My Cleaning Lady – Ch. 02

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my cleaning lady ch.02 continues…..

It was the smell of freshly brewed coffee that actually woke me up. Had it not been for that, I know I would have slept for a much longer period of time. But upon smelling it, I knew almost immediately that Val had already arrived. Rolling out of bed, I stumbled into the still open bathroom and hurriedly took a pee. Surprisingly, it felt cool, the heat from the day not yet making its appearance. Throwing on a short bathrobe with nothing on underneath as I always slept in the nude, I made my way downstairs.

Having to pass through the living room on my way into the kitchen, I was still taken by surprise as I entered. She was currently dusting, as well as humming quietly to herself. And all she had on was a pair of small miniature headphones, along with what appeared to be a black thong. Frankly, I was surprised she was wearing that much considering the day before. I was about to grab her attention, making her aware of my presence, but then reconsidered. As I mentioned previously, there was just something about watching her work, in the nude, or at least nearly so, that I found quite stimulating.

But that wasn’t the only stimulating thing that was going on here either. As I stood in the doorway of the hall leading towards the kitchen, I not only felt myself starting to become aroused watching her, but I could see what appeared to be obvious pleasure spreading across her face

“What the hell?” I thought to myself. As she stood now leaning over the coffee table, which she’d been dusting with a feather duster, though god only knows where that came from, she suddenly paused. I watched as she placed her free hand down on the table for additional support, her eyes closed.

The song she’d been humming to, suddenly stopping, and what now became obvious to me as a long, low pleasured growl escaping her lips instead I arched my eyebrows curiously, and stepped further into the hallway lest she take notice of my standing there watching her. So far she remained completely unaware of my presence. Whatever had just happened seemed to pass as she stood up straight once again, though her hand immediately slipped down the front of the tiny black thong she had on, making adjustments. “To what?” I asked myself once again.

“Good morning,” she suddenly said, turning towards me with a smile on her face. “So…did you enjoy the show?”

Fool that I was. She’d known I’d been standing there the whole time obviously. And even more obvious as I stood there, my prick poking out through the opening of my short bathrobe. She saw it immediately, and grinned. “Seems to me that you did,” she chuckled further. And then said, “Coffee break, yes?”


I followed her cute little bare ass into my spotlessly clean kitchen. She had already washed and put away every glass, dish or pan that I owned. Not only that, she had even almost magically cleaned my coffee pot out, which now gleamed just as brightly as everything else did. I half wondered if the coffee would even taste the same.

“Second shelf there on your right,” she informed me. “Though if you don’t want them there, you can certainly move them to another spot.”

I opened the cupboard. The few mugs I did have were all neatly stacked side-by-side, handles all facing in the same direction. I took two of them down and began filling our cups as she pulled a piece of paper towel off the roll, folding it, and then placing it down in front of her. I thought of course she was doing so for the cups as I had no saucers for them, but that wasn’t her intention as I quickly discovered.

“Ah…mind if I ask? Ah…in there, by the coffee table, were you…”

“Having an orgasm?” She laughed. “Yes…I was,” as she then showed me what the paper towel was for. Reaching down into her tiny thong again, and a second later retrieving what appeared to be some sort of small silver looking gadget in the shape of a tiny egg. She placed that down on the paper towel. “I borrowed this from mom,” she blushed. “Thought I’d try it. Turns out it’s a pretty nasty little toy,” she added to that. “Doesn’t really give you a BIG orgasm, but it certainly tickles you into wanting another one.”

I damn near spilled my coffee, quickly setting the cups down in front of us, though it was her hand reaching out, grabbing my rock hard dick, that was once again poking out through the folds in my almost too short bathrobe that caused that.

“I don’t normally take my coffee with cream, but I’m certainly entertaining the thought,” she had then stated.

“You…you actually borrowed that from your mother? From… Jocelyn?” I stammered.

“Well, borrowed meaning she doesn’t know I took it, yes,” she laughed at that. “But I know for a fact she hasn’t used this in a very long time. I even had to replace the battery in it for one thing. But she’s since graduated onto bigger and better things.”

Suddenly I had a whole new list of images swirling around inside my head, though I was also now slightly paranoid, worried that Jocelyn might in fact discover it gone, and start to question it. Without even voicing my concern, Val seemed to sense it, seeing it in my face.

“Don’t worry. It wasn’t even with the rest of her naughty stuff. Like I said, she hasn’t even used it in a while. And besides, she wouldn’t do anything until dad leaves for his bowling league later on this afternoon anyway. That’s when she usually does it, if she’s even going to.”

“Good god!” I was now thinking. “Like mother, like daughter?” I wondered. Though the sensation of her hand still holding onto my prick reminded me of the fact that we’d just crossed a new line in the sand here.

“There, nice and hard again,” she started smiling at her handy work. “It was starting to go down some, and I wanted to make sure it didn’t, not until you’ve given me some cream to go with my coffee at least.”

“You are kidding right?” I asked her.

“Well, maybe a little. I didn’t mean for you to literally squirt into my coffee cup, though as I sit here thinking about that, I bet it would look sort of interesting. But no. I’d just like to watch you cum again, squirt on my tits again for me maybe before we start getting busy again. So…you up for giving me another nice hot messy load?”

I nodded my head. Hating to admit what she was so easily able to do to me, she smiled seductively, and then pulled her chair over closer to mine.

“Just relax, try and enjoy your coffee while I’m doing this. I want to play with it for a bit first, before letting you actually come on me. And then after that, I’ll probably be ready for another one myself, while I work…” she said, winking. “Especially since I know you enjoy watching me do that so much.”

“Fuck!” I sighed pleasurably, and then sat back, watching her as she leaned over and began doing things to my cock that I never even thought about doing. Needless to say, my coffee turned cold, but my prick certainly didn’t. I swear she was half Indian, or at least I began to wonder if she wasn’t trying to somehow start a fire the way she spread her hands, walking them up and down my shaft as though trying to do that.

It felt heavenly, and I even felt the heat from the friction she created, though she continued to spit quite frequently, keeping me lubed that way. It was decadent, seeing and hearing her do that. The squishy slick sounds she made as she continued to spit, soon adding my own natural juice to the mix, which became almost frothy as she fondled and stroked my cock the way that she was.

“God this is fun!” She was obviously delighted with her handy work. “Your cock is so fucking hard too! And purple as hell! How’s that feeling anyway? You like what I’m doing to it?” She asked, never once looking away from it, staring at it, as though expecting it to erupt any moment now, which indeed, it soon would be.

I’m not sure the sounds I was making at the moment were even intelligible. Not only was the sensation of what she was doing to me with her hands amazing, but so was the visual of her as she did that. Spinning and twisting my cock, which is about the only way I can even begin to explain it as she masturbated me, all the while seeing those nice soft fleshy tits of hers gyrating and bouncing against one another simply added to that. It was as though she had turned into this one girl/woman nasty band.

The, “squish, squish, squish,” sounds she was making, followed up by the almost obscene, yet highly erotic sound of her breasts actually slapping one another as she purposely bounced. That flesh slapping flesh sound, reminding me of other fun ways in creating that. And then her soft added chant, which I had just realized she was making, accompanying the rest of it, as she just spoke the one syllable word, “Ah,” over and over and over again, in between the “squish, squish, squish, and the flap, slap, flap sounds.” I’d even begun joining in, not realizing that I had until my balls took over. Joining her with an, “Oh, oh…oh,” presentation.

It had gotten to the point that I actually found myself sitting there singing along with the beat, a tune forming inside my head as I actually sang it to myself. “Flap, slap, squish, squish, oh what a relief it is, Flap, Slap, squish, squish…” and so on. That is…right up until the moment my balls turned inside out.

“That’s it baby, that’s it!” She finally spoke, bringing climax to the decadent symphony we’d been performing together. Ribbon after ribbon of white-hot juicy spunk once again leaping from the tip of my cock in a fountainous upheaval of magnificent proportions. “Wow! Fucking wow!” She exclaimed once again, the first and second spurts actually flying up and well over her shoulder, missing her altogether. Hitting somewhere well back behind her on the kitchen floor. Quickly adjusting her aim, the next several landing and splashing against her, right where she wanted them too. Perfect bull-tits’ eyes as it were, semen thickly coating each one of her magnificent saucer sized areolas and hard extended thimble-sized nipples.

They were soon equally drenched, though even then she leaned forward now pressing her cum-covered tits directly against my cock, still milking it, still somehow managing to smear the very last droplets of this amazing climax against herself. Finally letting go of me as I tried desperately to make the stars quit spinning. She proceeded to toy and pull on her tits then, using my own cream to further pleasure and tease herself with. And then sure enough, just as I’d seen her doing before, once more climaxing in that unique special little way of hers just by flicking and pulling on her own nipples.

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