A refreshing beginning – 5

“A refreshing beginning” Part-5 Continues…

“And a…how will ah….will you…be paying for the room?” He asked the couple, sounding out of breath.

“Cash,” came the response, which told me as well as Jacob I’m sure, that this couple was no doubt here on some clandestine meeting with one another. Another reason I was suddenly not really worried any more. Having undone his belt as well by this time, it was an easy process to suddenly yank down on his jeans, which easily came away, falling half-way down his legs, along with his jockey shorts. I knew then I had him right where I wanted him.

As he stood obviously making change, and having them fill out the necessary paperwork, I wormed my finger up inside his ass, though he tried almost desperately to keep me from doing so. All to no avail of course.

I could almost see him sweating, and wondered how he must have looked to them as his balls almost immediately tightened, his dick throbbing fiercely inside my mouth. Poor Jacob was going to explode any moment now, and I was bound and determined to see to it that he did. I drove my finger even deeper then, fucking his ass with it as I once more suctioned just the head of his cock, something I knew he enjoyed more than just about anything. The first hard-felt spurt came as no real surprise as the man spoke.

“We were sort of wondering, if you had room service?”

Jacob had virtually filled my mouth, damn near drowning me with his copious discharge. I could almost see him gripping the counter as he responded back. “Ah…ah, sorry. No, ah…ahh…only, only on the…the weekends,” he barely managed.

I allowed a bit of Jacob’s cream to spill out of the corner of my mouth, and then as an afterthought, reached down, pulling my sweater up and over my tits, exposing them. I then stood, a smile on my face, cum drool clinging to one side of my mouth. The surprise on everyone’s faces, especially Jacob’s as I suddenly appeared out of nowhere, speaking.

“I guess that mostly depends on the kind of room-service you’re looking for.” I then licked my lips, smiling sweetly, and casually pulled my top back down over my breasts again. Although there was at first initial surprise and even shock on the young couple’s faces, those quickly turned to knowing smiles.

“If you’re offering,” the woman spoke almost hopefully. The sudden tension immediately evaporated as everyone…including Jacob, laughed. Though this was of course a very, very nervous laugh.

“Hired help?” The young man asked, grinning at me, his eyes only then looking up since I’d finally covered my breasts again.

“Nope. His sister,” I responded to that. “Just came in to say hello,” I stated, and then walked nonchalantly back around the counter and out the doors again. I figured I’d hear about it later. But it had been well worth it, just seeing the looks on everyone’s faces when I had stood up.

I reached my car, glancing at my watch. Including the drive home, I’d been arriving just a little over an hour since I’d left. Cooper as hell now, I sat, fingering myself all the way home. I was soon going to get to see Antony’s nice hard cock. And even more importantly, I was going to see mother fucking it too!

Bound and gagged – Chapter Eleven

Though I was pretty sure they had certainly finished dinner, and had gone downstairs to their bedroom, I was quiet as a mouse coming in. As the alarm hadn’t been set, I knew there wouldn’t be any problems coming in, and having Antony seeing that. (Though at the time I had no idea he wouldn’t be able to anyway).

I stood at the top of the stairs listening for a moment, smiling when all I did hear was the sound of music playing, coming up from their bedroom, which told me two things. One…the music would definitely mask any sound I might make coming down the stairs. And two…whatever was going on at the moment, mom was making sure that Antony was obviously well occupied.

I silently crept down the stairs, reaching the landing and again stopping to listen. But all I again heard was the sound of music playing off in the distance. In addition, I noticed that the door to their bedroom was indeed open, soft light spilling out into the hall, but knowing as I approached, that I’d be able to easily see whatever was going on at the moment.

The reality was, it was mom’s turn to surprise me.

I peeked around the edge of the door and damn near fell over. Mom was waiting for me, in a way, currently sucking and licking Antony’s cock. Seeing movement, she looked up and away from his prick, holding a finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet, though simultaneously grinning from ear to ear. Antony was bound to the bed, spread-eagled. Mom had secured his wrists and feet with several soft scarves, along with covering his eyes. In addition to that, I noticed he also had a ball-gag stuffed in his mouth, unable to speak.

But what truly drew my eyes, was the fact mom had put on some sort of cock-ring around his dick, as well as his balls. Jacob obviously always seemed to have a steely-hard dick, but looking at Antony’s as I stood there in the doorway, fully exposed now, he had nothing to be ashamed of. Not only that, but Antony’s prick was almost purple in color,

and I wondered briefly if it wasn’t actually painful as hard as it was. Even when mom merely finger-tipped it, swiping some free-flowing juice off the head, Antony jumped, moaning softly around the ball-gag in his mouth, the effect of which produced even more juice as I stood there watching her teasing him that way. She waved me in, again holding a finger up to her lips, though mouthing the words, “get undressed!” I hurriedly stripped off my clothes, tossing them out in the hallway for later, so there’d be no misplaced, tell-tale evidence that I’d even been there. And then boldly walked into the room.

“Would you like to kiss my nipples with your cock?” Mom asked. “Make your dick throb twice for yes, and once for no,” she told him. Obviously that was a no-brainer, though it was fun watching him work his prick-muscles, making his cock bounce twice rapidly. “Very well. Just make sure you kiss them nice for me, with plenty of cock spit,” she urged, squeezing Antony’s shaft, which easily produced the liquid she was hoping to see.

To my surprise, she beckoned to me, pointing at my breasts. I leaned forward, mom’s hand wrapped around Antony’s cock as she began rubbing the head of his dick directly against my nipple, smearing his lubrication over the very sensitive tip.

Just that simple act sending a flood of my own desire coursing through my pussy. I could feel it pooling inside as mom switched tits, now rubbing Antony against my other nipple. “Good boy,” she said, giving his prick a quick appreciative lick. “And as a reward for that, now you can feel a bit of my juice on your dick-head as a further treat.”

Mom was Cooper. That unbridled, decadent side of her had emerged in full force. She was enjoying this to the maximum. The danger of what we were doing, Antony totally unaware that his soon to be step-daughter was rubbing her tits against his cock, or rather that his soon to be wife…was rubbing her soon to be husband’s prick against her daughter’s breasts, was intensifying mom’s arousal level.

Unashamedly, she reached down between her legs, easily inserting two, and then three fingers inside herself, withdrawing them a moment later with what appeared to be an abundance of that creamy white froth I had now had the pleasure of seeing her produce. Still holding his cock, she now smeared it over his bulbous head, likewise skimming it down his shaft, playfully teasing him.

“You like that nasty sauce?” She asked again unnecessarily. “Throb for me, this time three times for yes.” He quickly did that, almost causing me to laugh, just barely managing to contain myself. “Would you like to feel that again?” She asked. And once again his prick bounced erotically. Mom pointed at me however, eyebrows raised in question as she likewise looked directly at my pussy. I smiled, nodding my head, and then emulated her, slipping two fingers inside myself. And though the cum-poi I produced, and emerged with on my fingers, wasn’t quite as creamy-like in substance as mom’s had been, it was damn slick and slippery nevertheless.

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