Strangled energy of two in bed – part 2

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Strangled energy of two in bed – part 2 continues……

Tom couldn’t believe that he’d actually risen to half-mast status in the silk panties.

He made sure to throw in some well-acted moans during those first few thrusts. The types of moans he was used to getting from the girls he usually slept with…those first few gasps and passionate verbalizations.

Harry was completely hard, and while he continued to stay in character for the sake of Sofia, for the sake of the video, for the sake of the threesome; he couldn’t help but notice just how amazing Tom’s round ass looked in the panties and tights. He was practically fooled by how it looked and he was in on the damn thing. His moans were quite brilliantly delivered as well, as each one seemed to have an affect on his cock.

The boys continued their play as Harry began to move his hips a little faster now. As he picked up his pace Tom strangely felt the desire to thrust his ass back a little at his friend. That’s what a girl would do in this situation, he reasoned.

He was feeling strangely horny at that moment. The hard dick pressing through the tops of his thighs and up against the bottom of his ass cheeks was starting to feel really, really good and he had no idea why. Harry pulled himself up a little and pressed his crotch a little more solidly against the bottom of Tom’s ass as the cock began to really bump against the inside edges of Tom’s buns now.

All of a sudden and completely from out of nowhere, Harry slapped him hard on the ass. When he did this Tom moaned involuntarily. It was a pleasurable moan. One that came from an unknown place. Harry slapped his other cheek now and as he did that Tom arched his ass backwards towards the cock, as he felt it slide right up against his soaking, wet crack.

Harry couldn’t believe how good his friend’s soft ass felt against his cock. He really HAD missed his girlfriend apparently over those last two weeks. He began to purposefully press his shaft now right up between Tom’s spread cheeks.

Tom seemed to either be really dedicating himself to the role or he was actually getting into it. His ass was rolling back towards Harry with each new thrust as if he was trying to get it closer to his hole.

Harry suddenly pulled Tom’s ass up a little, arching it more towards him as he sat behind him doggy style.

“Yeah, arch your ass up for me, slut!” Harry said as he spanked his friend hard again. Tom moaned once more unexpectedly. His own cock had started to leak precum into the soft silk panties he strained against. Everything felt so amazing for some reason.

Harry took his cock in his hand now and slapped Tom’s ass cheeks with it. Tom couldn’t believe it.

It FWAPPED against his globes as we wiggled his ass backwards at his longtime friend like some sort of club girl. What was he even doing? Why was he so turned on? Why was he so desperate to feel his friend’s cock sliding back between his butt?

Harry grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed the fat, mushroom head right up and down against Tom’s crack. He moaned again out loud when he felt the cock brush over his actual hole. He felt his asshole puckering when the hard member slid up against it.

“Such a good little slut,” Harry continued, completely nailing the storyline for the camera Tom still figured.

Tom arched his ass even higher for Harry as he felt the cock again drift over his ass. He might as well have some silly fun and get into the role if he was going to be stuck in this situation.

Harry thrust himself back between his cheeks a couple of times, each time allowing his full shaft to run along Tom’s crack and down to his balls. He felt big.

But on his next pass Harry did something unexpected. He thrust into Tom but didn’t continue down…rather, he allowed his cock to press firmly up against his tight hole this time. Tom didn’t want to say anything because he didn’t want to ruin the video which was probably already half-way done, but he suddenly felt like he needed to tell Harry that his cock was pressing against his hole.

Tom twitched, but he didn’t say anything. He was holding his breath. He wanted to stop him. But he also strangely didn’t. When he pulled against the hand restraints above him, he realized that the knots only tightened the more that they were pulled on. He really was trapped like this. He really was strapped down on this bed with a cock pressed up against his hole. He was incredibly turned on.

Harry started to slowly push his cock back and forth against Tom’s opening. Tom couldn’t believe how into it he was. The cock teased him, each time pressing against the tight skin of his virgin ass.

Then Harry spanked him again and Tom lurched his ass back towards his friend. This caused the very tip of Harry’s cock to slide into his hole.

Tom moaned loudly from under the pillow. It hurt…but he was so covered in lube and so stoned off the joint that he was equally turned on by it.

Harry kept the tip pressed just inside of him, and when it seemed like Tom wasn’t going to protest or push him out or yell at him, he pushed the entire head in.

“UUU MMM,” Tom moaned in a higher voice than he’d ever heard come out of his mouth. Then there was a pop as the entire head popped past his sphincter muscles.

He tried to relax as he breathed in and out slowly as his ass adjusted to take Harry’s width. He was freaking out a little. This couldn’t have been an accident.

He felt Harry reach for the bottle of lube and squeeze out another huge dollop that he spread around his cock and Tom’s asshole with his fingers. Oh my God, Harry was really going to fuck him.

“You like that, baby?” Harry asked, and Tom felt goosebumps.

Now he was having his cake and eating it too. He was keeping his character going, while also ACTUALLY beginning to fuck Tom’s tight ass.

All Tom could do was moan as he felt Harry begin to push his cock further into his ass. Four of his seven inches were now firmly lodged into Tom’s ridiculously filled butt.

He looked back over at the camera as his cock continued to slide in, “Look baby, seems like this slut I brought back to my apartment likes having a nice cock in her ass just like you!”

Tom couldn’t believe that another guy’s cock was actually inside of him…or that he was so turned on by it for that matter. Or that he was allowing this to happen as Harry continued the video.

Harry suddenly leaned down and whispered into Tom’s ear, “Let’s show Sofia just how slutty this girl I brought back from the bar actually is.” And as he said this, he pushed the rest of his cock all the way into his best friend’s ass as Tom screamed into the comforter below him.

Harry stayed there for a few seconds as he allowed Tom to fully adjust to this brand new experience. He couldn’t believe how good his friend’s ass felt around his cock.

Then when he felt like Tom had calmed down a little he started to pull in and out of him, giving him a steadily thorough fucking.

The bed started to creak under the increased pounding as Tom moaned along to each new invasion. His ass was absolutely stretched to its seams and his cock leaked copiously into the drenched, silk thong below him as it rubbed against the bedspread

He finally noticed that he was beginning to love the way the cock felt when it was inside of him fully and he was even starting to push back to meet Harry’s hips fully with his horny ass.

Harry couldn’t believe it. His best friend was totally giving him his ass now. He was pushing back with his ass to meet his thrusts.

This really drove him over the edge and he began to pound Tom like a jackhammer as he drove himself toward orgasm.

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