Bella puts a terrific show for cheating husband – part 3

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“I think I just did.”

“You did, but I haven’t.”

“I think you will though.” He grinned, “You show that tape to a lawyer and…”

“Luke, do you want to fuck me?”

“I…what?” he asked, his brown eyes wide.

“You heard me, do you want to fuck me?”

“Bella, look I…uh….”

“What is it Luke, you all talk?” I slid my hand from his shoulder and ran my fingers along his cheek. “You get a shot at me and you’re going to turn tail?”

“Well,” he paused, “It’s just that I didn’t do this because of that, I…”

“Who cares why you did it? Look Luke, I’m giving you a chance to be a man not a boy. I’m a good looking woman in her prime who hasn’t had good sex in months and you’re a hot kid who would be lying through his teeth if he said he didn’t want me.”

“So you want to…?” he started to smile.

“Damn straight I do,” I nodded “And trust me Luke you’re not going to make love to me or be sweet to me. You’re going to fuck my brains out. I’m going to suck your cock like you’ve never dreamed about and let you have me anyway you want me!”

“Damn.” He whistled. “I…whoa!”

He gasped as I dropped my hand onto his cock and squeezed it through his jeans.

“Damn is right,” I said softly. Oh goddamn! That wasn’t a sock down there. That was a nice big young cock that was already growing as I squeezed. “That’s right, Luke, I’m going to be your dirty fucking slut! You’re going to fuck me until you can’t get it up anymore and then I’ll just suck you hard again! You’re going to lick my pussy until I cum in your face. How does that sound?”

“I…hell yeah!” he laughed, and then pointing at the house asked, “Now?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Not tonight. Tomorrow morning.”

“Um…okay when he goes to work?”

“Nope.” I smiled wickedly at him.

“Then when?”

“We’ll talk about that.” I told him. “See I’m going to do everything I just said to you and as a bonus you get even more revenge, but we have to do it my way.”

“Your way?”

I nodded, “Yes, my way. You want my pretty pussy, you’re going to do exactly what I say. Tell you what, you do a good job and it won’t be a one time thing. After all, I have a lot of makeup to do!”

I paused and began stroking his now erect cock. Even through the jeans I could feel how hard and thick he was. Damn, I wanted nothing more than to whip it out and suck on it, but not yet.

“So, are you going to play along?” I asked, then made a show of slowly licking my lips.

“I…anything you want.” Luke exclaimed.

“Good, now let’s go. I’ll tell you about it on the way.”

I stood up and began walking towards my car.

“Where are we going?” Luke asked, catching up with me.

“Down to that fetish store that just opened downtown. We need to pick up some things. Show William his hag of a wife isn’t as boring as he likes to say she is.”

I got into the car and as Luke got into the passenger seat I looked at my now cold blue eyes in the rear view mirror and whispered, “How do we look baby?”


I stood in the shower, slowly lathering myself in raspberry body wash and thinking I hadn’t felt this good in weeks. In spite of finding out William was cheating on me and the thought of what I was going to do today running through my mind, I’d slept like the dead last night.

The minute my head hit the pillow I was out and my eyes didn’t open until the alarm went off at eight. Unlike the last couple of weeks, when I woke up more tired than when I went to bed, today I felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to be reborn. Today was the end of my life as I knew it and although I knew there may be some tears over that when I got to my sister’s tonight, but right now all I felt was excitement.

No, that wasn’t all I felt. I thought as my hand slid between my legs and washed my smooth pussy. I was horny as fucking hell, had been since I woke up. In less than a half hour, I was going to get fucked the way I’d always wanted too. Even when we were happy, William was not one to really cut loose, but I loved him and it was okay. Today was about lust, not love and I was fully prepared to take everything Luke could dish out and beg for more.

I smiled as I thought of Luke and not just because I was going to be watching him between my legs shortly, but at the look on his face when I told him what we were going to do. That look had grown more surprising with every item I picked up at The Velvet Rope and my final purchase made him ask me if I’d lost my mind. The entire ride back to my house Luke had asked if I were really going to go through with this. I told him I was and if he didn’t have the balls, I’d go find someone who did.

As I knew he would, Luke said he would do anything I wanted. The fact that he would because he wanted me so badly had me so wet I was squirming in my seat and the toughest part of my plan was waiting until this morning.

I suppose I could have taken Luke for a fast hard ride to take the edge off and have him more relaxed when the time came, but I wanted my reaction this morning to be as strong as possible. I wanted to be able to emit a true squeal of delight the first time Luke shoved that big dick into my neglected pussy.

I finished lathering up and putting my arms over my head let the hot water hit my body. I turned slowly, allowing the water to rinse me and enjoying the sensation of the heat as well as the steam around me. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed the simple things in life, but that was going to change. From now on I was going to enjoy myself in every way, starting in the bedroom. Once I’d rinsed, I reluctantly shut the water off. I had to get moving and go wake William up.

As good as I’d slept I had no doubt he’d slept better. Then again when one has four sleeping pills slipped into their tea, that is usually the case. Stepping out of the shower I began to pat myself dry while thinking back to last night. The true sign of the rage I’d felt had been that when William arrived home last night.

I’d been able to simply smile and ask how his day was. I had no desire to confront him or fight with him. That would have been making things easy on him, would have led to a fight and maybe him leaving. No, my new found coldness kept me in control so that he could be paid back properly.

I even made some conversation with him and went so far as to say I felt bad we hadn’t been getting along. William seemed okay with that and gave me a smile that I now knew was a patronizing one. I could hear him now telling Jenny, “Pathetic bitch just keeps letting me treat her badly.” That had brought me close to saying something, but just as quickly I heard his other words, the ones burned into my soul, “How do we look, baby?”

Unable to resist one dig, I asked William what happened to my pillow case? I’d been in the bedroom and noticed it was gone. William had paused then simply shrugged and said he’d found it on the floor and tossed it in the laundry. When I commented that it was odd, he said maybe it fell off last night and I didn’t notice. I let it go then asked if he would like me to make him a nice cup of tea before I went to bed.

I smiled as I finished drying off and picking up the hair dryer began working on my hair. I went back into William’s office two hours later and he was passed out in his chair, a book still on his lap. That couldn’t have worked out better for me, as I was able to wheel him from his office, down the hallway and into our bedroom.

He was so drugged he didn’t even move as I cuffed his wrists to the arms of the chair and using a pair of scissors cut his clothes off leaving him completely naked. He even slept blissfully through my shoving a ball gag in his mouth.

Speaking of accessories, I finished my hair and after applying the smuttiest red lipstick I owned, donned the red and black bra and thong William had no interest in the other night. I slipped my short black robe over it and as I tied it went out into the kitchen. I glanced at the clock and feeling my heart beginning to race, picked my phone up off the table and called Luke. He must have been sitting on the phone as it hadn’t even finished the first ring when he answered.

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