She is my time – 2

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“She is my time” Part-2 Continues….

At the sound of Mila’s voice I rolled out of the bed, startled out of my wits. Even as I did this however, I could hear Thomas’s laugh.

“You wish,” she’d said, still laughing. “Though actually…so do I. But unfortunately, it’s not at all what you think.”

Thomas then introduced us, and began explaining to her everything that had happened, and why I’d been laying there on her bed naked. Though the way she’d said it, it still sounded pretty far-fetched even to me. Of course, everything was anyway, though they had no idea just how far-fetched all this really was to begin with!

“Is he going to be alright?” Mila now asked, actually sounding worried for me. Which made me smile inside, knowing that she actually cared.

“I don’t know. I certainly hope so,” I told her, starting to get dressed again, grateful for the snug fitting pair of jeans that Thomas had loaned me, along with the somewhat loose-fitting bra and blouse she had given me as well. I still felt a little weird putting them on even then.

“Obviously…you don’t have any plans for dinner.” Thomas stated. Which was true, I didn’t. Though I also knew I had plenty to eat that I could fix. I figured that just because I was now a woman, I wouldn’t have any problems doing that for myself, but then said..

“Actually, no…I don’t. Is there some place around here close by that’s any good?”

The girls looked at one another smiling. “Do you like Italian?”


We agreed to meet back at their place in a little over an hour. Time enough for me to take the extra apartment key they had given me so I could let myself back into my own apartment. It felt very strange walking into my own place, as though I was a visitor rather than actually living there. I quickly took a shower, which at least felt familiar and comfortable, even though washing the body,

“Maria’s body,” I reminded myself…didn’t. But at least I was totally alone. And though I still had this nagging thought somewhere in the back of Maria’s head, that what I was doing was still some sort of violation of her privacy perhaps, there was really no help for it. After all, what other choice did I really have here?

One thing was for sure, as I stood there beneath the shower, letting the soothing hot water cascade over me, I couldn’t help but stand there cupping my breasts. Well…Maria’s breasts anyway, which I had to constantly keep reminding myself. They weren’t mine. They were Maria’s. I was just sort of borrowing them for the moment. But, since I was…

I still couldn’t get over how sensitive her tits were. Those delicious tingles that stirred as I tapped her nipples with her fingertips. I then pulled on them just a little, twisting to some extent, learning the extremes, the does and don’ts of her body. And still delighted with that invisible, almost immediate bridge between nipples and clit that sent out a firestorm of unbridled lust and desire as I stood there doing that. At least with the mirror, I had finally gotten a fairly good look at my pussy. You know what I mean. Once more a delightful surprise.

All that pink inviting flesh, labia that seemed to swell and fill with erotic desire, which they were of course doing now. Not to mention the tiny protruding finger that made a separate appearance, like my own cock did as it hardened, peeling back the foreskin on my shaft. Only in miniature. Finding immediate delight in the simple friction, or soft caressing touch of a single finger that brought as much pleasure, intensity to my cunt, as I did while stroking the full length of my rock hard shaft.

Strange that I found myself actually missing that to some extent. Somewhat like I had heard about amputee’s missing a limb, feeling like it was still there, still attached, even though it no longer was. That was a little unnerving, even though playing with, and fondling her clit felt heavenly. That…and having breasts of course. My hands were drawn back to them almost at will. A reminder that I’d have to be careful in doing that when I was out and about anywhere. Much like the simple adjustment I’d made to my bra there in the elevator. I’m sure that wasn’t a normal occurrence for women, especially with other men standing around at the time.

Being a woman was a hell of a lot harder than it appeared, that was for damn sure!

I gave myself a small…but nice little orgasm, and then forced myself to get out of the shower. I still had a couple of phone calls to make, the first to check on how I was doing of course. And the second, to find out what it was going to take to get Maria’s luggage and belongings out of the car.

I towel dried my long hair…which took forever, once again something I sure as hell wasn’t used to doing. And then wrapped the bath towel around my waist. I realized almost immediately that probably wasn’t the way it was normally done. Not with my twin spheres sitting there staring at me again, though glad I didn’t have anyone in the apartment with me at the time either, so I left them out like that. I then took a look at myself in the mirror.

“Fuck!” I immediately exclaimed. I had washed off every bit of Maria’s make up! Not that she wasn’t attractive without it, but there was no mistaking the fact, I looked entirely different with a plain face here. And there was no way in hell I was going to be able to do much about that either. I ruffled through her purse, found what she carried by way of “touch up” cosmetics and made a feeble attempt at adding color…anything.

But all I managed to do was make myself look like a two-bit hooker. So I soon washed that off. “Fuck it!” I then added to that. And settled for some lip-gloss. Mila didn’t appear to wear much if any make up, so perhaps with my not wearing any either, it wouldn’t appear too terribly strange. Not like I was going out anywhere…not yet anyway.

As it turned out, I’d be able to get my luggage and personal belongings easily enough, using Maria’s identification. But then I realized something else. Glancing at her driver’s license, and signature, I tried writing her name.

I wrote it in my own hand.

“Fuck!” I said again. All I could do was feign some sort of hand injury or something, maybe even wrap it in an ace bandage, and then scribble something that looked even remotely close to her actual signature. I could only hope that the fact my face at least was hers…would be good enough.

Calling the hospital, I had learned there was no change. I was still in a coma, though again told that I was resting comfortably, and honestly expected to come out of it at any time. I actually had mixed emotions about that happening. What if I did? Or rather…she did. What then? It was too confusing to even try thinking about for the moment. I’d have to deal with that when and if the time came. Right now, I am starving. And I had a dinner engagement next door with my two beautiful, lesbian friends.


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