Bella puts a terrific show for cheating husband – part 4

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Opening my eyes, I parted my lips and began to lower my head, eagerly ready to take him into my mouth. I heard a bang and William screaming behind the gag. I had been so caught up in the beautiful cock in my hand, I had forgotten about him. Turning my head to look at him, I placed Luke’s huge cock alongside my face and rubbed it against my cheek. I moaned at the feeling of his sticky precum on my face and brought the tip to my lips, smiled and asked, “How do we look, baby?”

William yelled something then made a show of tightly squeezing his eyes shut. I picked up the remote and pressed the button. William grunted, but kept his eyes closed. In rapid succession I hit the button twice and William’s eyes flew open.

“That’s right, you watch.” I hissed at him while still stroking Luke. “Look at this William, know what this is? It’s a cock, a real one, not like that little thing you used to tickle me with. “Oh, no” I gave Luke’s cock a quick kiss. “This is what a real one looks like and I am going to enjoy every inch of it!” Reaching up, I pushed the remote into Luke’s hand. “Do me a favor, baby. I’m going to be busy giving you a nice blow job, so you make sure he keeps watching!”

Luke started to answer, but it turned into a loud moan that made my pussy gush as I placed my lips around his head. I quickly took him deep into my mouth. I moaned as well, moaned at the sensation of his incredibly hard flesh sliding between my soft lips and filling my mouth. I had to open wider to be able to take him further down and groaned at the taste and feel of his precum sliding down my throat. I withdrew him from my mouth and held his cock up, placed my tongue at the base of his shaft and slowly licked my way back up to the tip.

Luke was breathing heavily and looking up at him, I saw his eyes locked on my tongue sliding around his swollen head. I licked down the other side of his shaft, then ducking my head, made him gasp by sucking his balls into my mouth. I heard William yelp once, then again and Luke say, “Hey, you’re missing the show!”

“Tell him, baby,” I whispered, then began swirling my tongue around his balls.

Luke’s hand slid into my hair and I felt a flood of moisture through my pussy as he pulled my head up along his shaft. I started jerking his cock in my hand while massaging his balls in the other and smiling up at him asked, “Tell me what you want, Luke.”

“I want you to suck my cock.” He said with no hesitation, “I want you to show me how much you like having an actual dick in your mouth.”

He wasn’t kidding because what a dick it was. I teased myself by sitting there with my face inches away while I continued to pump him. Sliding my hand from his balls I placed it under my other hand and started jerking him with both.

“Two hands,” I purred, “Oh, baby I can’t wait for this to be in my pussy! But first,” I flicked my tongue across the tip, “I want it between these lips.”

With no further hesitation I opened wide and took as much of him into my mouth as I could. Luke moaned as I immediately started bobbing my head. I moved slowly at first, getting used to his size, then began picking up speed. I kept my hand moving as well, following my lips and jerking him off as I blew him. I opened my mouth wider and pushed higher up on my arms, started taking him deeper. Luke’s fingers clenched in my hair and I became aware of him pushing and pulling as I sucked him.

He wasn’t being rough, more like guiding my mouth up and down his delicious young cock. Despite the fact I had just cum damn hard a few minutes ago, I began grinding my hips into the bed, rubbing my pussy on the soft sheets as I thought of this huge cock pounding my pussy. I tangled my head and pushed my mouth down, managed to take him all the way down until my lips touched the base of his shaft. I held him there and slowly shook my head before slipping my tongue out along his balls.

“Oh fuck!” Luke moaned, “Oh man, damn your wife can suck cock!”

I heard William yelp then again and again.

“That’s right,” Luke said, his voice shaking as I began working my mouth back up the length of his cock. “Watch your wife suck my cock, look at her loving it, just like I’m going to love fucking her!”

Damn that sounded good! I popped William’s cock from my mouth and again looking over at William made a show of sliding my tongue up and down his long hard shaft. Wrapping my lips around the side of his cock I slid my mouth back and forth. Luke turned my head and opened my mouth, I let him shove his cock into it. I remained still as he slowly pumped his dripping prick in and out of my mouth, then taking his other hand, I put it on my head and took him deep, held him there.

Luke wrapped his hands in my hair and began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I tightened my lips around his shaft and looking up into his eyes encouraged him by moaning and pushing my mouth further down his cock. Taking his cue, Luke started moving faster, shoving his cock all the way into my mouth before quickly pulling it out. I moaned as Luke began thrusting harder and I could feel the wet sheet pressing against my sopping pussy.

My nipples were hard and I was moaning around his cock as he continued to fuck my mouth in front of my husband. I heard William groaning behind the gag and Luke removed one hand from my hair. I heard William cry out and Luke immediately started driving his cock into my throat.

“How’s that look? How do I look fucking your wife’s face? Love it, don’t you? I know she does!”

I moaned my approval and started shoving my mouth forward to meet his plunging cock. Luke was breathing heavily and I could feel his thighs beginning to tremble. Reaching between his legs I started caressing his balls with my long nails and he released a soft whimper that made my pussy heat up even more.

He was starting to fuck my mouth even harder, his hips jerking as he began to get close. I looked up into his eyes and saw he was sweating and staring wide eyed at the sight of his huge cock being devoured by the hot cougar he’d been dreaming of.

I angled my head slightly and saw William was watching. His entire body was trembling and he kept shaking his head back and forth as if telling himself he wasn’t really watching his wife sucking another man off. Luke gasped and started slowing down. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to hold off or just afraid he would shove his massive cock too deep in his excitement. Either way I wasn’t going to be denied the pleasure of his cumming in my mouth and began bobbing my head rapidly, taking him all the way down to his balls each time.

“Oh…oh fuck, Bella,” he moaned, “That feels so….oh fuck!”

Luke cried out as driving my mouth all the way down on his cock I gave his balls a gentle squeeze. He exploded in my mouth and I squealed delightedly at the feeling of his thick hot cum flooding my mouth. Luke began moaning and jerking his hips as his cock continued to erupt, sending spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I moaned and gurgled around his squirting cock and kept sucking as hard as I could.

Luke’s moans turned into whimpers and his hips twitched each time I sucked hard on the tip of his dick. He stopped moving and moaned softly, then gasped as sucking hard. I milked a couple of more drops from him. Carefully sliding him from my mouth, I raised my head over his dripping cock and looked William in the eye, opened my mouth and let Luke’s cum drool back out and onto his cock. William closed his eyes, but quickly opened them with a cry of pain as Luke zapped him.

Smiling at him through my cum coated lips I stuck my tongue out and began lapping Luke’s cum off his cock. I made a show of slurping it up and William released a pathetic moan as he watched. I sat up and smacking my lips asked Luke, “You like that, baby? Did I do a good job? It wasn’t easy. He’s so small it never even hit the back of my throat!”

“I…” Luke stopped and grabbed my shoulders and pushed me hard, sending me onto my back.

“Oh, I like that!” I cooed and slid up on the bed, watched with my pussy dripping as Luke removed his jeans and climbed up onto the bed.

“That’s it, come right up here.” I beckoned him with my finger and as he crawled up between my legs, lifted them up in the air.

“Damn you’re wet.” Luke whispered.

“You got me that way, making me cum then getting me all hot by fucking my mouth!”

I pushed my hips up and reached down, Luke grabbed the sides of my thong and slid them down my hips. I put my legs up straight and moaned as he peeled the thong from my pussy. He slid it up my long legs and with a smirk tossed it at William, hitting him in the face.

“Take a whiff. It’s your last.” I told him, and then moaned when Luke leaned over and started sucking on my nipple.

I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his back as he tongued first one nipple then the other. I looked down along his powerful back and amazing ass and sighed at how good he looked between my legs. I could feel his still hard cock pressing against my thigh. It was all I could do to resist telling him to start fucking me, but I felt William deserved a full show and I certainly deserved a good pussy licking for once. As good as Luke’s tongue felt bathing my nipples. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed.

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