Amy and her coach Brenda made love

Despite being fairly exhausted from the day’s college courses, Amy still made an effort to workout at the university gym. She needed it. Frankly, she was the worst player on the softball team.

Sure, she was in good shape already, but compared to the other girls on the team, she simply wasn’t good enough and it was a miracle that she even made the team at all. The team required a minimum amount of players and Amy was that minimum.

After performing a push/pull routine with various machines, she took a breather before hitting abs. She did thirty reps in quick succession on a bench, rested for a minute, and then repeated the set two more times.

When she struggled on the last set, she looked up to see a face blocking the light. A woman randomly stood over her with a sweaty face, a messy ponytail, and a towel wrapped around her neck.

“Come on, reps, reps, reps!” the woman encouraged jokingly.

Amy instantly recognized that it was Coach Brenda. She pushed through a few extra reps on her abdominals as if to prove her toughness, then stood to greet the coach.

“Hey there,” she smiled, taking deep breaths from the workout.

Coach Brenda smiled back. “Sorry to disturb your workout. You needed a boost.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to get in better shape.”

“I’m glad to see you’re working hard,” the coach replied.

“Speaking of which, were you here the whole time? I hadn’t seen you.”

The coach wiped her face with a towel. “I was in the sauna for the past half hour. Before that I did an hour of cardio on the treadmill.”


“Are you a runner, Amy?” she asked. “How often do you run?”

“Not as much as I’d like. I run more often when there’s no school. Maybe 3-5 miles.”


“Obviously I don’t have results like you do,” Amy replied, noticing the coach’s muscles ripple when breathing. “I mean, my god, your physique is amazing.”

Coach Brenda flexed a bicep. “Thanks. Plenty of hard work.”

“I mean, seriously. You have great genetics.”

“In some ways, but in all honesty, I’m smart with my routine.”

“Any secrets?” Amy inquired. “I’d kill to have a body like yours.”

“First of all, thanks, that’s sweet. Second, be proud of the body you have. Women are too hard on themselves. I think every woman is gorgeous in her own unique way. Be yourself and rock what you’ve got.”

Amy nodded. “Oh, I definitely agree with that sentiment. But not every girl is on a sports team. In fact, I’m on YOUR team, and our odds of winning games would exponentially increase if I was in better shape.”

For added effect, Amy batted her eyelashes and the coach laughed.

“Tell me your typical workout routine and diet. Then I’ll give you some thoughts if I can.”

Amy gave a quick rundown of her usual fitness regimen and nutritional plan; everything from how she liked to run and what exercises she did.

“I think I found your problem,” Coach Brenda said in a conclusory tone.

“What is it?”

“You’ve likely reached a plateau. That’s when your body is so used to the same routine that it stops adapting, thus you aren’t making gains anymore.”

Amy pursed her lips. “Hmmm… Interesting. I’ve used the same routine for years, so you might be right.”

“Maybe lift heavier weights or try more explosive exercises. Switch things up, find something fun.”

“Any recommendations?”

“Personally, I like swimming,” the coach replied. “It’s low impact on my joints, high intensity, and it gives me a feeling of freedom when I’m in the water.”

“God, I used to love swimming as a kid. Less when our family moved to a different place. I haven’t gone swimming at all since moving to college.”

“There you go. Problem solved. Try swimming. Swim hard, swim fast, but don’t make yourself too sore, or else you won’t be able to practice softball properly. If you couple that with a good diet, you’ll notice big changes in your body.”

“The problem is that all of the nearby pools are always busy,” Amy moaned. “Especially the university pool.”

“True, which is why I always arrive on campus early and swim alone. The schedule works perfectly for me.”

“Swimming alone? That must be nice. I can only dream.”

“Am I sensing jealousy?” the coach teased. “Yes, I have the pool all to myself. It’s therapeutic for me, both physically and mentally. It’s a great way to start a busy day.”

“I’m totally jealous.”

“You’re welcome to join me, as long as you keep it a secret.”

“Are you sure?” Amy asked, taken aback by the offer.

“Why not? Will you be uncomfortable?”

“Depends. Are you a serial killer?”

Coach Brenda shook her head. “No, but I may be a serial killer who kills other serial killers, like Dexter.”

“Works for me,” Amy replied, before pausing to think. “I’m not bothering you, am I? I mean, I don’t want to disturb your private time.”

“Nonsense. I’ll be at the pool at 6:45 Monday morning. If you’re interested, be on time, and bring a towel and swimwear. We’ll have an hour alone.”

“It’s a date,” Amy smiled.

The coach gave a quizzical look. “Interesting choice of words. Anyway, I must be going and I need a shower. Sorry to interrupt your ab workout.”

“No worries. My abs suck anyway.”

The coach poked Amy’s belly. “Monday morning. I’ll show you a few good ab routines in the pool.”

“Do you think that’ll work for me?”

“It’s worked for me,” the coach replied, rubbing her own flat stomach, feeling the tight muscles.


In all seriousness, Amy was blown away by the chance to workout privately with the coach. After all, this coach was an awesome person and in fantastic shape.

Deep down, Amy always dreamt of being that girl. The girl who’d hit the winning shot, then the whole team would hoist her up on their shoulders, so she could be paraded around the field as a hero. It was unlikely, but a fantasy nonetheless.

Monday she arrived on time and greeted Coach Brenda. After unlocking the pool, switching on the lights, and turning on the heat, they went to the locker room to change. They put on their swimwear in different locker areas so they wouldn’t see each other naked.

They met at the pool area where they took a moment to admire each other’s swimwear.

“Is that new?” the coach asked.

“Yep. I bought it over the weekend.”

“Nice. Looks like you’re ready to go.”

They did their warmups and loosened their limbs for several minutes. When their bodies were warm, they dove into the pool and swam laps. Normal pace at first. Then they quickly swam back and forth between both ends of the pool, working on their strength and cardio endurance.

After ten laps with very little rest in between, they leaned against the side of the pool with their arms on the concrete.

“That was intense,” Amy huffed with a heavy breath.

“It was. And I love it.”

Amy’s heart rate moved toward normalcy. “I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow.”

Coach Brenda raised an eyebrow. “So you think we’re done already?”

“Aren’t we?” Amy replied.

“Your abs, remember? Didn’t you want to work on them?”

“I think I’ve gotten enough of a core workout from swimming those laps.”

A sadistic smile came over the coach’s lips. “Nonsense. We’re already in the pool, so we might as well do what we came here for. Follow my lead. Put your back against the wall, hold on to the concrete with your arms, and do leg raises. Like this.”

Coach Brenda led by example, putting her back against the wall, resting her arms on the concrete, then doing leg raises so that her feet would plop out of the water. She did several reps. Amy did the same but struggled after the third rep.

“This is hard,” Amy sighed, putting her feet back down. “It’s so much harder with the water adding resistance.”

“That’s the point.”

“I can’t go on.”

“Sure you can, just a few more reps.”

Amy stuck her tongue out. “Ughhh….can you help me at least?”


That was when the coach put her hands in the water to assist Amy by pressing below her lower thighs, allowing more reps to be done.

“Now, this is what I call working out,” Amy smiled as the coach helped to lift her legs for a few more reps.

“I’m surprised I haven’t scared you away yet, to be honest.”

“From the workout? I’m not the best natural athlete, but I’m not a quitter either. Even though I tried to quit a moment ago. I’m persistent when I need to be.”

Amy continued doing leg raises in the water while the coach assisted her movements.

“I mean the other thing,” Coach Brenda said. “You don’t seem like the type. That’s why I’m surprised.”

“Now I’m totally confused.”


Amy put her legs down and they looked at each other. “You alluded to something last week about not wanting to workout with me. Now you’re implying something again. Is there something I’m missing? I mean, are you a serial killer or what? I promise I won’t tell.”

“You don’t know?” the coach asked. “I’m a lesbian. I guess you’re the only girl on the team who hasn’t heard yet.”


“Didn’t you get the memo?”

“I didn’t know there was one,” Amy shrugged.

“I get that it’s 2017, and I’m not suggesting you’re homophobic or anything. But some of the girls on the team come from religious backgrounds, whose parents contribute a lot of money to this academic institution. It’s a tricky thing.”

“Are they blackmailing you?”

Coach Brenda shook her head. “No, nothing like that. It’s a long story. But basically some of the girls on the team saw me kiss a professor in the locker room.”

“A female professor?” Amy asked, hiding her surprise.

“Yes, a female professor. It was a short-lived thing. The teacher couldn’t wait and came in and we kissed. I thought we had enough privacy so I allowed it. Anyway, they saw it and were just as shocked as you are. We talked and they agreed to keep it a secret for me. However, girls will be girls, and I know they spread information about me. I’ve noticed some of the players on the team giggle when they see me. Hey, that’s life, right?”

Amy and her coach Brenda made love will continue in the next page.

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