The Book

The Book

    It was late Friday night when we finally got to bed after spending a strange evening at Amy’s friend’s house. Samantha had us over for dinner and afterwards was anxious to show us an old book that she received from the estate of her aunt. It apparently contained all sorts of incantations and magic spells. I never believed in any of that shit but she convinced Amy to let her experiment.

    She instructed Amy lay on the couch, then Samantha held her hands out as she recited something I didn’t understand. Suddenly Amy clutched her twinkie as she moaned in delight. 

”Holy crap! I just had an orgasm!” exclaimed Amy.

I thought they were both just pissing with me.

    Samantha said it was my turn, so I thought it would be fun to play along. I chuckled as I reclined on the couch. She held her hands over me and babbled more of that nonsense. Suddenly I felt powerful surges soak me with cum. I must of had a terrified look on my face because Samantha and Amy both broke into laughter. It was so embarrassing and I ran to the bathroom to try and clean myself up.

    After I returned, I made some excuse that Amy and I needed to be getting home. Samantha thanked us for stopping by and being her first test subjects. Then she said there was one more spell she wanted to try before we left. Amy seemed excited, so I reluctantly agreed. Samantha told us to hold hands as she looked at the book and spoke a few more strange words. I felt nothing this time.

    She said it might take a while before it manifested. We both thanked Samantha for the dinner and an enlightening evening as we said good night.

The morning light was streaming in through the bedroom windows as I yawned and stretched. Amy was still asleep with her back to me. I pushed off the covers and crawled out of bed, but something didn’t feel right…

    “Holy SHIT!!! My freakin’ cock is gone!!!”

    My outburst woke Amy. When she saw me standing there her mouth dropped open. All I had left was a puffy slit between my legs. Suddenly she got a weird look on her face and reached under the covers. She leaped out of bed whimpering and jumping around with a big woody bouncing and swaying!

”What the fuck happened to us!” she shouted.

Just then I remembered Samantha saying something about it taking while before the spell would take effect. “Dammit!” Amy immediately dialed Samantha and frantically told her what happened.

    Samantha sounded surprised that it really worked and told Amy that the spell should last from sunrise to sunset. At that moment we realized that we would be stuck this way for the next 11 hours or so. I was on the brink of a panic attack. Amy was a little more composed after talking to Samantha and did her best to calm me down. 

”Now listen to me, it’s Saturday, we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. So let’s just relax and make the best of it.”

    She reasoned with me while stroking her new novelty. This had to be the craziest role reversal in history. I finally felt brave enough to run my hand over the location where my best friend used to live.

”Damn Amy, this is so different!”

    “If you miss it that much, feel free to play with mine. I think it’s even bigger than yours used to be.”

    “Sure go ahead and brag.”

    “Come on, I want you to play with it.”

    I reluctantly took hold of her boner and squatted down to gently lick the tip. I heard all sorts of verbal expressions as she was experiencing something totally new. I’m not gay, but I always wanted to know what it was like to suck on one. It was a nervous thrill as I slid my lips over the head. Feeling it in my mouth was such an intimate sensation! I was swirling my tongue around and stroking the firm shaft.

    I continued until she pulled me up and we began kissing. I could feel her tool pressing against my belly and was soon to find out what it was like to be fucked. She pushed me backwards onto the bed then jumped in beside me. Her hand reached down and I could feel her fingers sliding around. She knew exactly what to do and in just moments had me rocking my hips in a frenzied panic.

    There was a strange tingling and suddenly my muscles tensed as a powerful contraction shocked and amazed me! The sensation radiated from between my legs and spread over my body in a wave of satisfaction! “Amy I think I just had my first orgasm!!” She laughed and moved on top of me.

    I spread my legs wide and could feel her cock searching before it slipped inside. It was a sense of closeness that went way beyond anything I ever imagined, like she had become a part of me.
She grabbed my ass and pushed in deeper, then began to thrust. It was wild watching her boobs heave as she slammed into me. My hands were against the headboard trying to hold myself in position. She had such powerful hips! The moans grew into shouts of passion, then suddenly I heard her cry out as her face lit up in amazement. I was being filled up with pulses of juicy cum.

    The motion finally stopped and we both laid there looking at each other in disbelief. The revelation of what each other’s climax felt like would change us forever. I lost track of how many times we fucked that day, but each one was a wonderful adventure.

    The next morning we woke up to find everything back to normal. I was relieved but a little disappointed too. I’m sure we will be paying Samantha another visit to see what else she can conjure up.

    The Book ends

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