My Cleaning Lady Ch. 01

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Author’s note: For some of you who enjoy knowing this, part of this story is based on truth. Though I have changed a few pertinent facts here and there, I’ll let you pick and choose what is true, and what parts I’ve added to enhance the story. As always, I appreciate your comments/votes and feedback. So please…drop me a line and let me know what you think as the story unfolds here. MF

The fact I was having to move back into the house I had once lived in was bad enough. But having rented it now for the past five years ever since my mother had passed away made it even more difficult in doing so. It wasn’t in the best of shapes to say the least. A messy divorce left me with no choice but to do so. Luckily, or unluckily for me, however you wanted to look at it, the last tenants had left over a month prior to this.

I’d been looking for someone else to rent out to when the proverbial shit hit the fan. Not like I hadn’t seen it coming, but as they say, timing is everything.

And the last thing I really want to be doing at this point, was having to clean, restore and make the old place livable again. Not to mention the fact…I was once more living in the same home I had left so many years ago. Not that there weren’t fond memories of growing up there as a kid, there were plenty of those. But it’s an odd sensation to go back to something when you’ve already convinced yourself you never would.

With everything that needed doing to make it not only presentable, but livable…I took a week off from work in order to set things straight again. Most of the major needed repairs I knew I could do easily enough myself, and thus save even more money. But it was the more simple things that also needed doing that I detested having to do. And that had soured my mood even more so.

Dust bunnies everywhere, stained carpets, doors that hadn’t been washed or cleaned in god knows how long. The list went on and on. I was already toying with the idea of hiring someone to come in and do that kind of work, while I finished up on the major stuff, when a solution literally fell into my lap.

I had in fact moved out over ten, maybe twelve years ago. And though I certainly had come over periodically to visit with mom, those visits had remained basically just that, visits with her. The old neighborhood as I had called it, was almost a thing of the past. Sure mom stayed in touch with many of them, one or two even close friends. But friends I had once known, or kids growing up…like me, by now had all moved away.

They now had families of their own, more kids and grandkids, so I had pretty much lost track of anyone who looked familiar to me, or who I might have known long ago when growing up here. And that was when I bumped into Nora. Or rather, when she literally bumped into me.

And I’ll be perfectly honest. At first, I didn’t even recognize her, though she certainly recognized, or at least knew who I was perhaps. Mainly because she’d noticed me moving back into the old home. The last time I remember seeing Nora. She was eight years old.


I had gone over to the local grocery store where I proceeded to buy up just about every cleaning supply imaginable. Those were things I hadn’t exactly packed up and moved with me when I separated from my soon to be ex-wife. Another reason for my sour and sure mood was the wake-up call on just how expensive this was going to be hung from a very long tape in my back pocket, with little or no food on the list itself.

I was throwing several sacks of this stuff in the back of my car, and turned to roll my now empty shopping cart into a nearby stall for empty ones when Nora’s still half-full shopping cart came rolling towards me. She had just then turned after loading a bag into the back of her car, just in time to see her cart rolling away as she began giving chase to it. I stopped it, with my own empty cart before it could slam into the side of my car, scowling at her for a moment, though not really meaning to. Like I said, I was in a bit of a shitty mood anyway.

Her smile was disarming as she approached, apologizing for the errant cart. Immediately shaming me into apologizing to her myself, though more for the look I’d given her more than anything else. That…and the fact she was damn cute. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t a looker by any means. Cute in the sense that she was attractive enough, especially wearing the somewhat skimpy outfit she was currently wearing. Short shorts, a tight fitting tank top that hugged her more than ample breasts.

She was the kind of a girl that you’d describe as having some meat on her, without being fat. Hair long, worn in a ponytail, with little if any makeup on, save for some moderate eye-shadow and lip-gloss. An average, but still cute looking girl with what I felt was her best feature, even beyond her large tits, was an amazing smile.

“Sorry about that,” she continued smiling…looking at me as I merely smiled back, apologizing to myself, though now she smiled even broader, which was a bit unnerving at first. “You don’t remember me do you?” She asked.

Wild thoughts filled my head. I never laid claim to being a saint, and with the problems I’d been having in my marriage for quite some time now, I’d eventually gone outside of that for some much needed satisfaction. Something the ex had been doing for far longer than I had. Still…even having been with a few somewhat younger women, I certainly couldn’t remember being with anyone quite this young. So after carefully checking my memory banks to ensure I hadn’t hooked up with her during some sort of mind-numbing stupor, I looked at her more closely. A faint recognition just there below the surface.

“Ok, you got me. I think I do know you somehow, but I honestly don’t remember where.”

She laughed at that. “Well, I think the last time we even spoke to one another, I was maybe eight years old,” she informed me. “I’m Nora…your neighbor? I’m Jocelyn’s daughter.”

“Oh my god! You’re David’s kid?” I asked, regretting I had said that the moment I did.

“Not so much a kid anymore,” she said, only slightly frowning at me now, simultaneously turning in profile so I could better see her voluptuous body, though I had already noticed that. Her smile immediately returned as she turned facing me once again. “I’m eighteen now, just graduated this year.”

“Yeah, you’re not,” I observed, looking at her, and once again regretting the way I just had, my eyes automatically taking her all in again, though I’d done so in simply trying to see her then, as opposed to the way I was seeing her now. I know that it didn’t come off that way however, especially the way she smiled at me, almost wickedly. Which in turn, made me blush.

“Thank you,” she said demurely, but again her eyes held a mischievous twinkle in them that made me feel like a prepubescent kid again. Thankfully, she was wise enough to suddenly change the subject before the drool fell from the corner of my mouth. “Looks like you bought out the store,” she noticed. “Obviously…you’ve got a lot of cleaning to do.”

“Unfortunately, yes. I was even considering hiring someone to do the general cleaning for me…you don’t know anyone who’d be interested in doing that do you?”

“Really? You’re serious?”

I hadn’t meant her…but I could now see she was interested. And then suddenly I was.

“Yes…really,” I answered. “Why…you interested?”

“I clean all the time,” she laughed. “Ever since mom hurt her back, I do most of that at home, but unfortunately, I don’t really get paid for doing it either. So sure…hell yes, if you’re offering…I’m interested.”

And just like that…I had a cleaning…girl.


Val, as she actually preferred being called, told me she’d meet me back at the house in about an hour. I warned her that one of my still unfinished projects was the swamp cooler, which apparently hadn’t been working for quite some time now. Only ten in the morning, it was already hot, promising to be a rather humid day. Without any kind of a breeze, even with all the windows in the house open, I knew we’d both be sweating profusely before the day was done.

“Thanks for the warning,” she’d told me. “I’ll come dressed and prepared for it.”


I was almost embarrassed to have her come in. The place was a mess besides being dirty. I’d unpacked very little, seeing no point in doing that until I had actually cleaned the rooms before putting things away. Almost every room had a stack or pile of boxes in it. Even the little furniture I had, or had recently purchased wasn’t due to be delivered until I’d managed to make room for it, or at least clean.

“Oh well,” I thought as I managed to sort out the various cleaning supplies. “It’s not like I’m entertaining guests,” I realized, though the picture now running around inside my head was of Val’s supple looking body, which was already giving rise to something in my own shorts. Dressed lightly myself, already feeling the stickiness of the heat as I began carting in some lumber in order to begin replacing pantry shelves, I heard a knock on the back door. “Come on in!” I called out as I turned facing the screen door as Val opened it coming into the kitchen.

She had indeed come dressed and prepared for the heat perhaps, but if I’d thought what she’d been wearing earlier was provocative, what she had on now was downright sexy. Not sexy in the sense of meaning to be, it just was. She wore a pair of red lightweight cut off sweatpants that had been cut almost too short as I saw it. The matching top, had likewise been cut off very short, just covering her breasts, leaving a great deal of her midriff exposed. I knew without even having to look, that should she lean over even a little, I’d be looking at a hell of a lot more than what I was seeing now.

“Might as well start in here,” she said, breaking my revelry as I just then realized I was almost staring without saying anything. “After I finish in the kitchen, I’ll move to the bathroom,” she informed me. “Those are usually the two rooms that need it most in my experience.”

“Ok,” I stammered. “Most everything you’ll need is sorted out on the table there,” I stood pointing feeling like an idiot, especially as I could still feel the stirring in my groin, almost afraid to look in the event it was starting to become noticeable. “I’ll be working in the pantry here, replacing and fixing the shelves while you’re doing that. Just let me know if you need help with anything,” I offered as she walked over and began selecting the items she’d be using.

“Same here,” she responded back. “If you need me to help you lift, or hold onto anything, just ask.”

Oh the thoughts I was having after she said that, purposely turning to begin working on the shelves before she could see the new blush in my face, not to mention the now very obvious bulge in my shorts.

I quickly managed to busy myself outside cutting and measuring the new shelves for the pantry, bringing those in, spotting Val standing on an almost too short step ladder as she finished wiping and cleaning out the top shelves in the cupboards.

“I’m not sure that’s very safe,” I said worriedly as she appeared to be balancing herself precariously on the ladder as she wiped down the shelves.

“Almost done with these,” she responded back without looking. “But you’re probably right. Would you mind steadying the ladder for a moment more so I can finish this last one?”

I hurriedly walked over, grabbing the ladder to hold it in place as she leaned forward once more. Sure enough, as I’d suspected earlier, I could see easily up the front of her cut off sweatshirt. And though she was in fact wearing a very modest white bra, even seeing that was incredibly sexy. Her full breasts obviously contained, yet straining against it as she stood there wiping the shelves. I found myself imagining what they’d look like unencumbered, while she continued wiping down the cupboards, the image of that playing around inside my head when I realized she’d finished, had turned and was now looking at me.

Worse than that though. I realized then she’d spoken my name once already.

“Jack?” She asked again. “I’m done if you wouldn’t mind helping me down.”

“Oh…yeah, sure,” I said, holding up my hand towards her as she reached for it. Unfortunately in doing that, I’d destabilized the balance on the ladder, and her sudden shift in weight caused it to suddenly lean to one side. In a flash, she literally jumped, the ladder falling off to the side as she careened into my chest, just barely catching her.

And there we stood. Val had in fact jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms now encircling my neck as I caught her, my hands now firmly cupping her twin ass cheeks, the look of surprise in both of our faces for a moment, and then laughter as we both realized how close she’d come from possibly hurting herself, the relief of her safely suspended there in my arms.

“Wow…that was close,” she grinned, finally unwrapping her legs and sliding down my torso until she settled back onto the floor again. The problem with that was, I felt her full breasts sliding across my chest. And I also felt her as she slid past my obviously rock hard cock. And though neither one of us mentioned either, I could see the sudden heat in her face every bit as much as I knew she was seeing mine.

“At least that’s done,” she said, stepping away. “And next time, I’ll know better,” she grinned further. Which is also when she happened to glance down briefly, before turning back towards the kitchen table to retrieve some additional cleaning supplies. “Guess it’s time to head up to the bathroom next,” as she smiled again, grabbing the mop and bucket, paper towels and Windex. Only when she had turned the corner disappearing into the hallway headed upstairs did I dare turn to look down at myself.

“Fuck!” I said silently. There was no fucking way she could have missed seeing what I now saw myself. I was slightly worried and concerned, she’d thought me to be some sort of a pervert at this point, and found some excuse to leave and never come back. I wouldn’t have blamed her had she done that. Shaking my head instead, I went back to work, finishing the shelves in the pantry, checking off one more item from my things to do list.

And then I noticed, the next thing on my list just happened to be the replacement of the doorframe in the upstairs bathroom. I had noticed that almost the moment I’d begun moving things in. For some unexplained reason, it appeared as though someone had at some point actually tried kicking in the bathroom door. I could only wonder at the circumstances that had brought that about.

The bottom hinge completely splintered so that the door hung at an odd angle, not closing properly, and putting a strain on the upper hinge so that it too had bent, beginning to pull away from the door. I’d already removed the entire door, planning to reframe the side piece before re-hanging it with new hinges. Grabbing my tools, the piece of wood I’d need, I soon headed upstairs.

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