After hours with strange erotic dining – part 2

This Story is part of After hours with strange erotic dining Series

Still completely naked with hard nipples, she watched them return their dishes to the kitchen where they were washed. It was a highly efficient operation.

“You’re brave,” Christina said.

Maria thought for a moment. “To be honest, I’m still dazed and could really use some wine.”

“I’ll get you a glass.”

“Let me. I keep the good stuff hidden. Want to join me? Something for all of us, perhaps.”

Proudly naked, Maria walked to the kitchen, enjoying the feel of the carpet on her bare feet. Once there, the cold tile was a bit uncomfortable and she walked on her toes in an attempt to stay warm. The flavor of Ben’s cum was still in her mouth, and she enjoyed the naughty taste lingering.

She grabbed a bottle from her secret stash in a back closet and uncorked the wine. Enjoying a glass while watching the students finish their chores, she was happy to share when they finished. As they approached with glasses of their own, she poured a bit for everyone.

It gave Maria a rush to stand naked in a circle with the students, especially since they had all shared such an intimate encounter. It was oddly empowering and incredibly hedonistic. Raising her glass high, she felt sexually liberated for the first time in her life.

“To  Bradley,” she said. “Our perverted boss who’s taught me so much about life, business, and my sexuality.”

They laughed and drank and laughed some more.

Afterwards, as Maria dressed to go home, she didn’t bother to put on her bra or panties. The evening had opened her eyes to a whole new world and she planned to move forward with confidence.

The End

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