She is my time

This is a new story called “She is my time” let’s begin…. I was standing in the baggage claim at the airport waiting for my cousin Maria. It had been nearly a year since I had seen her last, something we had always enjoyed doing. As cousins go, we were very close. Perhaps not nearly as close as I’d fantasized about, but we were close. We enjoyed one another’s company, and always looked forward to these almost too short visits.

The thing about Maria was, she was flirtatious as hell around me. Very often our conversations were filled with innuendos, flirtatious banter back and forth. And comfortable enough, that there was very little we couldn’t discuss with one another, including our current (or in my case) not so current sex-lives.

But it had never gone beyond that. Though I wasn’t sure that with a little more effort on either one of our parts, it possibly could have. Even our kisses in greeting had been chaste. Sure, affectionate yes, but never once had we locked lips in such a way that we’d qualify for being “kissing-cousins”, as much as I would have liked that.

I stood waiting, watching the escalator for her to finally appear. When she did, she saw me at almost the same moment I saw her. Her immediate smile lit up the room, or so it seemed anyway. The fact she hadn’t changed much was no surprise. Long brown hair, the same color as my own, that fell easily and comfortably about her slim frame. Maria had sparkling blue eyes, a smile that could melt any man, and a body to match, though I’d never gotten much of a look at it outside of a few times when she’d worn a bikini around me.

It had been enough however to light the fires of many long evenings just fantasizing about her. I guess you could say she had 34C, or large B cup breasts. Either way, they looked bigger than they probably were on her curvy frame. The fact she enjoyed showing them off to some extent was another one of those flirtatious kinds of teases of hers. The fact she had come to visit with me, and dressed as sexy as she was (at least I thought so anyway) just reaffirmed the kind of relationship we had with one another.

I noticed almost immediately the somewhat short pleated blue skirt she had on, along with the tight form fitting pullover sweater that was a complimentary color of blue, low cut just enough to give hint at the swell of her sensual breasts.

I almost broke through the barrier just to gather her up in my arms in order to hug her. But she saved me the embarrassment of doing that by rushing through the obstacle course in order to get to me first. In seconds we were hugging one another almost crazily. I am sure that people who were standing around us thought us to be a couple, separated for a time perhaps for some unknown reason. I honestly wished it was actually like that.

“So Maria, how was the flight?” I asked, still holding her hand as we made our way over to the carousel to await the arrival of her luggage.

“Too long,” she laughed. “I’m looking forward to a nice hot shower, and something decent to eat. And not necessarily in that order either!” She grinned, once more hugging me. It was hard not to notice the press of her full breasts against me as she did that.

And I again wondered if she wasn’t getting some sort of a kick out of doing that to begin with. I’d never tried to hide the fact I was a bit of a breast man, and had even once commented on hers when we’d gotten into a discussion about things like that. I’d told her then, I thought she had an amazing body, and any man lucky enough to land her one day would make me jealous upon doing that.

She had laughed of course, once more leaning over to give me an affectionate kiss on the cheek. But I had felt the press and near caress of her breasts against my bare arm that time too. Like I said, Maria could tease me to death in the most subtle of ways, though I think we both knew damn good and well what she was doing to me.

It wasn’t long before we had piled her luggage in the backseat of my car, quickly getting onto the freeway from there for the short thirty-minute drive back to my place. We were both anxious to get there of course, and by the looks of it, just a few minutes ahead of the normal rush hour traffic. We were doing our usual catch-up when I just happened to catch unexpected movement out of the corner of my eye. That’s when I looked over towards Maria and whatever it was that didn’t seem normal.

In hindsight. It’s just like everyone says. Suddenly everything I remember seemed to be happening in slow motion. Whoever was driving the other car, came up the on ramp at a much higher rate of speed than even we were traveling. And maybe, he/she didn’t see us, I don’t honestly know. All I do know is Maria suddenly aware that something wasn’t right either, looking over, and then screaming.

Though I’m not sure I remember the scream, maybe because we both were. I do remember looking over to my left, but there was another car in the lane next to me, though I didn’t have time to react even if there hadn’t been. Once again…in slow motion, I heard and then felt the sudden impact of the car slamming into us, the screech of brakes being applied, though too little too late. If anything, I honestly believe that had made it worse.

Clipping the back corner of our car, sending us into what initially was a tailspin. And then after that, we were weightless. I know the car rolled, though I have no idea how many times, or what actually happened after that.

What I did see, when I realized I was looking…scared the hell out of me.


And just like some of the other stories you’ve maybe heard, I found myself looking down at myself, or at the scene rather. I don’t know how much time has actually passed. But I was fully aware of emergency vehicles parked all over the place. I was on some kind of a gurney, though still laying on the ground, I had a neck brace on, and strapped down, but it was also obvious they were still working on me.

In a panic, I looked around for Maria. She too was being attended to a short distance away from where I was. How she had gotten there, I had no clue, but the paramedics with her had already lifted up her sweater, they’d applied one of those emergency defibrillators and were in the process of charging it.

“Clear!” Someone shouted. In an instant, I was somehow magically right by her side, looking down. I watched as her body jerked from the electrical shock she’d just been given, and then everyone looked at some sort of a monitor. “Charging again,” someone else spoke, though that’s when I saw the strangest of things. This little blue white light seemed to suddenly leave her body, like a little sphere of some sort. The moment it did, I could sense her presence, including her emotions. She seemed bewildered, confused, incoherent, though I was beginning to feel a little bit of that myself.

“Are we dead?” I asked her as much as myself, but perhaps that question, unexpectedly asked as well as received, confused her even more. Like I said, I could feel all that, sense it, as that little light streaked off as though trying to get away from me, heading right over to where I was still lying there on the ground.

And then I was chasing her, just as someone else called out, “Hit him again!”

“Maria!” I yelled, or thought I did anyway. And it was just enough to get her attention perhaps, because her little light seemed to hover, shudder and then oddly enough, evaporate, just as they hit me with another electrical surge. I saw Maria’s little light suddenly drawn into my body, followed almost immediately after that with someone else saying…”We have a pulse!”

Talk about weird things. I mean I know I was still floating there above all this. But now I was watching as my body drew breath, though they quickly applied an oxygen mask to my face, finally bringing the cart I was on up off the ground, now rolling me towards one of the waiting ambulances. I turned, looking back to where Maria was still laying, once more suddenly right there, right beside her.

“Still nothing,” someone said. “She’s gone.”

“NO!” I screamed. “She’s not gone…she’s in me!”

“Try it again,” one of the other paramedic’s demanded. “Charging!”

I knew then…it was now or never. Even as the electrical charge hit her body, I was willing myself to enter her. It was like swimming through Jell-O for a lack of a better explanation. I felt like I was going to suffocate in fact, as though holding my breath, which maybe I was. Then I heard someone else saying…”She’s back.”


Once again, I didn’t remember any of this at first. What I do remember initially is suddenly waking up in a hospital room. I was sore from head to toe, my head pounding, at first my eyes blurry like I’d been asleep for days. But they gradually cleared and I first noticed a woman Doctor standing at the foot of my bed looking down at me. She was smiling.

“Ah good…you’re finally awake.”

I vaguely remembered the accident. “Where’s Maria? How is she?”

The Doctor looked at me, now frowning just a bit. A look of obvious concern on her face.

“You’re going to be fine,” she assured me in soothing tones, though I could still detect a bit of uncertainty in her tone of voice. “You probably suffered a severe concussion, but aside from a few other bumps and bruises, I’d say you came away damn lucky. No doubt the air bags and seat belts saved both of your lives.”

“So she’s…ok?”

Once more, Doctor nameless looked at me, and then came over with one of those penlights, peering into my eyes.

“Do you know what day it is?” She asked.

Even I wondered about that for a moment. Maybe I had been out of it for longer than I thought. “Friday?” I was uncertain. Doctor no name nodded her head. “Correct. Now tell me…when’s your birthday?”

I almost told her mine. Which is about the same instant I looked down, saw that the sheet that was covering me wasn’t exactly flat. I lifted my hand, looking as though I was seeing a stranger for the first time. My nails were polished! And then everything came flooding back to me.

“Maria? Are you ok?” The Doctor asked, truly concerned and worried now.

“March 17th,” I responded quickly. “1987.” I took a breath, just as she did, looking a bit more relaxed now. “Please tell me…where’s Howard? And how’s he doing?”

“He’s still in the ICU. He didn’t fare nearly as well as you did. But I can assure you; he’s going to be all right. We did have to operate to repair a pretty badly damaged broken arm, but with some physical therapy, he should retain full use of it again. He’s also got some cracked ribs, but beyond a few additional bumps and bruises, nothing life threatening. As soon as he comes out of the anesthesia, I’ll let you know. Now…try and get a little more sleep.

I’ll be back to check on you again in just a bit here. Is there anything I can have one of the nurses get for you before I go?” She then asked.

Obviously I was relieved to hear I was ok. Or rather that Maria was. Though even that thought was a bit confusing to me. I still hadn’t wrapped my mind around the idea that I was currently residing in her body, and that she was in mine. Though thankfully at least, she was still under the effects of the anesthesia. I could only imagine what she’d be thinking and wondering when she finally did come out of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of worrying about that just yet.

“Some water maybe? And I really would like to pee.”

“I’ll send for one of the nurses,” she said, smiling at me once again. “And get you a bedpan to use.”

“I don’t need or want a bed pan. I can make it to the bathroom myself.” I struggled to sit up, swing my legs out off the side of the bed. Which is when I discovered a whole bunch of new things.

The only way I can really compare it, is like when you’ve just gone out and bought a brand new car. Something you’ve never driven before. Something with a whole bunch of new dials and switches and buttons to push. Sure, eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

But you turn on the wipers instead of the lights. Which is essentially what I did. When your mind is used to driving a hundred and eighty pound muscle car, and suddenly you’re in this really streamlined economy model, the mental exertion I used to power it was as they say…over kill. I literally propelled myself off the side of the bed, crashing onto the floor before I’d even realized what had happened to me.

“Ah huh…” Doctor no name said, coming over to help me stand up again, placing me back onto the bed with a very stern expression on her face. “Like I said, we’ll wait for the nurse if you insist on going into the bathroom. Obviously, you’re still not yourself yet.”

That was a major understatement.

“Ok,” I sheepishly said, seeing the logic in that now. This truly was going to take some getting used to. I waited patiently until the nurse finally arrived, and actually did help me make it across the room into the bathroom. Talk about disorientation. Maria was maybe five-five? Far shorter than I was to be sure. And it was a weird perspective for me, seeing the world through her eyes, on her scale of things. Not my scale. It was as though the floor had lifted or something, making it difficult for me to gain a positive balance. This was going to be a lot harder than I had originally thought.

“That’s it…slowly. One step at a time,” The nurse was telling me as we finally reached the bathroom.

“I can take it from here now,” I assured her as we reached the door.

“Sorry, not until you’ve made it the rest of the way,” she informed me. “I’ll stand here until you do. After that, I’ll be right outside waiting for you,” she then added to that.

Somehow, I actually made it without doing a faceplant.

But the best was yet to come.


Now don’t laugh, but I caught the name on her badge. “Jackie”. So yeah, nurse Jackie stood there in the doorway looking back at me. And I of course was bound and determined to accomplish all this by myself without the need of any further help. First things first however, which was also no easy feat. I reached behind, undoing the tie holding my hospital gown together, or attempting to, though it seemed to have turned into a knot.

“Need some help?”

“No…I’ve got it,” I said in frustration, basically giving up, simply reaching down and then bunching up my gown as I then reached down lifting the toilet seat. I then reached down…

“Holy shit!” I actually cried out. And of course Nurse Jackie came running over.

“What? What’s wrong?” She said, looking, just as I was. Expecting to see something maybe, though I had been too. But not exactly the same thing I’d been expecting to see, which wasn’t there any more. Well…it was, hopefully…just not on me, or rather Maria I guess upon thinking about it.

“Ah nothing, never mind,” I said, spinning around, actually sitting down now. Nurse Jackie looked knowingly at me.

“Did you…are you starting your period?” She now inquired as though this was the source of my sudden exasperation and alarm.

“Ah no. I thought for a moment I might be, but I’m not. I’m good. Now…if I could be given some private time here? I might be here for a while,” I told her.

Still hesitant to leave me all by myself, she finally stepped back through the doorway. “There’s a call button there on your left. Use it when you’re ready to go back to your bed, and don’t even think about doing so yourself, or next time you WILL be using the bedpan instead. Understood?”

I nodded my head as she closed the door, and sat there quietly, listening until I was sure she had actually left.

It was time to actually have a look at myself. Or rather at Maria I guess. And strange that thought too in a way. I felt a little like a Peeping Tom, a bit of a pervert, about to commit an act of violation if you will. Sure it was me inside this body, but it wasn’t my body. It was my cousins. The body I had long lusted after. And now, here I was in full and complete possession of it in ways that I could never have even dreamed of. Across the way over the sink stood a mirror. I hadn’t even seen myself yet. Yet again another shock and surprise.

Standing up once more, walking over towards the sink, almost afraid too. I think I even peered in at first, as though expecting to see me, not Maria. But it was Maria. And it was me too. Sure, it was her face, her eyes…her look. But it was me looking.

“Good god!” I heard myself saying, seeing the words formed, though spoken by her mouth, her voice, even though it was me…Howard, thinking and saying them. Seeing HER face looking back at me was unnerving to say the least. And it really did feel like I was spying on her, violating her in some way. And yet…I couldn’t help myself. Though the mirror only allowed me to see myself from the chest up, it was too much of a temptation.

I had to see. I had to see my tits…Maria’s tits. Lifting up the gown around my neck, I stood there staring at what I had up until now, only imagined, only fantasized about. Her boobs were near perfect, at least in my mind.

F I stood staring at them, taking in their shape, finally seeing her nipples, not quite the way I’d imagined them to actually look like, yet close enough. They were a light tan in color, small areolas, small but nice looking nipples that began to harden and lengthen almost from the moment I had lifted the gown.

In seconds they were erect, a bit thicker and obviously aroused. I had to cup them, hold them, feel the weight of her firm full breasts in my hands. Once again it was eerie, holding a pair of breasts from this angle, feeling this unfamiliar balance on my chest, understanding for the first time perhaps what it felt like for most women now who had large breasts.

I of course wanted to see more, experience more, but unable to really do so. I could look down between her legs, see what was obviously (unexpectedly so) a bare pussy. But even bending forward a bit to look was almost painful. I had wrenched my back, or rather she had. These very thoughts are still confusing to me, disorienting as I tried to keep separate the thoughts and feelings I was having. The mechanics of being in her body however, a constant reminder that this body wasn’t mine…though for how long it would remain that way was yet unknown. A sudden knock on the door was a reminder I had been in here long enough.


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