Straight Guy Working in a Gay Club – 04

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I hesitated but complied, as I snaked my hand between our bodies and began cupping and rubbing his hard cock through his leather pants. I gasped as I felt how big and hard his cock was. He moaned out, “That’s right, boy. That’s a real piece of hard man meat. If you’re a good boy, I might just let you suck it. But right now, I want to have a taste of you.”

I gasped as he quickly spun me around and pressed me up against the wall. I felt him sink to his knees behind me and pull my waist until I was bent over with my hands planted against the wall. I couldn’t hold in my moan when I felt him grope my ass cheeks and spread them to reveal my asshole. He ran his tongue from my balls up across my asshole and moaned as he said, “I can still taste the ice cream and chocolate sauce, boy. Time for me to taste this asshole.”

He then plunged his tongue deep into my asshole and held me still as he began licking inside of me. I moaned and gasped as I felt his warm tongue doing amazing things to my insides. I wondered if this was normal for gay men to do to each other. I had seen other men do this to each other here, but I always wondered if they were just showing off or playing to the crowd of onlookers. Feeling his tongue plunging in and out of my ass, left me unable to remain quiet as I continued to moan in pleasure.

Then with a moan and a slap to both of my ass cheeks, he pulled his tongue out of my asshole. He turned me around again and pressed my back up against the wall before standing up and grinding his crotch against me. I could feel his hard cock in his shorts, pressing against me as he slid his hand down my stomach to grip my hard cock and balls again. He tightened his grip just enough to make me moan and squirm, as he moaned into my ear, “You’re cock is hard, isn’t it, boy?”

I nodded, as I moaned back, “Yes, sir.”

He tightened his grip and ground his cock against me again as he said, “That’s my good boy. A boy should always be courteous and respectful, especially when a man has a tight grip on his cock and balls. You want to get off, don’t you, boy.”

I nodded again, as I replied, “Yes, sir.”

He bit my earlobe as he moaned, “Do you want me to suck your cock, boy?”

I nodded again, as I repeated, “Yes, sir.”

He growled and tightened his grip on my cock and balls, making me gasp, as he growled out, “Then you should ask me, boy. You know what you want. You have to ask for it. Beg, boy! Plead for me to suck your hard cock!”

I moaned as I felt like I was literally under his spell. I couldn’t stop myself from pleading, “Please suck my cock, sir.”

Jonathan moaned as whispered, “That’s my good boy.”

He then sank to his knees, as he began trailing his hands all over my body. He gripped my ass cheeks as he moaned out, “You’ll have to take out your cock, boy. When you beg for release, you should always present yourself.”

I slipped my hands down to my shorts and unbuttoned and unzipped them, as I maneuvered my hard cock out of my shorts. He moaned as he trailed his hands along my cock and balls, before wrapping his lips around my hard cock. I moaned loudly as I felt him starting to suck. Robert and Tim had been right, I had never had my cock sucked like this before. No girl had used this much expertise or enthusiasm when she sucked my dick. There was no way I would last even a minute. I already felt my balls drawing up.

Then he did something I did not expect. He gripped the base of my hard cock and squeezed. He continued to lick and suck my cock with the same amount of enthusiasm and skill, but he ceased any build-up of my orgasm. He kept squeezing until my orgasm subsided, and then he released his grip as he continued to lick and suck my cock. I was too shocked to complain. This had never happened before. Why did he stop me from cumming? Didn’t gay men like sucking cock and swallowing cum? Robert sure did. Did Jonathan just enjoy sucking a hard cock, but not swallowing cum? Oh, this was worse than not getting a blowjob.

Jonathan continued to suck and lick my hard cock, stroke my cock, and massage and rub my balls better than any girl that I had been with, but every time I was about to cum he would squeeze the base of my cock until my orgasm went away. I felt like crying. I had even tried not to let on that I was about to cum and possibly sneak the orgasm past him. But he just knew. He must be able to feel my balls draw up and my cock stiffen or something.

After at least the tenth ruined orgasm, he stopped completely. He stood up and leaned next to my ear as he whispered huskily, “Put your cock away, boy.”

I raised shaking hands and quickly put my hard cock and balls back into my shorts, before zipping and buttoning up. He then grabbed my hands and lifted them above my head, pinned them to the wall with one hand, trailed his other hand to my ass, and gripped my ass cheek as he moaned out,

“I’ll be in my booth after the auction, boy. If you come to me and ask me to come back in here, I’ll make you cum harder than you ever have before. If you don’t come to me, then you can just handle your own orgasm or find someone else to do it for you. The choice is yours, boy. I hope you make the right decision.”

With that, he turned around and walked away. I stood there panting as I waited to calm down. Finally, I pulled myself together and walked out of the “Fun House.” I returned to the bar in a daze. I started making drinks basically on autopilot. Robert and Tim eyed me silently. Tim finally leaned over and whispered, “Dude, you Ok?”

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