Bella puts a terrific show for cheating husband – part 2

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I was just starting to fill the dirt back in around the fence when I had the feeling of being watched. I looked over my shoulder to see Luke standing not three feet behind me, his eyes glued to my ass. I quickly turned my head back to the fence and feeling mischievous, and more than a little thrilled he was looking, began moving my ass back and forth as I finished patting the dirt down. I bent over further, pointing my ass higher and looking back saw Luke shaking his head, a smirk on his face.

Sitting up I turned around and asked, “Luke! Are you looking at my ass?”

“Oh,” He said in surprise, “I…uh,” the smirk turned into one of his perfect lady killer smiles, “Yeah I was.”

I laughed, “At least you’re honest.”

“Be something wrong with me if I wasn’t” he gave a low whistle, “You have a really nice ass.”

“Okay, Romeo,” I said sitting up higher on my knees, “Behave, I’m a married woman.”

“Heard that one before,” he winked.

“Yeah, where, the under twenty one clubs you hang out in?”

I had to hold back a smile when he faded. Luke liked playing the neighborhood stud, but in reality I knew he wasn’t what he made himself out to be. He might have had a few girlfriends, but he certainly wasn’t servicing the desperate housewives of Providence. Although I knew one who’d entertained the fantasy quite often.

“That’s just when there’s no real women around.” He came back with.

“Real women?” I cocked my head.

“Yeah, you know, like you. The girls my age are hot, but…”

“Oh, and I’m not?”

“No, I…That’s not what I…”

I couldn’t hold back anymore and as I smiled at him, he laughed and shook his head.

“Look, I’m trying okay?”

“You’ll get better when you,” I winked, “Find a good teacher.”

“Do you know one?”

“Mrs Higgins on the corner teaches English at Central.” I replied.

“Ugh.” He gave a mock shudder.

I shrugged and looked up at the sun, Luke said, “Damn it’s hot out.”

He wiped at his forehead, then grabbing the bottom of his tank top lifted it up to wipe his face. Oh, for Christ’s sake I thought he’d been watching too much porn. Nevertheless I found myself staring at his chiseled tanned stomach and felt my heart begin to beat faster. While my eyes devoured his body I noticed a drip of sweat running down his stomach and had the desire to lean forward and lick it off of him. I lowered my gaze and realized immediately that it was a bad move.

My face was just about level with his crotch and not for the first time I wondered if he stuffed his jeans. They were tight and I found myself staring at one hell of a bulge. I knew I should look away, but my eyes lingered and the thought that I was on my knees in front of him caused a warm feeling between my legs. I imagined, unzipping him and pulling out that hard young cock, of giving him a blow job that would make his eyes roll. I’d be so much better than his little girlfriends and he would certainly be better than…

I closed my eyes and told myself to stop. Using Luke for a little night time motivation was one thing, in person was another. I opened my eyes and looked up to see him smiling down at me. In an instant I knew he was thinking the same exact thing and another wave of forbidden heat flowed through me. I noticed his eyes lingering below my face and glanced down to see my hard nipples poking through the tank top. I quickly stood up; brushing some of the dirt from my knees and straightening saw he was still looking.

“Now what are you looking at?” I asked.

Luke shrugged and said, “Sorry Mrs. Wilson.” He was smirking when he said it and his brown eyes were staring straight into mine.

“Sorry you were looking or sorry you were caught?” I asked.

“Neither really.” He laughed, “Are you sorry I was looking?”

Be careful Bella. “It’s very flattering.” I told him. “Nice looking young guy like you checking out an old lady like me. Makes me feel I’m not so bad for my age.”

“Not bad for any age.” He winked.

“Now Luke,” I said, shaking my head, “Would you really want to be with a married woman?”

“If she’d let me.”

“Well you’ll have to keep looking then.” I said, crossing my arms over my tits. My nipples were so hard they were aching.

“Guess so.” he shrugged. “I’m only playing around though. I just think you’re pretty hot.”

“Well speaking of hot, it’s not getting any cooler so why don’t you finish up?”

“Ouch.” He placed his hand over his chest. “She shoots, she scores.”

I laughed at him and he gave me a huge smile, but not that fake pretty one, this one was genuine and even more attractive because of it.

“Hey” William’s voice called out to our left. “Am I paying you to take care of the yard or hit on my wife?”

We both turned to see William, dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks coming towards us. Besides his words what caught my attention was since when did he dress up to work on a Saturday?

“What’s the matter with you?” I asked.

“Oh, please! I’ve been looking out the window for the last minute watching you two making eyes at each other.”

“We were just talking.” Luke said calmly.

“Oh yeah?” he pointed down at my legs, “That’s why her knees are dirty?”

“William!” I exclaimed, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I knew I’d been flirting and not minding that Luke was and maybe that wasn’t quite right, but that comment stunned me.

“Me? I’m not the one standing here dressed like a slut in front of some kid.”

“I am not dressed like…”

“You’re not wearing a fucking bra and you probably had to pry your ass into those shorts. What’re you trying to do, look his age?”

“Mr. Wilson,” Luke began. “We…I….wasn’t doing anything, really.”

“Don’t say anything, Luke.” I told him. “He’s being an asshole.”

William shook his head, “Yeah, my wife’s half dressed with dirty knees in front of a teenager in heat and…”

“Hey I’m twenty!” Luke said indignantly.

“Won’t live to see twenty one if you keep fucking around with married women.” William pointed at him.

“Are you threatening me?” Luke’s eyes widened and he took a step towards William.

“I’m warning you, kid.” William said, “You can get in a lot of trouble fooling with someone’s wife.”

“Shut up William.” I said getting between them. “You want to be a prick to me, fine. Don’t start on him.”

“Aw, how sweet, protecting your little boy toy.” William gave me a nasty smirk. “You’re acting like his mommy. Then again, you’re old enough to be.”

Looking at William, gut hanging over his waist and knowing his idea of exercise these days was lifting the remote, I bit back the remark that it wasn’t Luke who needed protecting. Ignoring his latest taunt, I tried to stop him from getting his ass handed to him.


“Which is what makes you really pathetic, Bella.” He continued, “A woman your age out here trying to show off to a guy like him.” he laughed, “Desperate housewife.”

“You son of a bitch.” That was it, I’d had it. “Maybe I wouldn’t be dead…”

“Whatever,” William waved his hand at me, “You’re right. Nothing’s going on. No way a young kid like that would want a used up slut like you.”

“Hey!” Luke snapped behind me, causing me to jump. “You don’t talk to a woman like that!”

“Please, kid, what do you know about women?” William shook his head at him. “You’ve barely gotten your dick wet and that’s all you think with. You get older and you learn to show them their place.”

“My place?” I repeated numbly, who the hell was this guy?

“And assholes like you are the reason women think men are all pigs.”

Luke stepped around me and stepped up to William, “You got a real big mouth with women. Guys like you always do.” He put his arms out, “What you got to say to me old man?”

“Old man?” William asked, his eyes widening,

“If she’s old enough to be my mother, you’re old enough to be my father.” Luke made a show of looking William up and down, “Or in the shape you’re in, maybe my grandfather.”

What the hell was this, high school? I went to step between them again, when William laughed and pointed at me, “Bet this is getting you hot, isn’t it Bella? You’re a little friend sticking up for you.”

“I’m sticking up for her because she’s better than you deserve.” Luke told him heatedly.

“And what does she deserve Luke? A nice young guy who’ll lie to her and tell her she’s still hot, so she’ll get on her knees and suck your cock out of gratitude?”

“My god, William,” I said softly.

As bad as his words were, the look on his face was even worse. William was staring at me with nothing short of disdain. What had I done to deserve this? As it had the other night, the feelings of hurt and humiliation overwhelmed my anger and I found myself standing there like the pathetic victim he was treating me like.

“Holy shit.” Luke said, and turning to me asked, “Why the hell are you with…”

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