Strangled energy of two in bed – part 1

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Greetings everyone, today we are here with an amazing story called “Strangled energy of two in bed” which comes in 2 parts and its a gay male category. Hope you enjoy..

“Dude, I need your help, and it’s gonna sound crazy, okay?” Harry immediately said as he opened his front door to let his friend in.

His best friend Tom has just arrived after receiving a frantic phone call from Harry only twenty minutes earlier explaining that it was an absolute emergency and that he needed him to come over immediately.

Harry lived not too far away on the other side of the campus and so he quickly threw on some runners, his jogging shorts and a gray sweater and headed over to his best friend’s apartment to see what was so urgent.

The two 25-year-olds had been best friends since their 8th grade year when Harry had transferred into the middle school that Tom attended. They’d become closer all throughout high school and college and now they both found themselves working in different departments at the local university. Their friendship had remained quite strong through it all.

“Okay, what’s wrong man? Everything okay?” Tom asked him as they headed into the living room.

“Okay, I’m gonna need you to sit down for this because this is a pretty crazy story and it ends with an even crazier request but you’re the only one I could ever ask to do this.” Harry finished as they plopped down on the couch in his apartment’s living room.

“Lemme guess, you need me to help you kill someone. You need me to donate my kidneys. You need me to help you knock off a series of Vegas casinos with you and nine other guys.” Tom joked with his friend like he always would, always trying to lighten the mood.

“Dude, not a laughing matter. Well, kind of a laughing matter…but mostly…DEFINITELY not a laughing matter.” Harry said again as his hands fidgeted across his legs.

“Jeez, alright already, just tell me!” Tom said, wondering what could be so important.

“Okay, so get this. You know how Sofia has been getting super kinky lately?” He started.

Sofia was his girlfriend last year. She was half-Asian and half-white and she was also one of the hottest damn people Tom had ever seen in his life. Ever since she and Harry had started dating he’d been very thankful of her gorgeous presence at his best friend’s apartment on a regular basis. She wore these tiny sundresses that hardly ever seemed to want to stay on her body as she sashayed around Harry’s place throughout the summer.

“Yeah, you’d mentioned that you guys were doing all sorts of crazy stuff in bed, so what’s up?” Tom asked, suddenly very interested in hearing about anything involving sex and Sofia.

“Well get this…she wants to open up our relationship so we can fuck other people! She’s basically gonna let me sleep with other girls so that she can fuck other guys! How fucking hot is that, man?!” Harry finished excitedly.

Tom was enthralled at his best friend’s luck, but also confused. “Wait, so, why do you need me? I mean don’t get me wrong, that’s fucking amazing, but I thought you said specifically that you needed me for something when you called?”

“Yeah, here is where this whole thing is gonna start to sound really crazy, so bear with me here, man,” Harry began, “you see, she basically told me that she thinks the idea of seeing me fuck another girl is really hot.”

“Okay?” Tom answered back, still lost, but fully invested in this story regardless.

“Well, she gets back from her two week vacation tomorrow morning and she gave me a sex homework assignment before she left on her trip. I was supposed to go out and seduce some girl and bring her back here and then film myself fucking her…Sofia gets turned on at the idea of my fucking other girls.” Harry explained.

“Whoa! That’s fucking awesome!” Connor said, even more jealous of his friend’s incredible set-up. Gawd Damn! He thought.

“Yeah dude, and that’s not even the best part! She said that if I was successful in tying the girl up to my bed and filming myself fucking her, and then sent her the video to get off to while she’s on vacation…that when she got back into town she promised me that we’d have a threesome with her really hot friend Teena!”

Tom’s mouth was hanging open as he slowly shook his head in disbelief at his friend’s story. He had seen pictures of Teens on Sofia’s social media accounts and had met her once or twice in the past. They were thick as beautiful thieves and he had no doubt that she could probably deliver on that promise.

Their Halloween outfits from that year had been Ho Chang and Nympho-dora Tonks from the Harry Potter series. Half the people at the party got it. Half the people were too distracted by the girls’ achingly good bodies to even care. They had played soccer together in high school and still attended spin classes and yoga with each other on the weekend.

Sofia’s Instagram often ended up as a veritable fantasy factory whenever Tom happened to scroll by when he was horny. She had legs he wanted to scale like mountain ranges before planting his flag in her rounded peaks. He never told Harry any of this of course, but then again, Harry probably knew the effect his girlfriend had on most guys. She was a stunner.

“So??? Did you not succeed? Is that the problem? Wish I could help you man but all the eligible hookups I know are currently off the market…what do you want me to do, go out to a bar with you tonight and be a brilliant wingman…something like that? Maybe I can pretend to drunkenly spill my drink on a hot girl and you can kick my ass in front of her for disrespecting such a lovely lady and failing to apologize.” Tom laughed at his friend as he said this, who couldn’t help but laugh back at the ridiculous con.

“No, dude, it’s too late for that, I’ve had like…five Tinder matches fall through at the last second and I’ve already gone out to the local bars six different nights this week! I’ve tried every trick in my flirtation arsenal…nothing has worked. The mojo isn’t flowing’ right now.

If I don’t get that video to her before she falls asleep in her hotel room tonight, she says the deal will be off! I’m freaking out man…this is legitimately every guy’s ultimate fantasy and I’m this close to blowing it. I’m so close to the Promised Land I can fucking taste it!” Harry legitimately looked like he had just been given a taste of the good life before having it ripped all away. Kind of like when you’re having an amazing dream and you’re awoken suddenly to find that life still remains the taupe humdrummery that you’ve grown accustomed to.

Tom and Harry had spent plenty of nights growing up talking all about their sexual fantasies. They had both agreed that the ultimate scenario would be getting to fuck two girls at once. They had both come close while growing up, but the right combination of chance, alcohol, drugs, sex, and geography had never quite collided at the right time in order to slay that three-headed dragon.

But just because the dragon escapes, that doesn’t mean that a man doesn’t continue on with his quest.

“Okay, so what can I do to help them?” Tom asked again. He definitely understood the magnitude of the situation. This was DEFCON 1.

Two girls at the same time.

And not just any two girls.

Sofia and Teena at the same time.

Holy fuck.

“Okay, well, I came up with an idea to fool Sofia…she told me she wanted a video of me fucking some girl tied up on my bed, right? Well if I was to tie YOU up on the bed and put your face under the pillows we could simulate like I was fucking a girl. It would be so easy.

I’ll just set my laptop up and film from the desk next to my bed and you can lie on your stomach so it looks like it could totally be a girl then I’ll do some brilliant acting on top of you to make it look like I’m fucking a girl, ya know, sliding my cock through the tops of your legs or whatever, and after a couple of minutes, boom, we’re done!”

Tom stared at his friend after he finished for a couple of metered seconds.

“Absofuckinglutelynot.” He said without blinking an eye.

“Ugh…come on man…I’ll make it quick…I know it’s weird, It’s REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, but It’ll just be pretending and you’ll be helping out your very desperate and very long-term best-friend-in-the-world in order to succeed in having his biggest sexual fantasy of all-time come true!”

Tom looked at him for a long time, as if appraising just how needy Harry was. Harry had always been there for him. He’d been his alibi when he needed an alibi, his wingman when he needed a wingman. And he would probably do this very same thing for him if Tom had found himself in a similar situation. But what a fucking situation it was.

He couldn’t believe this shit.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Tom grunted finally in defeat.

“Does that mean you’ll do it?” Harry asked with a suddenly bright smile on his face.

Tom begrudgingly nodded as he sighed deeply.

“Oh my god! AWESOME! I will owe you forever for this man, I promise…I’ll be forever in your debt!”

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