After hours with strange erotic dining – part 2

This Story is part of After hours with strange erotic dining Series

The group seemed pleased and Maria blushed, her body still rocking from the gentle fuck.

Ben went to her other breast, where another sauce was displayed. His tasting technique was completely different. Sucking hard, his masculine power was unmistakable. Maria almost came on the spot, but he pulled away in the  Bradleyof time. Now both of her nipples were wet with saliva and totally hard.

“You’re right,” Ben announced, licking his lips. “The sauce I made seems more intense. Maria is delicious.”

The culinary group’s assessment of her flavor made Maria feel appreciated. This was the ultimate turn-on for her, as a chef, and more so as a woman. She never was so incredibly horny and yearned for more attention.

Ben said to the group, “Let’s move on to the next sauce.”

In no hurry, Robert continued and Maria expected to just lay there and enjoy the fuck. If other students wanted to suck her nipples or lick elsewhere, all the better.

Instead, she was in for yet another shock when Ben stood right beside her face, sporting an exposed and erect penis.

“What are you doing?” Maria asked, forcing those words out while Robert maintained his steady pace.

Ben looked confused, with his cock in hand. “Mr. Harris said you’d be okay handling this particular sauce. Is something wrong?”

Ah, the boss again! Maria had a meeting with him next Monday and would surely give him an earful. She had plenty of choice words for the boss, but until then, she had students to ‘mentor.’

“It’s ok. I don’t mind,” Maria moaned, wondering what would come next.

“Thank you. I’m usually pretty quick.”

With that said, Ben stepped forward and inserted his hard cock into Maria’s surprised mouth. Though initially stunned, she relented and accepted his entrance.

It was one thing to be fucked in front of this group of youngsters because it was a passive act. But to actually suck one of their dicks? Though humiliating, it gave her a massive rush because of the kink factor.

“Have you… done this before?” Ben asked cautiously, when there was little going on.

Feeling insulted, Maria was shocked into action. She was a chef and should have special skills when dealing with matters of oral pleasure. How dare he question her!

Extending her tongue, she relaxed her airway and sucked Ben’s sizable erection. It had been a while, but apparently sucking a cock was like riding a bike. She soon fell into a comfortable rhythm, alternating between swirling her tongue on the underside of his cock and taking him far down into her throat.

“Wow! What a mouth!” Ben hollered, in amazement.

With glee, Maria felt Robert increase his speed and depth of penetration. Being busy at both ends was a new experience for her and one she greatly enjoyed. Receiving pleasure from Robert spurred her to give even more pleasure to Ben. It was as if she was a conduit for sexual energy. She felt both men begin to tremble as her own body coiled tightly, awaiting its own release.

“I’m going to cum!” Ben cried out, as Maria continued to suck his cock.

Surely he wasn’t going to cum in her mouth, she thought, with her lips still tightly wrapped around him. She definitely didn’t know him well enough to swallow his load. That level of intimacy was reserved for steady relationships.

Releasing her suction, she parted her lips and freed Ben’s hard dick. As far as she was concerned, he could cum someplace else and the culinary students could use it as they saw fit.

Shockingly, Ben kept his dick pointed right at her mouth, grunting and stroking towards completion. She knew what he wanted, what they all expected. If not for the fact that she was on the verge of her own orgasm, she might have resisted. But in that moment, she acquiesced, keeping her mouth wide open for his ejaculation.

Still being forcefully fucked, Maria’s mouth received a hefty amount of cum from Ben. Every crevice in her mouth was coated with his pungent load. Normally, she’d swallow to prevent herself from gagging, but she knew this group had other important plans in mind.

When Ben’s orgasm abated, he stepped back and allowed the others access to Maria’s mouth. Her head was tipped back and cum dripped from her mouth down her cheeks. Instead of being ashamed, she was proud to play such a vital role in the education of these fine students.

Andrea,Janet and Christina stood in a semicircle around her head. After taking a moment to compliment her performance, they each grabbed a small piece of cheese from the collection which was fanned out across her torso. Then, the female students dipped it in the cum and saliva concoction that flowed forth from Maria’s mouth. Promptly, they gobbled up the glazed appetizer.

Watching the sensual display affected Maria profoundly. But, as Robert’s movements became more frenetic, she knew he would soon make his own culinary deposit. Having been on the cusp of orgasmic bliss for so long, the change in his cadence finally pushed her over the edge.

Maria came… hard. She felt her pussy contract and spasm around the male student’s cock. In turn, she studied his face as he reached his own climax. Remaining silent, he didn’t cry out as he sprayed his cum into her pussy. However, his drawn-out moan did convey immense satisfaction.

Just as Ben had stepped aside, so did Robert. However, in a display of chivalry, both male students anchored Maria’s trembling legs. It was a relief to have their help and, as their teacher, she was proud of their teamwork.

The experience came full circle asJanet approached and stood between Maria’s legs. When this journey first began, the roles had been reversed, withJanet lying naked in front of Maria, who had been wearing a chef’s jacket. Now, the teacher was naked, well-fucked, and drenched in cum while the student looked like the culinary professional. It just confirmed to Maria that it was possible to be both teacher and student at the same time.

“It is time for the next course,”Janet said, looking down into Maria’s cream pie. “If Mother Nature is a true chef, then this is the finest she has to offer.”

The Asian student leaned forward, pressed her lips to the teacher’s vagina and sucked. Maria squirmed in pleasure, noting the Asian woman was very gentle. As the cum juice was being sucked out of her pussy, Maria’s body felt thoroughly spent: her mouth fucked, her nipples sucked and her pussy drilled. The oral attention she received fromJanet was the cherry on top.

She felt Robert’s cum flowing intoJanet’s mouth, which is something she never thought she’d experience.Janet’s tongue probed and collected every drop of available nectar and Maria was impressed with her technique. Vaguely, she wondered what it would be like to reverse positions, yet again.

When it was over, the student stood up with a mouth full of cum. Maria watched, wondering what would happen next.

The girls gathered aroundJanet and took turns tongue-kissing the Asian student, careful not to waste a single drop of the precious cum mixture. When each female student had an equal amount in their mouths, they gulped.

“This combination has exceeded our expectations,”Janet smiled after swallowing.

The other women agreed.


As always, the culinary students were meticulous in their clean up. Maria held still while they wiped down her body with wet towels. Then they used dry towels to complete the cleansing process.

Putting her bare feet on the floor, Maria stood up and watched them wipe the table clean. Smiling to herself, she wondered who’d eat there tomorrow, on the table where she had just been fucked and devoured. Would those customers even mind if they knew?

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