After hours with strange erotic dining – part 2

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“Oh?” she asked, lifting an eyebrow. “What does it entail?”

“It’s really hard to explain. But I’ve taste tested it with the guys. It’s exciting and delicious. Mr. Harris thinks it’ll be a mega hit. Didn’t he mention this to you?”

Maria shook her head. “No, I haven’t heard anything from the boss.”

“Oh. When we asked him about it, he agreed that you’d be perfect. He also mentioned he would owe you a massive favor. Something about nabbing a lease on the Embarcadero. You’d have to ask him, because it was a quick text.”

Maria’s eyes lit up with excitement. A place downtown, by the Embarcadero? It was her dream to have an ocean view. Mr. Harris knew it because they had discussed that location for years.

She inquired, “What exactly would be involved? Assuming I’m interested.”

“Well, obviously you would be asked to lay on a table while completely naked. We’ll handle the rest. Like I said, we’re forging new ground as we go, but have recipes and ideas of what would mix well with a Mature woman. It’s our most elegant and exciting concept. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the novelty of being a part of the action, as opposed to staying behind the scenes.”

There was a sparkle in the student’s eyes that Maria found endearing. It reminded her of when she was just starting out in the food service industry. Ambition, she understood. Why deny these students, especially when they were willing to put themselves on display? And a new restaurant by the ocean? It was too good to be true.

She was also curious about the experience, having noticedJanet’s pussy was drenched during her time on the table. It had to be the ultimate rush for an exhibitionist. Maria was surprised to feel moisture pooling between her own legs as she thought about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I’ll do it,” Maria said, timidly. “But on the condition that it remains a secret in our little group.”

“You are the best teacher we’ve ever had!” gushed Christina.

The young student rose and hugged her mature teacher; their breasts mashed during the close embrace.


It took everything in her power to focus on the job. But then again, being the head of the kitchen was always stressful and demanding. In many ways, this evening was no different, except that when the regular dining service had concluded, the night would take a radically different turn for Maria. Having agreed to be a part of the student experiment, she was filled with nervous anticipation.

Christina was the first to arrive, just as most of the staff were leaving the restaurant. When the last employee departed, the culinary students began their work in the kitchen. Christina took Maria by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Maria whispered nervously, as the bathroom door shut behind them. “In a restaurant, I mean. For goodness sake, this is my workplace!”

“With all the hours you spend here, it’s more like a second home. And there’s nothing wrong with being naked at home,” Christina quipped.

Maria took off her chef’s jacket to reveal a t-shirt, damp from the sweat that collected during her hard night’s work. She removed her shoes, then pants. Standing on paper towels, she kept her feet off the dirty floor, dressed only in her bra and panties.

Telling herself that this was like going to the doctor’s office, she removed her undergarments. Being naked in front of a student was not something she could ever have anticipated, but it happened, nonetheless. Christina seemed mesmerized by the big reveal and stared appreciatively at the naked older woman.

“You’re a dream,” the student said, as if in a trance.

After a moment, Christina shifted into action. Taking some paper towels, she wet them with lukewarm water and wiped down Maria’s body. Every inch was cleaned, starting with her neck and moving down as she went.

Staring straight ahead, Maria allowed her small breasts to be wiped clean by the eager student. Feeling her pink nipples harden, she tried not to be self-conscious.

She knew a more intimate cleaning would ensue, and sure enough, Christina’s hand moved to the space between her legs. With care, the student wiped her pussy, starting with the outer labia and then moving to the crevice between. Maria had never been treated to such careful attention in her life and she enjoyed the assistance.

“You’re ready,” Christina smiled. “Put on your jacket, but don’t worry about a bra. If you would be more comfortable, go ahead and wear your pants, but please leave off your panties. It will be faster when the time comes to get on the table.”

“It feels wrong to be topless under my chef’s jacket. I worked so hard earning it and here I am, about to take it off in front of students.”

“On the contrary, you’re exploring new ventures in cuisine. Isn’t that what this business is all about? Stimulating the taste buds and creating new experiences?”

Maria managed to smile back. “You’ve been well taught.”

The thick chef’s jacket rubbed against Maria’s nipples, keeping them stiff as she walked. It made her even more aroused for whatever was to come next.


Maria walked barefoot on the carpet of the dining room. The noises from the kitchen quieted down as the food preparation was completed. Her heartbeat rose with each passing second, as an array of wonderful aromas filled the room.

Robert had a special talent for arranging tables and creating memorable presentations, so he was in charge of the display.

“May I?” he asked, gesturing to her chef’s jacket.

Maria’s mouth went dry, yet she managed to reply. “Thank you. That’s very kind.”

She stood still as a statue while the young man unbuttoned her jacket. Being naked in front of a young woman was difficult, but to be nude in front of a young man was more challenging. Whether real or imagined, she felt sexual energy in the air.

Maria’s nipples hardened when the jacket was removed and her breasts were exposed. She closely watched Robert’s facial expression and saw a glimmer of interest in his deep brown eyes. Clearly he liked what he saw, but remained professional.

“See something you like?” she asked cheekily, pushing her chest forward.

His reply was smooth. “You’re very beautiful. We’re so lucky you agreed to help us tonight.”

“Thank you, Robert.”

She reached down to remove everything else and finally stood naked in the elegant dining room. As teacher and student faced each other awkwardly, Maria felt like she had the upper hand. Though Robert had quickly recovered, his initial reaction was undeniable. Being naked in this situation felt oddly empowering to Maria, and she could see whyJanet was so relaxed with this.

Putting her hands on her hips, Maria inquired, “What are your plans for me tonight? I’d like a heads up before we begin.”

“Well,” Robert replied. “Since this is presumably our first and only chance with you, we thought we’d go for a full course meal.”

“Full course meal? That sounds interesting. I’m assuming it will be similar to the last presentation?”

“Not exactly.”

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