She Made Me my hidden Desire

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Although I was still attending University, I remained living at home with my mother and younger sister. Mila was attending the same school now as well, though a freshman, whereas I would be a Senior the following term. Some perhaps might think it odd that I had remained living at home as opposed to finding my own place. But I had done so with good reason. For starters, the University was less than a mile away from where we lived. Hence, I didn’t need to drive there, very often walking, or occasionally riding a bike.

Needless to say, Mila did as well, much for the same reasons, though in her case, she hadn’t been able to afford to buy a car just yet. Sure, she could have gotten a reasonably good car, like mine…but she was a bit more stubborn in her mind-set. She wanted a new one. Then again, that was Mila. She had always been strong willed and once deciding on something it was rare that she ever changed her mind.

The other reason I remained living at home was to help out. Dad had passed away several years ago due to illness. Mom had had a rough go of it ever since, working hard herself, and very often traveling out of town for two or three days at a time. It was for that reason more than me saving money by living at home that I did so.

I was in a sense you might say, the man of the house. As such, I took care of the yard and whatever household repairs might be needed. Mila did her part as well, very often doing most of the laundry and cleaning, though helping out taking turns with dinner, most usually whenever mom was away. It was usually fast food or pizza night whenever it was Mila’s turn to do dinner. But that was fine too. Another rule was, if you cooked, the other one did the dishes.

Living at home had another advantage for me as well. I had literally over time turned the basement into more of an apartment than a bedroom. I had a large bedroom that I had actually framed in myself, though it wasn’t, as yet quite finished. I still had some drywalling to do, but until I could afford to finish it, partially completed would have to be good enough for now.

I had finished an adjacent bathroom, and even a small sitting room (which used to be a makeshift game room of sorts) complete with a small refrigerator where I kept my own well-stocked supply of beverages and snacks. For the most part, I had complete and total privacy, save for the one room we all shared. Which of course was the laundry room.

Mila and mom had their rooms upstairs adjacent to one another, with a shared bathroom that could be entered from either room. As such, that became known as the “Girls” room only, and mine of course being downstairs. Which once again was fine with me. I didn’t have to deal with a bunch of bras and panties hanging around as I occasionally saw whenever walking by with some reason to speak to either mom or my sister. Which thankfully wasn’t very often.

Now don’t get me wrong either. I truly did love my sister. However, it had been one of those “I’m gonna get you back,” kind of relationships we’d had growing up together. I lost track of the number of times that mom and dad had had to intervene before things truly got out of hand between us. And there was one other thing as well. Mila’s best friend Sophia, sort of had a thing for me.

Whenever Mila had her friends over, and if Sophia was there, she always found some reason to engage me in conversation, or attempt flirtation with me until Mila could finally manage to drag her away. Not that I minded so much, Sophia was cute, really cute.

But I already had a somewhat steady girlfriend I’d been seeing, though as I had also learned, that was apt to be changing soon either way. Camila, my girlfriend, had informed me of her intent to finish out her senior courses at an entirely different University, halfway across the country. I knew that the likelihood of maintaining a long distance relationship wasn’t good…but at the moment anyway, we were still having a good time with one another.

As I mentioned before. Mila and I had one of those A-typical brother/sister relationships where we were always getting in one another’s hair…usually on purpose. We’d often tried to embarrass one another whenever we could, though I daresay I was behind on points on that one. Mila had actually once walked in on me (in the bathroom we no longer shared) as I’d stupidly forgotten to lock the door on mom’s side.

Unbeknownst to me, Mila had gone into mom’s room for one thing or another, and had then entered the bathroom without realizing I was in there. There I was, cock in hand, a pornographic magazine in the other when the door suddenly flew open. Rather than being shocked at seeing me, or me her for that matter, she actually just stood there in the doorway, even leaning against it.

“You gonna be at it much longer? I need to pee.”

I used the book to partially cover myself with, though she’d already seen enough long before I had done that.

“Pee in the shower,” I responded back glibly, hoping she’d just give up and go away. She actually looked over at the tub/shower as though considering it.

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