My Cleaning Lady Ch. 03

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my cleaning lady chapter 3 continues….

Though the house was pretty much clean, the majority of the rooms I actually planned on using, now spotless, Val was determined to finish cleaning every room. Heading downstairs to the only partially finished basement, I soon after followed her down. One of the projects on my “things to do list” was in fact finishing some repair work down there that had been neglected for years now.

Just before his death, my father had in fact framed one room that he had intended on using for a much larger den and family recreation room. All that got done was putting up some sheet rock, which had never been painted. On the opposite side of one wall, it had been the intent to establish a small guest bedroom, but sheetrock had never been hung in that room, so it remained framed. Now it was merely storage for a bunch of needless odds and ends.

After dad’s death, mom saw no point in finishing what he’d begun as the house was big enough for her as it was. And since she had no intention of ever moving, or selling the place, she saw no point in having it finished either. Now however, it was back on the list again. If anything, finishing the basement would enhance the sale price of the house should I soon decide to sell it as opposed to living here. Something I still hadn’t decided yet. Either way, it still needed to be done.

Val has just finished scrubbing down the laundry room, coming out just as I entered the still as yet unfinished storage room. Just before I had moved out, most of my belongings I had stored down here on a temporary basis. As I began moving out, pushing things aside and such, I had inadvertently punched a hole through the drywall. It wasn’t a big one, but in all these years it had remained unrepaired. I had decided to patch it from the unfinished side, as it would be less noticeable on the other side of the wall when it came to actually painting it.

I stood looking at the small hole trying to decide which was the best way to approach this when Val saddled up beside me. She had that look in her eyes again.

“Are you planning on fixing that?”

“Yeah I am…why?”

“Don’t do it yet…I want to see something first,” she asked. I looked at her inquisitively. Taking my hand in hers, she led me from that room into the adjoining room where we once again stood in front of the small hole. She stood back eying me and the hole respectively, smiling. “Make your dick hard,” she said simply.

“What? Why?”

“Because I want you to stick it through the hole there. I think it’s the perfect height.”

“Yeah right,” I laughed thinking she was simply pulling my leg here, but that damned look in her eyes said otherwise.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a whorey hole?” She asked.

“I think they’re called glory holes, not whorey holes,” I corrected.

“Whatever. I still want you to do that. I think it would be fun, and even you might find it interesting, not knowing what it is I’m about to do to you.”

“I think the whole point of a whorey hole,” I paused, though continuing rather than correcting myself. “Is that you’re not supposed to know the person on the other side of the wall? Obviously I would, as you would.”

“Oh come on. Don’t be a spoilsport. It could be fun. And I promise I will make it worth your while!”

I was determined to put my foot down on this one, and refuse. The thought of actually sticking my prick through the dry wall seemed absurd, and utterly ridiculous. I am sure the look on my face said as much, even before I began to speak. Which is when Val started playing with her breasts, one hand slithering down between her legs as she simultaneously began touching herself that way too.

“This make you horny?” She asked. “Watching me, playing with myself? Or even better…feeling my tits wrapped around that nasty hard cock of yours, stroking it with them?”

Just the thought of that made me shiver. That was something she hadn’t done, nor had my ex-wife much cared for it either. So it had remained for me one of those silly, yet hot erotic fantasies that I enjoyed feeling for whatever reason.

“So if I actually stick my dick through that hole, you’re saying you’ll titty-fuck me?”

“Amongst other things…yes,” she grinned, knowing damn good and well I was going to now.

I still felt silly. Yet on the other hand, knowing that I was about to have my cock sandwiched between Val’s soft pliant breasts had caused it to stiffen almost immediately. And though I wouldn’t actually see her doing it, which is part of what I liked, the odd realization that I would still feel it, and thus be forced to try and envision it, suddenly seemed rather appealing. And besides, if I did this now. I was willing to bet she’d let me do it again another time while I WAS watching.

With only a single sheet of sheetrock separating the two rooms, this wouldn’t be all that difficult. And surprisingly enough, stepping up to it, I was at the perfect height, just as Val had already surmised. Even so, I still felt stupid hugging the wall as I stepped up to it, sliding my dick through the hole which was just big enough to allow me to do so without rubbing it against the actual sheetrock.

“Fucking hot!” She squealed watching as I did that, and then ran from the room into the adjoining one.

I stood there with my face pressing against the drywall. Already my once hard dick was beginning to grow a bit flaccid. And then suddenly…it felt like heaven on the other side of the wall!

I could hear her clearly and easily from my side. “That looks really, really nasty!” She giggled. “I love the way your hard cock looks sticking through the hole here!” I could feel her soft flesh encompassing my shaft, imaging what it must have looked like from her side, feeling it on mine. Her twin slopes surrounding, pressing, and beginning to move up and down my shaft, causing me to buckle in the knees just a bit, even shaking as I stood there.

“You like that huh?” She laughed once again, as I now heard her spit, and then felt it as she added some welcome lubrication to the titty-fuck she was giving me. Though it wasn’t long before I was producing some lubrication of my own, which I now felt as she pressed one of her hard tipped nipples against the head of my leaking cock, smearing that around.

I felt her suddenly pull away however, thinking she had satisfied her curiosity, though surprised to find myself wishing she hadn’t stopped yet. And though nowhere near close to actually climaxing, the thought of spurting off through the wall seemed just decadent enough for me to want to do it.

And then I felt something else.

It was another warm, wet…delicious sensation. And I knew then she had sucked my cock into her mouth again. Or thought she had for a moment as she spoke, making me realize that wasn’t physically possible. “Oh god…that’s good!” She moaned loudly and deeply on her side of the wall. “You like that baby?” She cooed wantonly. “You like the way my pussy feels sliding up and down your horny hard cock?”

Jesus! I was fucking her! I actually had my dick inside this young woman’s cunt. Talk about a delicious, unexpected surprise here! But it was frustrating as well too. On the one hand, I was ready to climb through that little hole in the wall just so I could see it, see my prick sliding in and out of what now felt unbelievably pleasurable. And yet…the way she was pumping me, moving up and down, back and forth, and even side to side as I stood there straining against the wall, was something I didn’t want her to stop doing either.

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes baby!” I cried out trying to somehow force even more of myself through that damn hole, though I needn’t have worried as Val ground herself against me, ensuring that as much as I could put inside her was, save for the inch or so of the damn fucking whorey hole separating the two of us.

“Can’t cum in me baby,” she called back towards me. “Not that it’s not safe, because it is. But I want to watch you squirt through the wall,” she explained. “So tell me baby…tell me when your hard, hot naughty cock can’t take it anymore, so I can watch you cum…free hand.”

Val continued to grind against me for a moment more until I felt her pussy liquefy, and knew damn good and well she was having a nice little orgasm of her own. That…followed up by her deep shallow moans of pleasure that rang out like music to my ears. It was all I could take, hearing that, feeling her slick, slippery pussy as it squished wickedly around my now very saturated prick.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” I actually screamed, not caring even if the neighbors heard me at this point. Almost immediately, she extricated herself from me of course, timing the moment almost perfectly. I now felt only the coolness of the air in the next room, made more so by the liquid moisture clinging to my now bare prick, which she’d left there.

I felt the first massive, powerful squirt explode from the tip of my cock, followed by another, and another as I stood there pressing against the wall. On the other side, the squeals of delight as Val stood watching me, seeing my cock throb, dance, spurt…throb again, spurting again, over and over and over. Even I was amazed at the number of spunk spurts my prick seemed to be tossing into the next room.

“That was an amazing baby! You should see the floor!” She giggled aloud. “I’m gonna need the mop again!”


At her urging, I left the hole in the wall unrepaired. She told me she wanted to try it again at least one more time before I actually fixed it. Though thankfully, not today. Which in a weird sense, told me that there’d be more fucking at some point. Though I honestly hoped now, the next time we did, I’d be actually watching it.

By now it was early evening and we’d again managed to accomplish a lot in a relatively short period of time. And…we were both starving too, though I’d already tossed out the idea of ordering pizza again. She almost seemed disappointed when I told her that. Almost.

“How about burgers then?” She asked anxiously. I was actually in the mood for that. It just so happened that there was an obscure little burger joint less than a mile away. One that I’d always enjoyed going to. Unlike most of the chain restaurants, these guys knew how to charbroil and burger, and even went so far as to give you a side dish filled with fresh condiments on the side that you could place on your burger yourself. Not to mention home cut fries that were the best I’d ever tasted from any place.

“Sounds good to me too,” I told her. “So you’d better get dressed…”

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