you’ve had me, and may do it again, should I ever be alone with you?”

I played along. I grabbed her chin and pulled her face up. “Head up, wench. You’re mine now. Any common skirt like you should be happy, nay, proud to be claimed. I will have you again, when we’re alone and perhaps when we’re not. You’ll deny me nothing!” I stuck my softened cock back in her mouth, feeling it harden as she looked at me anxiously, sucking on demand.

When I finally pulled out of her, she sighed. “God, that was incredible. I felt so helpless while you used me.”

“You think that’s incredible? You should try being on my side of it.” I told her, leaning down and kissing her.

“If we had more time, I’d take you up on that. I’d love to feel your tongue in me,” she sighed, standing and pulling my face down for another kiss. “Now, not a word of this to anybody.” She suddenly tore off her shirt. “I want you to quickly do anything and everything you’ve wanted to my tits for a minute. If I have to confess to any naughtiness, we’ll let it be that.”

I was momentarily surprised, and then went after her tits. I sucked, nibbled, licked, and even rubbed my cock across her nipples and in the warm valley between them. She held her tits together, allowing me a way too brief tit fuck. Then I gave each one a thorough sucking and nibble, before being shooed away.

I looked down and could see that her chest was filthy. I realized my face was probably not as clean as it should be, but probably a bit cleaner now.

She looked at herself and smiled, before donning her t-shirt again. “That’s good, real good. I can’t wait to ‘accidentally’ let the girls see that.”

“Why are you doing this? Why the sudden wild abandon?” I asked her while pulling my pants back on.

“Oh, don’t worry. We’re giving all of you guys the teasing treatment, and your ‘sweet little wifey’ is giving it her best. Those tits of hers are like magnets to the other two.”

I must have looked a little stunned. “I don’t think they’re quite getting the treatment you are,” she admitted. “At least I know that Elias’s not gotten nearly the treat that you’ve gotten from me, and from Carter, I suspect. We’re supposed to be just teasing you guys mercilessly, so that tonight, we each get the treatment from our own men, thank you very much, with a full day’s worth of lust ready to burst upon us.”

“You girls are very bad, you know.” I teased back, once more leaning down for another kiss.

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