Unique Fishing Made Me Happy Part-2

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Part-2 Continues “Unique Fishing Made Me Happy”

owever, The immediate question was, “Now what?” Two more steps and I’d be standing in the same place the first guy had been standing in. A dozen steps after that, I’d find myself well around them and further on up the trail. I took two more steps; saw the look of approval and joy in her eyes as she watched me do so. I sat my own rod and reel along with my tackle box down onto the ground, not too far away from where the other guy was. It was here that one of the two naked guys who’d been standing back behind her actually stepped up.

I watched, curious, fascinated, as one of them actually placed his prick on her shoulder. Feeling it, she reached up without looking, one arm crossing over her breast briefly concealing it, as she now sandwiched the guy’s prick against her shoulder and as he began to thrust himself against her that way, grunting and moaning as he did so.

By now, the second totally naked guy had stepped around, perhaps to gain a better look, though it became obvious as he did, he was merely repositioning himself so that she could simultaneously reach over and began fondling his prick whilst her shoulder was being rub-fucked.

“So? Let me see it!” She said suddenly looking towards me, though she continued to hold one prick against her shoulder, while fondling and playing with the hard stiff prick of the other guy. Now it was my turn to feel somewhat sheepish and embarrassed, and for the first time really, wondering what the fuck I was really doing here. I looked up, caught the smile and expression on my fellow John’s face, his own cock surprisingly starting to get hard again. He nodded his head at me, grinning.

“Go for it,” he said simply. “Trust me…you won’t regret it, though you will if you decide to walk away.”

One of the first men she’d been stroking when I’d first arrived there was standing back and off to one side, almost out of the picture now entirely. I noticed a bike helmet laying on the ground next to him, his spandex style shorts still sporting what proved to be a rather obvious tell-tale bulge as he stood there rubbing it through his pants. Seemingly content to do that as opposed to actually taking it out again and stroking it that way.

“To each his own,” I thought, smiling inwardly and perhaps outwardly as well, as I felt my hands seemingly with a mind of their own now, pulling down on the zipper on my pants. Before I knew it, I was now standing there, my own pants now down around my ankles as I began to slowly tease and fist myself, still looking on. Hearing movement, I turned my head slightly looking back.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. There was a much older looking gentleman, now standing where I had been initially, he too with a look of surprise on his face, tackle box in one hand, fishing pole in the other. I could only imagine what he was thinking now, just as I had been. However, the urgent, sudden raspy grunts we all began hearing alerted us to the fact that the guy who was still standing behind the kneeling woman was about to put on a display of his own. Sure enough, he tossed his head back, closing his eyes, and began grunting out his climax.

The first couple of spurts flew well past where the woman was kneeling. I along with everyone else seemed to follow the almost slow-motion jettison of spunk as it leapt from the man’s prick. I even think I convinced myself that I could hear it actually splattering on the ground, the sound of leaves, or twigs perhaps suddenly being rained upon. He continued to thrust however, the remainder of his rapidly diminishing torrent, now flowing from his prick tip to dribble down off her shoulder, and onto the upper slope of her right breast.

Perhaps it was in fact this orgasmic display, which triggered the next one of the guy who had likewise been standing there as she simultaneously knelt, stroking him. To my surprise however, he took cock in hand, now feeding it to her, which she took greedily. It was obvious to me, along with everyone else, that she was actually draining this guy’s cock, her cheeks puffing outwards slightly as she sucked, swallowed, and sucked again.

Hearing movement, I again turned. The older guy had actually stepped forward a bit. I noticed upon turning, he had also set his gear down on the ground, and unlike me…he had taken his prick out, and was playing with it. To be perfectly honest, I was actually impressed, especially for an old guy. And though he probably wasn’t quite as big as our fellow John friend, he had a sizeable helmet on that shaft of his, which he stood palming and purposely teasing. And…he was actually grinning from ear to ear as he continued to walk forward, now standing next to me, looking over at my own prick,

giving me a knowing nod, and then back towards the action there on the blanket, just as the blonde finally took her mouth away. Purposely, she grinned with a mouth still full of cum, allowing it to first drool, and then dribble out and around the corners of her mouth where it fell with a rather erotic display to splatter against her already soaked and cum-covered breasts.

“Nice tits lady!” The old guy said, not at all shy, still polishing his massive knob as he took another step forward, asking…”May I?”

“Be my guest,” She smiled, even sitting up a little as he reached down clasping one of her large breasts in his hands, beginning to fondle it.

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised. Though unsure why I was…or should be. Her breast was clearly covered in a substantial amount of fresh semen. Yet he played with her tit in an exploratory way, even going so far as to smear the combined essence of several men’s spendings into her breast, likewise coating, covering, and using it to tease her nipple with.

I hated to admit it…even to myself, but it was fucking hotter than hell seeing this old guy standing there doing that. Even the first John friend seemed to want in on the action, giving up whatever reservations he might have had, stepping over, his prick once again stiff and straight though I had seen it spurting out torrents of semen only a short time ago. He too began playing with, and caressing her other breast, as she now once again reached up, taking the older guy’s cock in hand, as well as our John friend’s prick.

I was even more surprised, when she somehow managed to bring the two prick’s forward, touching and now rubbing them head to head as her tongue simultaneously flicked out, now snake-like busily lapping away at the two of them.

Another groan briefly off to one side captured my attention. I was just in time to see the biker in the spandex shorts, having just pulled them down in time…now standing there humping the air, his prick releasing several strong streamers of spunk, all of which arched up into the air, soon after splattering on the ground a short distance away from me.

Almost as quickly, he turned, adjusting himself, and then leaned over; picking up what was obviously the bike he’d left before climbing onto it, and peddling back the way we had all come from initially. Though at this point, my attention was again drawn elsewhere, as the old man was suddenly huffing and puffing away like a freight train

“Oh yeah, make it cum baby!” He begged, still clenching her breast, almost painfully perhaps, though it seemed she didn’t mind. If anything, the expression on her own face was one of extreme ecstasy. Releasing the other man’s prick, she now turned her full attention onto the old guy. And even though he had only unzipped, she still managed to get both of her hands on the length of his shaft, now twisting, and working it in opposite directions, and yet still working it up and down, back and forth simultaneously.

Like I said, the old guy wasn’t shy, though neither was she by the looks of it. Working his cock the way she was, pointing it directly at herself, I was anticipating the inevitable explosion any second now. What surprised me, and startled me just a bit, was his uninhibited cry of release. Now admittedly, I am sure the rapidly flowing stream of water must have drowned out some of the noise, but not all of it. As I watched the first massive spurt of the old guy’s cock erupt, he cried out in wild abandon as he did so.

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