She made me my hidden desire – Part 3

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“She Made Me Hidden Desire” part – 3 Continues…..

“Funny you should ask,” I said, handing her the note. She read it, and seemed to turn green as she looked at me. She swallowed.

“Oh fuck. Jack!”


“I think mom saw the video.”

“What video?”

And then she told me.

“Fuck Mila! Fuck!” And then I was sick.

“So she’s upstairs? Waiting?”

“Apparently…so. Thanks to you and your little friend there,” I told her. “Good luck getting us out of this one,” I added. “Don’t be too damn surprised if mom kicks the two of us out after what she’s seen and heard.”

Together we slowly walked up the stairs heading to mom’s room. I felt like a man on his way to the gallows. I knocked, heard nothing, and then knocked again. Finally,

“Come in,” mom’s voice. It didn’t sound tired this time however. More like…resolved.

“Shit, we’re really in for it,” I told my sister, reaching for the doorknob as I did.

“I know. I’m so sorry Jack. I’m so…so, sorry.”

The door opened. Mom is sitting at the small little desk in her room. Her back is currently towards us however. And worse…she’d just started up the video again. Unfortunately, Sophia had done a really nice job of splicing the two videos in together. Actually…three. In moments, there was additional footage of Sophia and Mila on a bed together. Mila’s bed. And worse, the two of them talking about me, talking about threesomes, as they went down on one another, and then used toys on one another. One of which, just happened to be one of mom’s toys as I later found out.

There I was, laying on the bed, cock in hand. Then a quick shot of Mila, standing near the foot of my bed, naked…playing with herself, and then more footage of the two girls humping cunts. It was mind blowing, and might have even been arousing under different circumstances.

“So tell me. How long has this been going on anyway?” She asked, and then spoke again before either of us could. “NO! Don’t tell me. I don’t think I really want to know. It was eerie and weird. The three of us there, no one talking, the video…on full screen playing. Seeing myself, seeing Mila, the two of us climaxing together. I was mortified, and at a loss for words.

Mom finally turned around in her chair facing towards us. She still had her bathrobe on. That, and only that. It was open, and she was naked beneath it.

“Mom, I can explain,” Mila began. I don’t even think she noticed that mom’s robe was partially open, though I sure as hell did.

“No. Now it’s my turn to talk,” mom said, effectively shutting her up. I knew, as Mila now did. There was nothing either one of us could say to make this any better. “I’ve been sitting here all day, thinking about this. Watching this,” she added to that. “You both know, that for years now, ever since your dad passed away, that I have never gone out, never dated, never done anything with anyone.”

“I know mom…but.”

“Shut up Jack. Like I said. Now it’s my turn. Now the two of you are going to hear me out before I lose my nerve here.”

I looked at Mila, she looked at me. Mom continued.

“You know how hard it’s been? For me? I’m not washed up here you know. I still have feelings, desires…wants…needs. I don’t think I’m in bad shape for my age, giving birth to two kids, do you?” She opened her robe fully. Yeah, she had some tell-tale signs of ancient stretch-marks maybe.

And maybe she even had a little pooch to her tummy, but it was hardly noticeable. What was noticeable were mom’s breasts. They had hardly any sag at all to them. They even looked to be as big as Mila’s were, and though maybe not quite as firm and full, they were every bit as alluring and sensual. And to find myself standing there actually looking at them, had taken me by surprise. It had taken us both by surprise.

“No you’re certainly not…”

“Shut up Jack,” She said again. “Hear me out.”

Once again I clamped up. But it was damn curious standing there, looking at mom with everything exposed the way she was.

“I can’t blame you,” she said. “I can’t judge, or deny something I’ve been wanting to do and have been fantasizing about for years now. That’s the reason I’ve never dated anyone, seen anyone. Everything I’ve thought about, especially masturbating, has either included one, or the both of you. I’m not ashamed to say it. And especially after seeing this, after watching it all day. So I finally came to a decision. Either you include me…or the two of you promise me to refrain from ever having sexual relations with one another ever again.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.


Once again I turned looking at my sister, who was likewise looking at me.

“Now…one more thing. I want the two of you to go downstairs and talk about this, now. I want you to make a decision, and then when you have, come up and tell me. Now go!”

I think Mila and I both were still in a state of shock. We quickly headed downstairs, heading straight for the bar where I fixed the two of us a stiff drink.

“Can you believe what just happened?” Mila asked incredulously, sitting down on the couch as I took the chair adjacent to her.

“No…not really. I mean, did you hear what she said?”

Obviously we had.

“Should we tell her? The truth?”

“I’m not sure she’d even believe it if we did. And not only that, even if she did…imagine how she’d feel now after what she told us.”

“So now what?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Would you want to?”

“Would you?”

“I asked you first,” I said, pulling the ‘I asked you first card.’ One of the rules she and I had lived by.

Mila actually smiled. “I wouldn’t mind really hooking up, if you didn’t.”


“Yeah. And what about mom? How’d you feel about, well you know…fucking her?”

“Since we’re discussing this, talking about it. I’ll tell you this sis. I’ve thought about it, growing up sure. Especially after dad died. The old stepping in as the man of the house sort of thing. Never acted on it of course, but I have thought about it, yes.”

“So would you then? Be ok with that? Fucking mom, and me?”

“I think that’s easier for me sis. I mean, think about it. It wasn’t just me she was alluding to. It was both of us. Obviously after seeing the video of you and Sophia going at it, she knows you’re not opposed to being with women. And when DID that start by the way?”

“Never mind that. I’ll tell you later. Right now we need to come to a decision about this. About us, about mom.”

“I already have,” I told her. “I’m in. So as far as any of this goes…it’s entirely up to you.”

Mila almost screamed in delight, actually jumping off of the floor into my arms. “I’m in too,” she told me. “So now what?”

“Well, I think that’s now up to mom. But we need to tell her about our decision.”

“Tell her? Or show her?”

“Show her?”

“Yeah silly, what better way?” Mila slid down out of my arms, and almost immediately began to get undressed. I laughed, and then followed suit. “Ah…you might want to get that thing a little harder than it is now,” she said pointing at me. “Otherwise, mom might not believe you.”

“Good point,” I said, reaching out, cupping my sister’s breasts. “This’ll only take a moment.”


Together we walked hand in hand…or rather, hand on cock actually, upstairs to mom’s room. We knocked, she invited us in…and so we went. She looked relieved, perhaps a little surprised as we entered.

“Wow! To be honest kids, I didn’t think you two would actually want to include me.”

“Don’t be a silly mother,” Mila said. “In fact, I have a few stories to tell you that might show and prove to you otherwise.”

“Ah yeah, me too mom,” I admitted. “Just one thing though…could you not call us kids?”

Mom laughed at that, heartily, which was good to hear.

“One more thing though,” she indicated as she stood. And as she did, mom allowed the robe to fall away from her. “I don’t care who you’re seeing, dating…or fucking, and that includes Sophia,” she said looking directly at Mila. “As well as Camila, or whoever else you’re seeing. What we do…remains private between just the three of us, understood?”

“Not a problem for me,” I answered, turning towards my sister again.

“Nor me,” Mila responded back. “This is one secret I can guarantee I won’t share with Sophia.”

“Well…at least for now,” mom winked. “See how things go before we go off and include anyone else, agreed?”

“Agreed!” Mila and I said together.

“So, now what?” I asked.

“That’s easy,” mom smiled, pulling Mila and I into her bed. “Come be naughty with your mother.”


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