Nipple business for new business

This is a story about big nipple problem.

Charlotte Becking arrives in my office for a private meeting. Our group will be hearing her pitch tomorrow, but she wants some advice first. She’s seeking a 3.5 million dollar initial investment and we’re actively looking for more female entrepreneurs to invest in.

What I can say about Ms. Becking is that she’s a 27 year old Harvard graduate who majored in business. Thin, regular style of dress, long black hair. Lots of extra-curricular activities at university. Lots of internships. A few accolades. A decent paying Wall Street job that she quit. Overall, an impressive resume for her age.

She’s sitting in front of my desk. Next to my laptop is her portfolio regarding her startup bra company, which contains business strategy and distribution plans. The name of their bra line is ‘BNP‘ which is uninspiring to be honest.

It’s our first time meeting and she’s an absolute gem. When the time is right and our pleasantries are done, I broach the main topic.

“Why a bra company?”

Charlotte  sits upright as if we’re in a classroom and she’s the top student. Her eyes light up, her posture is perfect. She takes a deep breath.

“Representation,” she says. “Growing up, I never felt like the bra industry spoke to women like me. Asian American women are rarely presented as desirable, without being reduced to a fetish. We’ve been underserved by traditional bra industries and it’s really harmful that so many young girls feel like they need to look a certain way.

She continues, “Body type is also a big factor. The most stylish bra lines tend to cater to bustier women. What we’re hoping to accomplish is something that caters to women with my body type. Thin, flatter, who also need to feel sexy. It’s geared towards Asian Americans, but of course, we celebrate everyone.”

Well-rehearsed. Practiced. I like that. So far this is going well. Charlotte  speaks with conviction, which is always a great sign.

I glance down at her chest. A-cups. No wonder she’s so passionate about this. I hadn’t noticed how small they were when she entered my office, because I always focus on the eyes and posture and manner of dress.

“Your business partner is also Asian, I’m assuming.”

She nods. “That’s right. We were roommates at Harvard and we majored in business. We’re best friends, basically.”

“Interesting. And I’m assuming your business partner knows you’re here.”

“That’s correct. I actually have an awkward question for you.”

“Ah, I was wondering when you’d get to the point. What’s on your mind?”

“The name of our business,” she says. “Well, the potential name. We’re still tinkering with the meaning.”

BNP. Not bad. Not great, either.”

“Officially, it stands for Bras North Pacific, which pays tribute to our Asian roots, along with being raised on the west coast of America.”

“What’s the unofficial meaning?”

Big Nipple Problems.

I laugh. “Cute. I like that.”

“Not exactly a name that can be displayed in department stores, which is why we went with BNP, a much safer choice.”

“You’ve piqued my interest,” I say.

This conversation breathes new life. My eyes go down for a split second, those small breasts present something different. If she’s making a bra for big nipples, then I wonder how big hers must be.

“Thank you,” she says. “What do you think about the name? Should I mention the true meaning tomorrow in front of the other investors?”

I think for a moment. “Not yet. Too provocative.”

“Makes sense.”

“I’m assuming you have big nips.”

She nods. “Yep.”

“Tell me more about your product. Does it truly cater to big nippled women as the name suggests?”

“It does. Before it used to be difficult for large breasted or heavy-set women to find bras that fit. The industry evolved. Now heavy-set women are prominently displayed on posters at Victoria’s Secret, with a variety of bras made for them.

She continues, “Our goal is to do something for women, particularly Asian women who are built like me. Slender, small-chested, often equipped with big nips. In the current market, if you buy a thin bra for A-cups, you risk having pokies while wearing a shirt. If you buy something with thicker padding, then it almost looks like body armor that shifts around. Our bra solves these problems. We’ll bring a variety for tomorrow’s pitch meeting.”

“You amazing me.”

“In a good way, I hope.”

Her voice squeaked when she said that. Her smile is warm. She’s well-rehearsed in the points she wants to make. I like that. I tap the folder on my desk.

“The business plan in your portfolio is solid. You’re well-spoken. Would you like some advice?”

“Sure, please.”

“Lean more towards a personal story. Tell me more about your passion. I’ll help you craft a better pitch for tomorrow’s meeting.”

“Where should I start?”

I gesture to her chest. “Start there, without being obscene.”

Charlotte  looks down, covers her chest with the palms of her hands, then looks at me and blushes. I see the love/hate relationship she has with her body. She wants to delve deeper, but something is holding her back.

“That’s borderline impossible. In some cultures, the very topic of breasts are obscene by default.”

I smile at her. “Give it a try. This is between us.”

“Only if you insist.”

“The floor is yours, Ms. Becking, tell me what makes you tick.”

“Okay, well, I used to have a toxic relationship with my breasts. I was ashamed of them as a teenager. When I got accepted to Harvard, I thought I’d ditch my insecurities, but that wasn’t the case. I found myself being weirdly jealous after the gym. Locker room showers can be spellbinding. Can parts of this stay between us?”

“Of course.”

“Thanks, it was my first time showering with other women. That was when my insecurities blew up. Some girls had perfect athletic figures. Perfect breasts. Some had pointy nipples, some were tiny. The white girls tended to have small pink nipples, while other girls had browner shades. I was really into fitness, but I was naturally skinny and flat-chested. Huge nipples, as I’ve mentioned.

She continues, “I still remember going into the showers for the first time. Getting naked. Knowing the other girls would see me. The first few times, I kept my hands over my breasts and showered facing the walls. I was fine with showing my bare ass or crotch, but was scared of how my nipples would be perceived. They’re not freakish or anything, just larger than average. Noticeable.

She continues, “That was my introduction to being a Harvard student. My parents were so happy because I achieved the American dream by going to such a prestigious place. I worked so hard in my classes. I studied all the time, I was even part of a study-group. I joined clubs and tried to make new friends. But I found it ironic that I spent so much time stressing about my body, while everyone else seemed to blossom.”

“Was there a point when your view changed?”

“Yes, when I allowed myself to keep my hands down in the shower. It was a few weeks later. I mustered the courage to walk butt naked into the showers like every other girl. My nipples even turned erect. Heads turned. Girls looked. No one teased me. In fact, the opposite happened. You know how university girls are. Curious. About sex. I had plenty of glances. Some outright stares. If anything, it became easier to make friends.”

“Sounds like your attributes were a big hit.”

“For sure, but not how you’re implying. Nobody made a move. I guess I didn’t give off the correct lesbian vibes. The important thing was learning to love my body. To own it.”

“I wasn’t implying anything suggestive. But your story is totally relatable. I’ll help you craft a personal statement tonight, then I’ll email you.”

She smiles. “Thank you.”

“How about business strategy? Anything exciting you want to discuss?”

“We’re hoping for a strong roll-out during the holiday season. We’re in contact with a few downtown retailers who believe in our product.”

“Nice,” I say. “Sounds like you’re ahead of the curve.”

“We’re lucky. Plus we have a cool designer who made the bras and marketing material.”

“Really? Who’s your designer?”

“Isabelle in New York.”

“Interesting choice. I’m familiar with some of her work.”

“Yeah, she’s a creative force. Isabelle somehow convinced me to be part of the marketing campaign. Nothing with my face, so it’s semi-anonymous. It might be used for promotions and advertisements.”

“That’s quite a leap from being the shy girl at Harvard.”

“I know, I know,” she says. “But this is part of my personal growth.”

“Will you show any of the photographs during your presentation tomorrow?”

She cringes. “I’m still deliberating.”

“What’s stopping you? You’re obviously very beautiful.”

“Thanks. But let’s just say that I feel more comfortable when it’s anonymous.”

“You raise a fair point. I’d crawl into a hole if anyone saw pictures of me shirtless.”

“How about topless?” she asks.

“Isabelle took topless shots of you?”

“A few.”

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