Bella puts a terrific show for cheating husband – part 4

“Your turn baby. Get down there and show that slob how to take care of a woman.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Luke smiled and after kissing each of my hard pink nipples, started sliding down my body making a show of tonguing my stomach on the way down. I glanced over at William and with a sigh grabbed the remote and hit it. When his eyes popped open again, I glanced down to see Luke settling down between my legs and frowned.

“Hmmm, you’re not really going to get to watch like that.” Snapping my fingers I laughed and told Luke, “Hold on.”

I slid right to the edge of the bed and lifting my left leg put my heel on William’s sweaty shoulder, pressing my foot against his hot cheek. I spread my other leg as far as I could and Luke swung his leg over it so he was no longer directly between my legs. I angled myself a little more so my legs were now spread in front of William and reaching down spread my pussy open. Luke leaned forward, but I began sliding my fingers through my lips.

“How’s that look William? How’s my pretty pussy look? Nice and wet because Luke actually played with it. You better keep your eyes open baby, because trust me this is the last look you’re getting at the pussy you don’t deserve anymore.”

Sliding my fingers back up, I spread my lips as far as I could and tapping my clit told Luke, “Come on, lover. Make my pussy purr.”

Luke leaned forward and keeping his face to the side made a show of flicking his tongue around my clit.

“How do I look, asshole?” he asked, then caused me to squeal as he sucked my clit into his mouth.

William closed his eyes and I thumbed the remote. This time I held it down and William cried out and jerked in the chair. I held the button down another few seconds until tears began to flow down his cheeks and letting it go whispered, “Watch, you son of a bitch, or I’ll tape the button down.”

I gasped and forgot about William when Luke slipped his tongue through my lips and plunged it into my overheated pussy. I rolled my eyes back as he began swirling it around inside me and sucking my juices into his mouth. Luke moaned at my taste and I could feel the length of his hot cock laying along the top of my thigh. He started rocking his head back and forth, his rigid tongue sliding in and out of me.

“Oh, look at you, tongue fucking me!” I cooed, “Damn! It’s nice to be wanted!”

Luke slipped his tongue from my pussy and started slowly sliding it back and forth as he worked his way back up. I shivered as he took his time working the soft wet folds of my pussy. Reaching down I began running my fingers through his thick black hair while admiring his muscular arms draped across my legs.

I turned my head to see William was indeed watching. I smiled at him and for fun lifted the remote. He flinched and with a wink I dropped it. I began sliding my foot back and forth across his cheek. He made a pathetic whining sound behind the gag, his eyes pleading with me.

I gave him a pout and was about to ask him how I looked again when instead what came out was a loud yelp as Luke shoved two fingers deep inside me. He hadn’t done it gently and immediately began thrusting them hard into me. I gasped and began moving my hips in rhythm with his fingers.

His tongue had once again found my yearning clit and was tracing a slow teasing circle around it. He was staring up at me and with a smile I brought my hands up to my tits and began playing with my nipples. Luke started sucking my clit into his mouth and I groaned when he pushed a third finger into me.

“Oh fuck, William,” I moaned, “His fingers are bigger than your dick!”

I looked down and realized, all kidding aside, I could barely see his shriveled dick between his legs. “Shit look at that little thing!” I sighed and added “At least you know I loved you, because I sure as hell wasn’t with you for that!”

I stopped to squeal as Luke began thrusting his fingers harder and faster while sucking my clit so hard, his lips were making loud smacking sounds. I began to squeeze my nipples harder and move my hips higher, arching my back as I could already feel another orgasm building within me.

Part of me wanted Luke to slow down and tease me some more, but what the hell he could take his time next time. I had already decided that there would be a lot of ‘next times’ with Luke. I’d been neglected long enough and was going to take advantage of his lust for me as much as he would let me. I was going to use him to make up for a lot of lost time. I was truly going to be his Mrs. Robinson, his hot insatiable cougar…

“Oh!” I gasped as I felt a shudder go through my body. I was so close! Luke was pumping his fingers so hard I could hear my pussy squirting around them.

My body still teetering on the edge I cried out, “Stick a finger in my ass!”

Luke didn’t hesitate; bringing his other hand into play he shoved a finger hard into my extremely tight ass. There was a brief stab of plain then the incredible feel of his fingers sliding against each other through the thin skin between my pussy and ass. Luke started pumping it as fast as the rest of his fingers and throwing my head back.

I let out a long loud squeal as I went flying over the edge. I came like an animal, head back, mouth wide open and wailing like a banshee. Dropping my foot from William’s face, I wrapped my legs around Luke’s shoulders and pinned his face to my convulsing pussy.

I howled again as his tongue and fingers continued to please me. The feeling of not just my pussy, but my ass contracting around his plunging fingers caused my hips to buck wildly, grinding my pussy hard into Luke’s face. My hands left my nipples and grabbing Luke’s hair I further shoved his still moving tongue against my quivering flesh. I gasped when I felt my back arch and my body seemed to hesitate. I cried out in surprise and pleasure and my body spasmed, my pussy convulsed and I felt a gush of warm wet fluid flood out around Luke’s fingers.

With a long shuddering moan, I let my legs fall limply from Luke’s shoulders and lay there gasping for breath. Luke sat up between my legs and whispered, “Holy shit, Bella.”

I looked up to see his entire face wasn’t just glistening, but my juices were dripping from his chin.

“Damn your wife cums hard.” He said looking over at William and making a show of wiping his face off. “Then again I guess that’s what happens when a woman goes without for so long.”

“Speaking of going without.” I said, still panting, “It’s time for you to give this pussy what she really needs, that big fucking dick!”

Luke gave me a wicked smile and grabbing my ankles lifted my legs in the air. Sliding up so that he was kneeling directly between my legs, I moaned at the sight of his huge cock hovering over my pussy.

“Hold on.” I whispered, “William can’t see!”

I pulled my leg from his grasp and once again put it on William’s shoulder. I angled over some more so that William could see Luke’s cock against my pussy and groaned as he started rocking his hips, sliding his hard flesh through my wet lips.

“Oh, oh honey. Please don’t tease!” I moaned, “Just give me that…”

I heard a pathetic whimper and looked over to see William was not only shaking his head, but was crying. There were huge tears flowing down his cheeks and I could make out the word please behind the gag.

“Now you know how I felt.” I told him, and then looking at Luke said, “What the fuck are you waiting for? If I wanted to be teased I’d let him shove that little thing in there.”

“Yes ma’am.” Luke said and lifting my leg so that it was straight up against his chest plunged his cock into my sopping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as his huge dick stretched my pussy wide as it drove into me.

Luke stopped when he was balls deep inside of me and began moving slowly, barely pulling himself out and letting me get used to him. I lay there gasping at the feeling of being so….full. I moaned as my pussy contracted around his huge dick and as much as I appreciated he was trying to go easy called out, “Just fuck me!”

I cried out as Luke obediently began slamming his cock hard, fast and goddamn deep into my desperate pussy. My pussy was so wet I could hear wet sucking sounds every time he pulled out. Luke wrapped one arm around my thigh and placed the other hand on my leg just in front of William’s face and called out, “How’s this look, William? How do I look fucking your wife? How does Bella look like a real dick?”

“That’s right baby!” I gasped as Luke repeatedly slammed his hard young dick into me. “How do we look now? See this? This is how a real man fucks his woman! See the look on my face? It’s called satisfaction! Oh, fuck, this cock feel good!”

William released a sob from behind the gag and started to turn his head, but stopped when my hand closed over the remote. Damn straight he was going to suffer! I, on the other hand, was far from suffering. My pussy had gotten used to Luke’s size and I was moaning every time he plunged inside of me.

Above me, Luke looked amazing. He was sweating heavily causing the impressive muscles in his arms and chest to stand out even more. He was breathing hard as he fucked the shit out of me and the look on his face was nothing short of pure lust.

I began thrusting my hips up to meet his descending cock and throwing my head back let out a cry of ecstasy as he pleasured me with his long hard strokes. I looked down and moaned at the sight of watching his long cock sliding in and out of my cock, he was glistening with my juices and as good as his fucking me felt I wanted to be able to take control for a while. Besides, I had a show to put on.

“Stop!” I called out.

Luke groaned, but as he had been the entire time listened to me and sat back on his knees.

“Get on your back!” I demanded.

Luke obeyed and leaning over I immediately took his hard wet cock into my mouth. I moaned at the taste of my pussy from his flesh and began sucking him hard and fast. I was kneeling alongside him and facing William. I stared directly into his eyes as I repeatedly deep-throated Luke’s beautiful cock.

William’s eyes were wide and he seemed to now be incapable of even trying not to look. He was also beginning to sob loudly. For a second I began to feel for him, remembering our years together. Then the thought hit me that those years had meant nothing at all to him. Popping Luke’s cock from my mouth, I winked, “How do I look baby?”

Sitting up, I swung my leg over Luke’s hips and reaching back grabbed his cock. I guided it to my pussy and raising my hips drove down hard. We both cried out as I impaled myself on his long hard shaft. I paused and sat straight up on him, raised my hands over my head and made a show of slowly riding him. Luke looked up at me, his eyes wide and whispered, “Oh God. You look good, Bella.”

I smiled as I had the impression that remark was not just for show. The look of desire on his face and the soft moans he emitted as I ground my pussy onto his cock had me feeling sexier than I had in years. The fact that this gorgeous kid half my age desired me like this had me beside myself with lust and leaning down I placed my hands on his chest.

I started raising and lowering my hips, slowly at first then faster and harder. Luke moaned as I began riding him hard and fast. His cock was plunging so deep inside me. I was yelping each time I came down on him and that caused me to go even harder.

I started pushing down with my hands, and was now driving down so hard Luke was beginning to bounce on the bed beneath me. I lowered myself all the way down and sliding my arms under him, moaned in his ear, “Fuck me!”

Luke wrapped his arms around my slender waist and raising his knees started slamming his hips up into me. I howled in his ear as his cock plunged hard and fast into my pussy. I could hear the sound of our flesh slapping together and he was fucking me so hard it was beginning to hurt a little.

All that pain did, however, was fuel my lust and I began squirming against him, using my hips as much as I could. I turned my head to look at William and gasped, “You taking notes? This is how a real man fucks a woman. You’d have already cum by now, you fucking minute man!”

Bella puts a terrific show for her cheating husband – part 4 will continue in the next page.

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