The Ride Home


Like thousands of others, I lost my job at Sears when the company went broke. After lots of consideration, I decided to give truck driving a shot. Craig’s List had dozens of old trucks, and I managed to find one in decent condition.

My uncle hooked me up with an auto parts distributor that needed a regional driver. I was thrilled to be back in the work force. It was a relatively low stress job. Load the truck, drive the truck, unload the truck, repeat.

One night while returning from my last delivery, I could see a storm in the distance making its way towards me. The details of the dark clouds were illuminated by every bolt of lightning. Seeing the colors and power of the storm thrilled me. I have always enjoyed watching storms and dreamed to someday see a tornado. But something about this particular storm didn’t seem quite right. Gripping the wheel with caution and a bit of excitement, I drove head long into the raging tribulation.

The winds in the outer wall were stronger than I had imagined. It was a struggle to keep the empty truck going straight. Visibility was difficult. All I could do was watch the lines on the road and hope there was nothing in my path.

Suddenly I felt this tingling all over my body. I glanced down at my arm and saw all the little hairs standing on end, then there was this blinding flash, and that’s the last thing I remembered.

As I woke up and got my eyes to focus, I found myself stripped naked and secured to a large metal frame with my arms stretched out to the sides. The room was dark except for a single light shining directly above me. The air was filled with a soft mechanical droning sound. Suddenly I heard a door open. I stared into the dark void as a chill ran down my spine.

What stepped out of the shadows was a slender alien female wearing nothing but a silver head band. Her full breasts seemed to defy gravity. What confused me was the strange appendage swaying between her legs. She took the liberty to seize my cock and begin to fondle. Her affection was impossible resist. The reason for my abduction was becoming clear.

What happened next was something I will never forget. The tip of her alien shaft blossomed like a flower and swallowed the head of my erection! She pushed firmly against me until my entire cock disappeared inside. It seemed to stiffen and grip me tighter but was remarkably warm and soothing.

Her hips began working making it slide back and forth. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever known. The movement became more aggressive until she was ramming into me with passionate lust and making little huffing sounds. Those soft boobs were bouncing against my chest.

The onslaught continued until I felt myself winding up, then was totally overwhelmed by the explosive surges of my release. She made a shrill howling sound as a final thrust forced me in even deeper.

Her body convulsed as my juices gushed into the tendril. Finally she placed her head on my shoulder and the fleshy organ slipped off. Her cuddling was starting to feel romantic, but she pulled away leaving me to hang from my bindings. There was a smirk as she spoke some words I didn’t understand. If I had to guess, she was asking if it was good for me too. A finger reached out and affectionately touched my lips just before she turned to walk back into the darkness.

That strange tingling sensation hit me again, and the next thing I knew, I was back in the truck emerging on the far side of the storm.

What the…

Oh for cry’in out loud! I wish she would have returned my clothes!

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