Unique Fishing Made Me Happy

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My name is Mike. It had been a rather long winter, or at least it had certainly felt like it. Now late spring, I was jones-ing like most everyone else I knew, to get out in the nice warm sunshine and do something to shake off the winter cobwebs. It was the middle of the week. In addition, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, to spend a little alone time with Mother Nature and some much-needed solitude.

I live in an area where there are plenty of mountains close by. And where there are mountains, there are rivers and streams. And where there are rivers and streams, there are usually plenty of fish.

Better still, I knew of a great place. It wasn’t that far away, easy to get to, and had always provided plenty of action with some nice-sized trout as a reward for my efforts. I had decided to go up during the week, figuring with any luck, I’d run into maybe one…or two other Johns while I was there.

Thus leaving me with plenty of my own solitude to find a spot, sit down, and simply relax. Work had been hectic enough as of late, and I was looking forward to some much-needed down time to get away from it all. After a short scenic drive up the mountain, I pulled into the small parking lot, which was adjacent to a picnic area, and from which the trail led off making its way down towards the large stream where I planned to drop my line in.

To my surprise, and disappointment…there were well over half a dozen cars in the lot, along with three or four mountain bikes as well. I immediately realized I wasn’t the only one who had a severe case of spring fever, and had decided to take advantage of it by coming up here. I could only hope that not all of them were here to fish.

Though I took some comfort in the fact that there were plenty of good holes to fish from, though I hadn’t planned on having to hike a good way in order to do that either. Still, the excitement of tossing my line out here soon chased away whatever initial frustration I might have felt as I parked the car, and hurriedly gathered up my fishing gear, heading down and towards the trail that ran parallel alongside the stream.

As I headed down the trail, I spotted one guy who had picked out a spot on my right, thus deciding to head left and go upstream where I knew there were several great spots to choose from. I could only hope some of them hadn’t been already taken, as I really didn’t want to have to spend another half hour simply looking for one.

To my delight, I looked ahead further up the trail, and where I could also get a pretty good look at the stream as well, and saw no other Johns currently fishing there. I smiled inwardly, maybe luck was with me after all, and that my coming up here today would prove to be worthwhile anyway.

I had no idea at the time.

As I said. I hadn’t seen anyone else yet, and certainly no one was set up down along the stream’s bank, so I began to angle off, making my way towards a particular spot when the sounds of voices actually reached my ears.

“Shit!” I said silently to myself, and then began scouring the area looking for wherever the sounds were coming from. And it wasn’t even an ongoing conversation so much that I could hear, as it was some sort of strange sound, almost like an animal grunting at times that I could hear, though in between that I could also hear the occasional laugh too. “Strange,” I now added to my initial thought, and began walking purposefully, yet quietly towards the place where I knew the sounds to be coming from.

I don’t know what it was I was expecting to find when I got there, but it certainly wasn’t what I first saw as I neared. Even then, I had to look twice just to make sure I was seeing what I was actually seeing when I did. Some guy’s ass as he stood there with his back turned towards me. His pants were currently down around his ankles.

And by the movement he was making, it was obvious to me that he was standing there jerking himself off. But why? I took a few more cautious, and now curious steps forwards. As I did, the reason, if you want to call it one, became clearly evident. Though even then I had trouble processing what it was I was now witnessing.

Just ahead was one of the few really good spots I enjoyed fishing. There were a few really nice boulders you could sit on for one, and for another, there was a small cleared out area where you could actually set up a nice chair, and even spread out a blanket if you were so inclined. It was now obvious someone else had been extremely so inclined, but certainly not for the same reasons I had come here for.

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