Oh No, Not Again

“Oh No, Not Again”

I was wrenched out of my sleep by a hand probing under the blankets. As soon as I got my eyes to focus I could see that it was my pervert sister again. She does this every time our parents are away. About a year ago she treated me to my first orgasm and has never gotten over the fascination of watching me explode. My boy toy was growing as she squeezed in rapid little pulses.

The Cave When I was ready, her hand began that familiar motion. I pulled away the covers so I could watch. It’s always more fun when she does it because I can just relax and enjoy. I wish I could feel her tits, but I know she would get mad, so I just watch them jiggle through her nightgown. Oh crap this feels so freaking amazing!

She doesn’t speak for fear of waking up Kenny in the other bed. Normally she likes to boss me around but she’s nice to me when she wants something. She goes faster and I can feel myself tense up. It’s a sense of urgent panic as I feel the pressure building deep inside me. I looked into her eyes just as those thrilling surges sent my juice gushing everywhere.

She seems proud of herself and smears her fingers around in the slippery mess. My mouth drops open as she lifts up her top just before scampering out of the room.

Oh No, Not Again ends

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