After hours with strange erotic dining – part 1

This Story is part of After hours with strange erotic dining Series

It was after-hours at a posh restaurant in Florida  and a young woman lay naked across a dining table. Culinary students had helped this young Asian woman get into the right position, and judging by her incredibly erect nipples, there was excitement in the air.

The restaurant staff had already gone home except for Maria, who was the award-winning Executive Chef at this famous establishment. As a 45 year old woman, watching a small group of 20-something year old students experiment with a naked female body was jarring. She was old enough to be their mother! But her love of teaching persuaded her to assist in this sexually tinged endeavor.

This was Nyotaimori, or ‘female body presentation’ in English. It’s a Japanese practice of serving neatly arranged food on a naked body.

Having something like this happen in her restaurant was the last thing Maria had ever wanted. Her boss, a successful restaurant developer and brilliant businessman, had the idea to branch out with a new eatery centered around this theme. Whatever the boss wanted, the boss got.

The boss planned to open a Nyotaimori restaurant in a nearby city and these young culinary students would be his main employees. The naked young student, namedJanet, now rested comfortably on a table that had served thousands of wealthy customers over the last few years. Maria watched male students carefully ‘plate’ the youthful body with food she helped them prepare just moments ago.

Was she now bastardizing her beloved restaurant, destroying the stellar reputation she had helped build? Perhaps so, but tonight’s performance had purposely been kept under wraps. With that concern on the back burner, she watched the events unfold and was surprisingly aroused by the students as they toiled over the naked woman.

In a way, she had to admire them for placing food onJanet’s intimate areas with such steady hands. None of the students seemed ashamed or embarrassed by the extremely erotic process. They were all millennials who had been raised in the city. Maria recognized they had different cultural norms.

The students appeared at ease; their hands were professional and precise. The finished product was a masterpiece. The student’s breasts were tastefully covered with broad green leaves, though her dark nipples remained visible. At the last minute, dollops of sauce were deposited on the stiff peaks.

Sushi was arranged between her breasts and down her abdomen. At the level of her pelvis, sashimi fanned out from one hip to the other.Janet’s legs were parted and Maria tried not to stare at the suggestive crevice between her long lean limbs.

It seemed a shame to disrupt the living work of art, yet that is exactly what the students did. Using their fingers, they ate pieces of food from the naked body, dipping them into the sauces spread acrossJanet’s breasts. It was all so casual to them.

Nearly gasping out loud, Maria watched a male student dip his bite-sized cut of fish in between the naked woman’s legs and directly into her vagina. At that moment, Maria was positiveJanet would sit up, disrupt the carefully placed food, and slap the guy in his face.

Instead, she sawJanet giggle while the male student savored the taste of fish laced with vaginal fluids.

Watching with curious eyes, Maria realized that she was way outside her wheelhouse. As an art lover, she appreciated the beauty of naked bodies. But introducing sexuality? Was this part of Nyotaimori? Mulling over these thoughts, she continued to observe without participating in the unusual meal.


A few days later. Maria sat at a dining table with a glass of cabernet. It was late and dinner service had just ended. Listening as the kitchen staff cleaned and put away their utensils, she leaned back to relax.

Out of the blue, the boss himself, Mr. Bradley Donald, made himself comfortable in a chair across the table from her. He was typically on the road, looking for new business opportunities. Seeing him in their restaurant was a real delight.

“I need another favor,” he stated, straightening his suit while making himself comfortable.

“It’s nice to see you too,” she chuckled. “Your last favor was a bit over the top. Do you realize what I watched the other night? It was shocking, to say the least.”

Maria watched a devilish grin appear on  Bradley’s face. He had spent years encouraging her to ‘live a little.’ While appreciating her dedication to their shared restaurant, he regularly suggested she add a touch of excitement to her bland life.

“This favor involves the students. You know they’re graduating from culinary school next month, right?”

“Yes, a young gentleman named Robert informed me,” she replied.

“My new restaurant in Sacramento is moving faster than expected. Permits are up to date, the contractor is ahead of schedule and I’ve heard a number of prominent members of the city are anxious for it to open.”

“Well, since it’s in the State capital, I can imagine one or two politicians might be interested in that sort of thing.”

He shook his head at her naivete. “One or two? That’s only the tip of the iceberg. This project will be a huge success. Which means the students will need more experience working in a high-end restaurant. I need you to supervise and complete their training. I’ll compensate you well for your precious time, of course.”

“Sure, okay.”

“I’d like you to critique their food, as well,” he added. “They have a wonderful assortment so far, but I want the quality up to your standards. My clients expect perfection, and with the amount they’ll be paying, we need to deliver.”

“Do you have an executive chef for your new restaurant?”

“Unfortunately, no. Until then, you’re in charge of these students and their dishes.”

Fortunately, Maria enjoyed mentoring young students and would-be chefs. Teaching and educating was a passion of hers, especially when pupils displayed a strong passion to learn about the art of fine cooking.

From what she could see, these students had the drive and determination necessary to achieve great results in the culinary world, with or without the use of naked bodies on the dining table.

“Of course I’ll taste their food,” Maria assured him. “And I’ll give my thoughts on what can be improved.”

“Wonderful. But remember, it’s a Nyotaimori style restaurant with a California twist. This is going to be wildly popular and you should become familiar with the unique flavor profiles.”

The mischievous expression on Mr. Harris’s face made Maria squirm. Knowing her boss well, she recognized he must have something special up his sleeve.

“Can you define a California twist?” she asked, her voice laced with humor. “Adding fresh avocados to it?”

“California cuisine involves serving organic and natural flavors, as you know.”

Maria’s eyes grew wide. She knew exactly where  Bradleywas headed. She was being asked to sample what the male student had gathered betweenJanet’s legs: vaginal juices.

“I couldn’t possibly do that!” Maria sputtered.

“Why not?”  Bradley’s demeanor remained frustratingly calm.

“Well…” she began, not knowing where to start, or even why she was so upset by the prospect. “It seems unhealthy to dip food in a woman’s… you know…”

 Bradleychuckled again at her innocence. “It’s called a vagina.”

“I know that!” she snapped.

“Listen, Lizzie. It’s 2019 in California. When people come to my Nyotaimori restaurant, they know what’s involved. Look at it as the ‘spice of life.’ Trust me. It’ll be a hit.”

“It sounds like you’re really set in this direction,” she said, somewhat deflated.

Maria knew that when  Bradleypursued a goal, he was incredibly persuasive. Her fingers twisted nervously in the napkin that lay across her lap as she considered stretching her boundaries.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked. “You’re fidgeting.”

“Do you really expect me to taste it?” she inquired, hesitantly.

“The food? Of course! How else will you provide a meaningful critique?”

“You know what I mean. Do I… have to eat it… from a naked body?”

He leaned back and smiled. “That, my darling, is the big question. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal. These students have high standards. Whomever is acting as the serving platter has taken measures to ensure cleanliness.”

“Even, you know, inside? In her… vagina?” Maria whispered the last word even though they sat alone in the dining area.

 Bradleysighed, “Liz, vagina is not a dirty word. But I happen to knowJanet always makes sure that every part of her body is ready to be used as a serving vessel. Keep in mind, vaginas are the source of human life. How much more organic can you get?”

Maria gulped at the idea. “I’ll do what I can, but no promises.”

“You are, without doubt, the most professional chef with whom I’ve worked. Surely you realize the dish won’t be complete without every ingredient. In order to get the full flavor profile you really should commit fully to the entire process.”

“It’s a good thing I’m working here,” Liz replied, petulantly. “And not at your new restaurant.”

“If you do me this favor, I’ll give you equity in the restaurant. I know you’re interested in opening another restaurant, right? An all new venture? I’ll make you co-owner. Just help me with this. It’ll be a big money-maker for both of us. Frankly, the whole thing is fucking hot and my prospective clients agree.”

It was an offer Maria could not refuse. Her culinary ambitions, combined with resources from Mr. Harris, made this the offer of a lifetime.

“I’ll take you at your word,” she said, pleased with the outcome. “I love helping these students, but no promises on how far I’ll go. As long as everything is clean and orderly, I’ll take a closer look. Who knows, maybe I’ll even sample the finished product.”

“You know, I fully expected a world-renowned chef such as yourself to be a little more open-minded in this type of situation. I realize you work long hours and I’ve watched you sacrifice a personal life for this restaurant. Maybe it’s time to live a little. You’re a beautiful woman and deserve some personal happiness. You just might find that you like it.”

“We’ve become good friends over the years, but don’t push it,” she said playfully, changing the mood.

He laughed, while rising from his seat. “Have a good night, Lizzie.”

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