Weekend outing went out of normal with friends – 01

Aria took the bottle from me. “I’m glad we have a fireplace and Elias the man found some dry wood somehow.” As she turned to pass the bottle to Elias, I wanted to shout out that I was glad her towel was too short. She had become a lot less ladylike about how she was seated in the last few minutes, and it was clear to me, from where I was sitting, that she shaved her pussy. And quite a pretty little pussy it was.

“I’m glad the stolen bag had our clothes, and not the liquor.” Elias said, taking a long draw on the bottle.

When Nora reached for the bottle again, she once more spilled out of her wrap. “Damn it! I need a bigger towel.”

“No you don’t,” Elias laughed, and earned a giggle from everyone present. Aria elbowed him just for form.

Nora stood up and ostentatiously retired her towel only around her waist, leaving her magnificent tits out in the open. “Fuck it. I’m glad that I’m with people I don’t mind showing my tits to.” She took her swig, and passed me the bottle.

I was damn near in shock. I never, EVER, would have expected that from my dear wife. Not that she didn’t like to go around our house nude every chance she got, nor was she anything but spectacular to look at. Still it was beyond the realm of anything I could have expected from past history. I looked around to see that the other guys probably had never expected it either, but were damned glad of it. Nearly every eye in the room was locked on her massive mammaries, ladies included.

“I’m glad…uh, I’m glad there were no animals living here,” I said. “I’d hate to be fighting for space with a family of raccoons.”

Carter stood up and lowered her towel around her waist. “I’m glad Nora broke the ice. It’s damned hot near the fire.” She then took her turn on the bottle. When she’d finished she put the bottle on the table, rather than get up.

I tried not to stare too much, but how could I not at least look? Carter’s tits were perfect. She was so small, the full melons on her chest seemed to defy gravity, and her pointy nipples shouted out that she was enjoying herself.

Carter had an exotic look. I knew she was part Asian, I think Thai. I had met her mother who was half whatever it was and she looked much more the part. With Carter, it gave her a small, slender body, long raven tresses, and an achingly pretty face.

She had a slight, exotic slant to her eyes, but her nose was very Scandinavian, and her curves seemed all-American. She was the best of the melting-pot. I’d had a thing for her since I’d first met her. Having her sit next to me almost naked, tits bare to the world, and both of us half drunk, was an almost unbearable temptation. I badly wanted to use her for my salt-lick on my next shot.

Dylan got up and grabbed the bottle. “I’m glad it’s hot by the fire,” he said with a wink at Carter.

Aria took the bottle and sighed. “Now, c’mon. How am I supposed to compete with those?” she asked, nodding to the two pairs of exposed breasts.

Carter piped up immediately. “Face it Aria. We have no clothing. No bathing suits. And I bet the road will be in no shape to go out shopping tomorrow. We have no privacy in this one room cabin. And everyone here has seen your lower half already. Shit, Liam is getting a helluva show right now. Just show us your tits already. It’s just tits.”

“I’ll be damned if the only ones to show skin are going to be the women.” Aria said. “Oh, fuck it.” She stood and pulled off her towel, turned, folded it and bent over to place it on the couch where she’d been sitting. “I’m glad I lost 14 lbs since February.”

Seeing her ass and most of her moist pussy as she bent over, I was glad she’d decided to play the game.

She was stunning. Aria had full, natural breasts, with large swollen aureole. She was blessed with beautiful curves and just a hint of a tummy above a smooth shaven crotch. Her shoulder length brown hair was longer in the front and shorter in the back, where it curled under her head, normally. Tonight it all hung straight down, curling a little at the ends. She had a natural prettiness, the girl next door look, emphasized by a field of freckles around her nose and across her chest.

I was hard as a rock, and embarrassed that I’d probably have to lose my towel soon as well.

Elias stood and removed his towel, revealing his burgeoning excitement. “I’m glad that everyone here will look damned good naked.” Then he looked at me, “Except for Liam. Dude, there’s something wrong with a man shaving his chest.”

“I don’t shave my chest,” I argued, “It’s just that grass can’t grow on a well traveled highway.

Nora took the bottle from him, stood and removed her towel as well. “I’m glad I waxed this week.” She was sporting a very sexy Brazilian landing strip. She took her sip and passed me the bottle, before folding her towel and placing it beneath her.

That little action put an end to any discussion Elias and I were having. And no, I don’t shave my chest.

I stood and discarded my towel. I was about as hard as I ever got, and there was no denying that I was enjoying the show. “I’m sorry that Elias lost his new saddlebag, but I’m kind of glad we lost the clothes.” I took my sip and passed the bottle to Carter.

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