New Neighbors

“New Neighbors”

An Orc couple moved in next door about a month ago and for the most part, keep to themselves. I’m very open minded and always make an attempt to wave over the fence when I see them in the back yard. The male looks at least seven feet tall, and his mate must be around six. They appear a bit intimidating but seem polite enough.

Thanksgiving was approaching and my husband was planning a deer hunting trip which would leave me alone over the holiday. I was at the mailbox when she approached and spoke for the first time. She had a very kind tone to her voice and we immediately hit it off. Her name was Tessa and she invited me over for a cup of coffee. In our house we take off our shoes, but I quickly discovered in an Orc household, they take off everything. This shocked me at first but I didn’t want to be rude, so I reluctantly removed my clothing.

I felt very self conscious sitting in her living room naked, but she was showering me with compliments on how beautiful I was which calmed me a bit. Before you knew it we were chatting like a couple of school girls at a sleepover. She remarked about my smooth skin and asked if she could touch me. Her husband was not there so I figured what harm could it do. She came over and sat beside me on the couch and lightly ran her hand down my arm. By her reaction, she had obviously never touched a human before.

With child-like curiosity, she cupped one of my breasts and was amazed at the softness. I bit my lip as she was having fun lifting and letting it bounce. I placed my hand on her shoulder and was shocked at her thick leather-like skin. No wonder she was so amused with me.

We finished our coffee but continued talking about each other’s cultures. She was familiar with our Thanksgiving. I mentioned that my husband would be away and she insisted that I join them for dinner. I had no idea what to say, but I impulsively agreed. It was time to throw my load of wash in the dryer, so I got dressed and thanked her for the hospitality. I had made a new friend. Just before I walked out the door she took my hand and kissed me on the lips. I suppose it was a traditional parting gesture.

For the next week all I could think about was going over for dinner. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I enjoyed being naked in their house. It was like a feeling of freedom. Of course it was just with her, and I was a little apprehensive about seeing her mate. My husband left the morning of the 23rd and I spent the rest of the day naked as I dusted and ran the vacuum. It was just fun.

Thanksgiving finally arrived. I knocked on their door holding a warm vegetable casserole. The door opened and there stood her extremely well-endowed body. I stepped in and quickly removed my clothing. She kissed me again and directed me into the living room to meet her mate. He was looking out a window and turned around as I entered the room. It was difficult to maintain eye contact. His muscular form was beyond belief. He caught me looking and snickered. Tessa came in and introduced us.

“This is my mate Desmond.” she announced.

Apparently she had told him about touching me because he inquired if it would be alright.

“I suppose so” I said with a timid voice as I interlaced my fingers behind me.

I guess he was just as curious as she was. I was getting aroused as his large hands slowly explored me and his appendage was becoming erect.

“Alright honey, enough of that, it’s time to eat.” said Tessa.

I walked with her into the dinning room. I felt something warm poking me in the back as he followed. We had a delightful dinner together. Some of the items were a little strange looking, but they tasted wonderful.

After we were finished Tessa spoke up, “So would you like to join us for some after dinner entertainment in the bedroom?”

“I don’t think I would feel comfortable with that.” I said nervously.

“Orc’s don’t have all the social hang-ups that restrict humans. Sex is freely shared with friends and relatives. It’s just our culture.” she explained.

Part of me wanted to run like hell, but the part of me that was making a slippery spot on the chair was screaming to stay. “Well I suppose it would be impolite to refuse.”

“Excellent” said Tessa, “follow me.”

I had no idea what to expect. The bed was gigantic! But I suppose their stature required it. I laid down in the center with them on either side as I dripped with excitement. Tessa started kissing me while the big guy continued exploring me right where he left off earlier.

Between kisses I glanced down at his cock. I needed to hold that wonder of nature so I reached down and wrapped my fingers around it, giving it a firm squeeze. I heard a groan as he took his turn kissing me. He was surprisingly gentle and passionate for such a hulk of a creature.

Tessa’s tongue found my clit while her finger slid in my opening. Oh damn, I was the center of attention and loving it! Between her tongue driving me crazy and his big hands squeezing my boobs, I didn’t know how much more I could take. Suddenly I screamed as a massive orgasm totally enveloped me! I cried out for them to stop, but they weren’t paying any attention. I was being devoured my two hungry monsters!! She moved to the side and my legs were pushed apart.

Shit, he’s gonna kill me! He supported his upper body with his arms so not to crush me. She grabbed his huge erection and began to slide it along the length of my pussy. Oh fuck, what is this going to feel like! I was scared shitless! I heard Tessa quietly say “Give it to her baby.”

I felt pressure, and suddenly the head popped inside! “Oh my god!” I shouted.

“Are you ok?” said Tessa.

“I think so.” I whispered.

He began to push in deeper. “Holy fuuuuuck!” I swear he hit my liver. Then the pumping began. Long thrusts that moved my whole body. Tessa was holding my shoulders so I wouldn’t crash into the headboard. I never experienced anything so intense! I could feel another orgasm was building as he pushed into me. I shouted in thrilled panic, “I’m cuming! I’m fucking cuming!” EEAHHHHH!!!

I think I passed out because next thing I knew Tessa was trying to get me to drink some water. I lifted my head and could see he was gone. I was soaked in a pool of Orc cum. She helped me to the shower and cleaned me up. My legs were like rubber but I managed to dry myself off. She led me to the front door and helped dress me. Tessa thanked me for sharing the evening with them and gave me another long kiss.

I stumbled across the lawn and up on my porch taking a seat on the swing. Damn that was unbelievable…

New Neighbors ends.

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