Bella puts a terrific show for cheating husband – part 4

William moaned and pushed himself up from Luke. I decided it was time to give him the final show, I’d saved the best for last and was more than ready to be taken as hard as Luke could manage. I slid off of Luke and got on my hands and knees facing William. Luke quickly sat up and got on his knees behind me, grabbed my hips.

“Wait!” I called out and crawled forward.

Leaning off the bed I braced my hands on William’s sweaty thighs and placing my face so close to his I could lick him if I wanted to, looked in his eyes and smiling said, “Come on baby, fuck me!”

Luke drove his cock into me so hard my eyes widened and I screamed “Oh my fucking God!” directly into William’s face.

William flinched and tried to look away. I felt Luke move and William yelped as he must have picked up the remote. His eyes opened and he began emitting a high pitched whining sound as I looked him in the eye while Luke resumed fucking the shit out of me. I was yelping and moaning in his face as Luke was hammering away so hard, I could feel his balls slamming into me. He was so deep like this, I wouldn’t have been able to not squeal, but why would I hold back anyway. As Luke continued his relentless assault on my sore, but very happy pussy, I began speaking,

“How do I look, baby? How do I look getting fucked by a real man in our bed? How does it feel, you son of a bitch? Feels pretty fucking good to me!”

William was sobbing again and I rolled my eyes, “Aw, poor baby. Should have thought of that when you were fucking your slut! Hope you really like her because she’s all you got now, you prick!”

I yelped as Luke somehow found a way to go even harder. I could hear him breathing like a bull and feel his hands trembling on my hips. He was getting close and as he pounded away on me I looked into William’s eyes and recalled the one thing he’d always wanted and I’d never given him.

“Stop!” I moaned.

Luke moaned as well and stopped with his cock buried in my pussy.

“Pull it out.” I whispered, when he did I said, “Now slide it up.”

Luke slowly slid his cock along my wet pussy and I told him, “Higher.”

Luke paused then I felt the tip of his cock press against my asshole.

“Go ahead,” I told him, “Fuck me in the ass. Fuck me where he never has!”

William screamed behind the gag, but I couldn’t hear it over my own cry as Luke pushed his long thick cock into my ass. I’d never had anything but a small toy up there and I whimpered as my ass felt as if it were tearing as he pushed further inside. Luke stopped and started sliding it out.

“We don’t…” he began, but I cried out.

“I said fuck me!”

Luke paused then pushed his cock slowly all the way into me. I howled in William’s face at the burning sensation in my ass as well over eight inches of cock was shoved in there. When Luke was all the way in he stopped and as he had done when he’d first started fucking me began to move slowly. I closed my eyes and taking a deep breath, yelled, “Fucking give it to me!”

Again Luke followed my command and started fucking my ass. I wailed as his huge cock tore into my virgin ass. I could feel my eyes bulging and so were William’s in front of me. I cried out each time Luke entered me, but forcing myself to focus through the pain, hissed in William’s face.

“How’s this look? How do you like this punk kid getting what you never got from me? Maybe if you were a decent lay, I’d have let you. Maybe if you made me cum like he did I would have given myself to you” I cried out as Luke began picking up speed and moaned “At least he appreciates it, don’t you, lover?”

“I love it.” Luke gasped, then laughed harshly, “How do I look fucking your wife’s ass, William? How does she sound?”

How I sounded was pretty fucking loud as Luke was giving me what I asked for and was now brutally pounding my burning ass, slamming it as hard as he had my pussy. I began breathing through my mouth and forcing my body to relax. I noticed it was beginning to hurt less as he continued to fuck me.

“That’s right!” I groaned, “Fuck my ass, baby! Make me love it! Make me your little fucking pig!”

That must have gotten to him as Luke started fucking me so hard, I was rocking into William, my head bumping into his as Luke hammered away at me. I was squealing continuously as he savagely tore into me.

I gasped and jumped when I felt something brush my clit and turning my head saw Luke had reached around me and was rubbing my clit with his fingers. He had slowed up fucking me and as his fingers danced across my clit. I was amazed to feel my body already beginning to respond. I rested my head on William’s shoulder and began moaning as he was now using long slow strokes in my ass while pressing hard on my clit.

“That’s it, Bella,” Luke told me, “Go ahead and show William how much you love it. Show him what he’s missing. Show him what a freak his wife wanted to be for him.”

“Oh yes.” I moaned as my legs began to tremble violently and I had to lean against William as my arms were having a hard time holding me up.

“But you’re not his anymore are you?” Luke asked as he started fucking me harder again. “You’re mine now aren’t you?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” I cried, feeling my body gathering itself for release.

“This is my ass isn’t it? That’s my pussy! I’m going to fuck your wife anytime anyway I want and she’s going to love every fucking minute of…”

Luke was cut off by me throwing my head back and screaming at the top of my lungs as an even stronger orgasm than before tore through my already exhausted body.

“Oh my fucking God, Luke!” I howled as the amazing sensation of my ass contracting around his cock sent my hips bucking wildly.

I was moaning continuously, unable to say or do anything but continue to writhe and squirm as Luke held his huge cock deep inside my convulsing ass. He pulled back then started fucking me harder than before and my face an inch from William’s, I began squealing like a stuck pig as he fucked me while I was still in the throes of orgasm. My arms gave out and I would have fallen into William, but Luke slid his hand from my clit and around my waist, holding me up as he fucked me.

Luke pulled me back so that I was completely on the bed and let me go. I slumped face first on the bed, my arms out to the side and my ass in the air while Luke continued to have his way with me.

I groaned when he slipped his cock from my ass then cried out in pleasure as he immediately shoved it back into my sopping wet pussy. Luke started fucking the living shit out of me and as spent as I was I lifted my face to look at William and simply smiled at him as Luke started moaning loudly behind me. He gave my grateful pussy several more savage pumps then with a loud cry whipped his cock out.

“Hold it back!” I moaned and forced myself to move, sat up on my knees and opened wide.

Luke stood up, pointed his huge cock at my face and with a moan released his cock.

“Yes!” I cried as his first huge spurt of cum struck me on my lips and splattered into my mouth and all over my chin. The second shot caught me right on the tongue and I quickly pushed it out so it would drool down my chin. Luke was moaning and stroking his cock sending more of his hot thick cum into my face. I turned my head side to side letting him paint as much of my face as he could with his cum.

I saw William looking at me, the tears still flowing and laughed delightedly as Luke sprayed my face with yet another squirt of cum. Luke gasped and letting his cock go sank to his knees breathing hard and looking as spent as I felt. Grabbing his cock I bent my head and took him into my mouth started sucking as hard as I could desperately trying to get each and every last drop from his drained cock.

“Fuck, right from your ass.” Luke painted then added, “Your wife really is a pig. Too bad you never got to see it.” He then laughed tiredly. “Oh, wait you just did!”

I pulled my mouth from Luke’s cock and we both stayed there on our knees trying to catch our breath. I closed my eyes and waited for my body to calm down.

The only sound in the room was our ragged breathing and William’s pathetic whimpering. I could feel my body crashing from its adrenalin rush and felt a twinge of sadness at the fact I had just ended my marriage and in quite dramatic fashion. No, William had ended it, I just got to say goodbye in kind.

Opening my eyes I looked at Luke who looked exhausted, but was sitting there with a nasty smirk on his face as he stared at William. Reaching out I grabbed his cock marveling at how big it was even soft and after giving it a squeeze said,

“Okay, Luke, tell you what. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and get the shower ready? Get the water nice and hot, but don’t you start washing up. I’m going to meet you in there and after I soap up that hard body of yours I’m going to suck you hard and let you fuck me right up against the wall. How’s that sound?”

“Goddamn.” Luke laughed, “I might not be able to keep up.”

“My mouth will keep you up. Now go ahead, I have to say goodbye to my husband.”

Luke nodded and got off the bed as he passed William he laughed, “Hey thanks for letting me have your wife, asshole. She’s the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

William put his head down and sobbed as Luke left the room, closing the door behind him. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up so he was facing me leaned forward and pressed my cum covered face against his. William squealed and tried to pull away, but my fingers were in his hair and I held him as I rubbed my face across his, smearing Luke’s cum all over his face. Letting his hair go, I slipped off the bed and stood in front of him, looked down and shook my head.

“How’s that feeling, William? How does it feel to sit there totally humiliated with cum on your face? Because that’s what you did to me the last time I was stupid enough to try to please you. Guess I know why you couldn’t get it up now. You were too tired from fucking your little slut. Well you can have her and now I’m going to be Luke’s little slut and think of you every time I fuck him. Think about how much better he is than you.”

William began rocking back and forth in the chair pleading behind the gag.

Bella puts a terrific show for her cheating husband – part 4 will continue in the next page.

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