When a straight guy goes gay club – 01

Hello everyone, this story is about a straight guy who goes homo. Slow burner but a great story. Let’s begin…

*All characters in this story are over the age of 18. no underage role-play appears in this story*

I was 21 years old and had just broken up with my girlfriend, forcing me to leave her apartment. Apparently, “Daddy’s little girl,” thought she could fuck whoever she wanted without a care in the world and without consequences. My ex was a spoiled girl whose father paid for everything.

My mistake, besides dating her, had been moving in with her. I dodged a bullet on that account because she popped up positive for an STD and had to notify everyone she had sex with within the last month. Luckily I was clean after my blood test. So I was crashing on friends’ couches as I looked for an apartment I could afford. I was starting my fourth year of college and my current job just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I wasn’t rich and I paid my own way through life. Which unfortunately wasn’t going well. I had just seen a flier, which I didn’t know people still used, for a “bartender wanted” sign. The flier advertised good money plus tips, flexible hours, and a safe working environment. The last line surprised me: “men only.” I was happy but surprised. I had seen some hot female bartenders in my time and knew they always brought in extra customers who wanted to hit on them. That was when I recognized the name “The Chute.”

As the only real gay club around, this place was famous. Not being gay, I was hesitant to, but figured I should at least check it out. A bartender job with tips was just too good to pass up.

I arrived at the address and was surprised that even the parking lot was so clean. I tried the door, but it was locked. Frowning, I wondered if the flier was old and that the business was closed. There was no phone number on the flier, so I had nothing else to try. Just as I was about to leave, the door opened, and a 30-year-old white man stuck his head out. He saw me and smiled, asking, “You here for the bartender job, kid?”

I nodded as I answered, “Yes, sir.”

He smiled as he looked me up and down, before nodding his head and waving me inside, as he said, “Yeah, I think you’ll work out just fine.”

Feeling a little nervous about being so obviously checked out by another guy, I set my anxiety aside and followed him inside. The place was huge. It was obviously an old industrial warehouse that had been converted into a club. There was the main floor with a bar, dance floor, and a raised dance stage.

The second level was mostly just a wrap-around dance floor with rails in the center so everyone could still see the stage. There were also at least four dance cages suspended from the ceiling that were currently resting on the floor but were obviously meant to be elevated when they were occupied.

The whole place was immaculate. As the guy continued to lead me into the back, I noticed a black door against the back wall, with an unlit neon sign that read, “Fun House.” Guessing what probably happened behind those doors, my anxiety grew a little more.

I was not an overly buff guy. I didn’t have a bodybuilder or swimmer body, but I liked to think that I kept in shape. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 120 lbs. The guy leading me through the club was clearly a bodybuilder and I wondered if he was also a bouncer. He was easily 6′ 220 lbs. As we walked, he asked, “So, have you ever tended a bar or worked in a club before, kid?”

I frowned as I replied, “No, sir. But I can learn fast.”

He nodded as he replied, “Well, you have the right attitude, I’ll give you that. Plus you could earn plenty of tips looking the way you do.”

I smiled, hoping that I might have impressed him enough to put in a good word for me with the owner. He led me up the back stairs to an office with glass walls, allowing anyone inside to keep an eye on the club. He knocked on the door and a voice inside invited us to come in. As I was led inside, my guide said, “Got a kid that wants to tend bar for you, Tom.”

Tom smiled at the big guy and said, “Great. Thanks, Brian.”

Brian then left and closed the door, as Tom invited me to take a seat. I did and Tom asked my name and age. I told him and introduced myself as Alan. He asked to see my driver’s license, which I produced. He then smiled and said that since this was an establishment that served alcohol and featured exotic male dancers, he had to check. I nodded and he began the interview.

The questions were all pretty standard: work history, availability, etc. I was able to make a good impression, I think. He didn’t even seem to put out that I hadn’t ever tended bar before. He told me that I would have to follow the other bartenders around for a while until I got the hang of things.

I was feeling good about my prospects until he asked me if I knew about the clientele of the club. I nodded and replied, “I know this is a gay club, but I’m cool with that. I just need a job.”

With the understanding that I wasn’t gay, he sat back as he asked, “You understand that working will likely mean being hit on by gay men?”

I nodded and said that it wouldn’t bother me as long as they didn’t get handsy. He smiled and nodded, before asking, “You do realize that your best chance of earning better tips will require some friendly flirting with the customers. Are you OK with that?”

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  1. That was an enjoyable read. It’s fun when someone is learning a new part of culture. It was well edited and was smooth reading. Thanks for your effort. I’ve been writing for the last 7 years and have always leaned towards the short stories. I even did some screenplay writing and produced about 26 audio shorts that I store on-line for free listening.

    1. Greetings ray,
      we would love to integrate your audio stories. we will let you know when we initiate that category. Hoping to work with you soon. #team hornica.

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