We are back together for good – part 2

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We are back together for good – part 2 continues……

“Yes, so I did. My sources tell me you have considerable military experience, you also spent a few years on the circuit after leaving the Army, am I right?” Aiden nodded. “I run my own security company, Foster Corporate Solutions, or FCS as we are known. We provide bodyguards and security teams for select clients.”

“Sorry, but I am not interested.” Aiden stood up. “I gave up the circuit for personal reasons.”

“I am not offering you the job of a bodyguard, Mr James. I need an operations manager. You know, someone to plan things and manage the teams. My sources tell me you are the right man for the job.”

Aiden sat down. “Okay, let’s talk specifics.”

Foster smiled, he then proceeded to explain what the job entailed, and more importantly how much he was prepared to pay. Aiden sat and listened, he made mental notes of points to address.

“That sounds good to me, Mr Foster. Although I do have some questions.” Foster nodded his head.

“If I agree, I want assurances on some things. First, can I work from home? I have just settled here and I am not interested in relocating. Will I be on call twenty-four seven?”

“You can work from home, Mr James. I can get my people to set up a secure login to our system. The job is not twenty four seven as such, although we will supply you with a company mobile phone. The teams will only call you in an emergency, trust me the current person gets very few calls out of hours.”

Aiden looked Foster in the eye. “One more question, why me?”

“As I explained, Mr James, you were recommended. Several of my staff know you of old and have worked with you in the past. It was their recommendation that I approach you. They said you are calm under pressure and have great planning and organizational skills.”

“What about your current manager, how does he feel about this?” Aiden didn’t want to take the job at the cost of another person, given the circuit was a close knit community, Aiden wondered if he knew the person.

“He would be more than happy for you to accept the job, the current manager is myself.” Foster smiled. “I realized I needed someone else as I have too many other things to deal with.”

“Okay, I’ll take the job. I want a personal assurance from you that I will not be used as a bodyguard?”

“Absolutely. I can guarantee it, Aiden. Is it okay if I call you Aiden?”

“Yeah that’s fine. You get the contract drawn up with the assurances we have discussed and I’ll sign it.”

The two men shook hands, Foster couldn’t get into his car fast enough. Aiden could see him talking on the phone as he drove away.

“What was all that about?” Julia asked as Aiden looked out of the kitchen window.

“Man wants me to work for him. He’s paying a good salary, plus I get to work from home.”

“That’s great news Aiden. Now I need to find a job, my savings won’t last forever.”

“Take your time and find something you want to do. Remember it’s over an hour to Leeds from here, you might want to get something local.” Julia nodded and went about eating her lunch.

Aiden spent some time clearing out the small bedroom ready to use as an office, he ordered a desk and chair online. Julia smiled as she watched her brother work. As the evening got darker, Aiden saw what looked like a motorcycle approaching the cottage. The rider stopped and walked to the house.

“You Aiden James?” Aiden nodded. “Got a package for you from FCS, my instructions are to wait while you sign it, then get it back to them.”

“You had better come in.” The man followed Aiden into the kitchen, he waited silently as Aiden looked over the contract. After signing it Aiden handed it back to the courier, keeping his part of the paperwork. The courier thanked him, walked out and sped off into the night.

“They must be desperate to get you on board.” Julia stated as she cooked dinner.

“Looks that way. I just hope it works out, especially with the salary he offered.”

“Maybe I can become a lady of luxury, if you are earning that much.” Julia smiled as she hugged her brother.

“Maybe you can, or maybe I will force you to work.” Aiden laughed as Julia playfully slapped his chest. “Seriously, if it takes you months to find a job, it’s no big deal.”

“It is to me Aiden, I am not going to sponge off of you because I am too lazy to find work.”

“You’re not sponging off me. You are welcome here and you know it.” Aiden reassured his sister.

That night Julia treated Aiden to some mind blowing sex. Julia rode her brother’s cock so hard, Aiden squeezed her nipples as she orgasmed. When Aiden said he was close himself, Julia treated him to a sensual blowjob.

“AAAAHH FUUUCKK!” Aiden hissed as his cock filled Julia’s mouth with cum. Julia swallowed every drop before licking her lips.

“That was fucking amazing!” Aiden gasped.

julia went like ahhh ahhh omg that was a lott..

“That’s your reward for calling me your wife earlier today.” Aiden looked at Julia, the look in her eyes was of pure love for her brother. Julia cuddled into Aiden, smiling as she drifted off to sleep.

The following day a package containing Aiden’s laptop and mobile phone were delivered, a quick phone call and Aiden was connected and ready to work. Julia left to go in search of a job for herself.

A local doctors surgery was looking for a receptionist, Julia was more than qualified for the position. The following day Julia was informed the job was hers if she wanted it. Aiden suggested they go out to dinner that night.

Over the following months Aiden and Julia got to know some of the locals, people just accepted they were a married couple. Julia arrived home from work one afternoon, a man in a suit arrived at almost the same time.

Julia looked at the man. “Can I help you?”

“I am looking for Mr Aiden James, is he here?” The man asked.

“Come in.” Julia called for Aiden as they entered the cottage. Aiden appeared from his office.

“Aiden, this gentleman is looking for you.”

The man stepped forward to greet Aiden. “Bentley, Andrew Bentley.” The man smiled.

“What can I do for you Mr Bentley?”

“I am a lawyer, I represent the estate of the late Mr Edward Cranston. I believe you knew him as Ted, the man who sold you the cottage.”

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