The Grocery Store

The Grocery Store

We had met at Kroger in the produce section. She seemed friendly and wanted to talk. Before I knew it I was invited to her house. Soon after I arrived, I found myself naked on the plush living room carpet looking up.

She was sitting on the floor next to me. Her big smile told me everything I needed to know. She slowly leaned over and opened her mouth. Her soft lips made contact and her tongue began to swirl around the tip. I moaned as her mouth descended. It felt like heaven! She began to bob her head up and down and I could feel my muscles tense.

It was becoming difficult to breathe because her hand was squeezing my throat. It was like an erotic panic. I was almost there and could feel the pressure building! It felt like I was going to pass out just as those intense surges filled her mouth!

Her eyes opened wide and she released her grip on my throat. I watched her swallow, then that big smile returned to her face. I was trying to catch my breath while she ran her fingers through my hair.

Her husband put down his beer and clapped as he watched from his recliner.

The Grocery Store ends

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