After hours with strange erotic dining – part 2

This Story is part of After hours with strange erotic dining Series

The clanging of pots from the kitchen died down as she heard the other students preparing their food for transport to the dining area.

“Oh? What are you planning?” she asked.

“A full plating with all the sauces. Mr. Harris said you’d be okay with that.”

“Oh did he,” she replied curiously, realizing her boss had set her up for this exhibition. “What exactly does that entail?”

“You know, all the mixtures. Cum service, that sort of thing.” Robert rushed over the last part, as if trying to minimize the gravity of his comment.

Maria was aghast and thought she must have misunderstood. But before she could put an end to this folly, the student chefs emerged from the kitchen, proudly showcasing their work. No fewer than 10 plates and bowls appeared and were she not in her current position, she would have been excited.

The group of students all commented on how gorgeous Maria looked, causing her to flush from the praise. After offering his hand like a true gentleman, Robert escorted her onto the table. Once she sat on the cold wooden surface, she knew there would be no going back.

Working in the kitchen for years had given Maria a spine of steel. She had grown used to functioning well under intense pressure, night after night. But this was different because of the highly erotic atmosphere. Her students literally stared directly at her hard pink nipples and exposed pussy.

While lowering herself, she chose to focus on the ceiling lights. Perhaps, if she pretended this was the doctor’s office, she could remain detached enough to persevere. By no means did she intend to accidentally cum in front of everyone.

But then again, she remembered what Robert said. *Cum Service* What on earth did that involve? She prayed it only meant students would taste food from between her legs. That, she could live with. The other possibilities seemed shocking, to say the least.

As the students continued to compliment her nude body, Maria smiled. Attempting to ignore the strange excitement building within her core, she continued to stare at the ceiling. The students studied her skin closely, examining every line and curve as if it was some great work of art. By the time they focused on her nipples and labia, she was actually proud they had chosen her as their vessel.

“This may tickle a little,” Robert said. “Don’t worry though, we’re highly proficient at this process.”

Maria watched him smile as they got to work, plating food on her body. They began with sauces and garnish while explaining that savory items would be added later.

Having so many hands in contact with her bare skin was overwhelming for Maria. Closing her eyes, she decided to pretend she was at a gynecologist’s office. Suddenly, her legs were lifted, bent and spread. She didn’t resist but wondered why she was placed in such a lewd position. Were students actually looking inside her womanly hole?

One by one, the students retreated and she opened her eyes, trying to take stock of the situation. Both nipples were coated in a creamy warm substance and bite-sized pieces of cheese lay along her sternum. Small slices of beef carpaccio were artfully placed at the level of her pelvis. And her freshly shaved pussy was shamelessly exposed.

It was the moment of truth and Maria wondered which brave soul would be the first to try food from her body. She was anxious for the real action to begin and hoped the students approved of the way her own flavor profile combined with that of the food.

However, only one student stepped forward. In her peripheral vision, she saw Robert moving between her legs and unzipping his pants.

“What are you doing?” she asked, careful not to move for fear of making a mess.

He dropped his pants. “Cum service, remember? Mr. Harris insisted you’d be okay with this part.”

“Did he?” Maria squeaked. “Is this really necessary?”

Robert paused, “We planned on a mixture of semen and pussy juice to complete the dish. Do you want me to stop?”

Being naked at work was one thing, but being fucked in front of the students was outrageous!

However, the body presentation had been so thoughtfully arranged. Letting down the students at this point would make her a poor teacher. And if she were truly honest with herself, she was aching for a good fuck. It had been so long and the entire process made her feel hot, bothered and more importantly… sexy. Maybe this is exactly what she needed?

“Go ahead,” she said softly, resigned to her fate.

Robert was sincere as he replied. “We’ll treat you respectfully. It’s the first time we have involved someone outside our group and we’re so honored you agreed. Just relax and let us do what we do best.”

Maria cringed at the word *we*. Was this going to be a group effort? She wondered… what had she just agreed to do?

Then she felt the tip of Robert’s hard cock press against her widely spread labia. His hands grasped her knees, holding her firmly in position. As he penetrated her body, she gasped, not only from the stretch on her underused pussy, but also from the shocking reality. She was officially being fucked by her student, while others watched.

“Oh goodness,” she moaned, gripping the edges of the table.

Robert stopped. “Are you okay?”

“I… I haven’t had sex in a really long time. And, you’re so thick… and long.”

She saw him smile and felt embarrassed by her candid admission. Though her work schedule had gotten in the way of her dating life, it was ironically the impetus for what was shaping up to be a wild ride.

Maria was surprised at the restraint shown by Robert. He slowly rocked back and forth, careful not to disrupt the colorful display of food. The first few thrusts bordered on pain, due to his size. But her pussy soon relaxed and graciously accepted his cock.

To her left, she watched Christina bend over her nipple. Was her student going in for a taste? Now, of all times? When Christina’s mouth engulfed the sauce coated pink nipple, she had her answer. This was the first time a female had sexual contact with Maria and it was simply exquisite.

Christina sucked slowly, while using her tongue to massage the sensitive skin. Maria groaned as the breast stimulation heightened that of her pussy fucking. Feeling vulnerable in front of the other students only pushed her higher towards what promised to be an epic orgasm.

Christina pulled away, smacking her lips together. “Delicious! The sauce is great, and I think Maria’s nipple gives it extra flavor.”

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