Maybe in a million years – 4

“Maybe in a million years” Part-4 Continues….

While mom was getting undressed, I quickly gathered up the things I needed for her massage, plus one or two other items I needed that she would be totally unprepared for. But before I sprang that little idea on her, I needed to get her really good and worked up first. I soon had everything ready, including myself when I heard mom’s footsteps coming back up the stairs. Though she had on her robe, I knew she was naked beneath it. I on the other hand was naked as I stood there waiting for her.

“Xavier…” she said simply eying me, though I wasn’t as yet erect. “You think that’s wise?”

“More comfortable this way,” I said lamely. “Keeps me from getting too hot while I work on you.”

“Ah huh,” she said, climbing up onto our makeshift massage table, turning her back to me before slipping the robe off, and then laying face down on the table, eyes closed. I took a moment to admire my mother’s form, in particular her still very firm ass as she patiently waited for me to begin. “If you’re gawking…” she finally said, knowing full well that I had been, though I saw her eyes open into slits as I walked around standing in front of her.

I began working on her shoulders, messaging down into the small of her back, my free-swinging prick only inches away from her face as I did that. Once or twice I glanced down as I worked her muscles, not at all surprised to see her eyes open looking at me.

“So far so good,” I thought to myself as I continued, now running my hands along her sides, just grazing the flesh of her somewhat concealed breasts as she pressed herself into the table. I’d even managed to “accidentally” bump into her once or twice, letting my rapidly stiffening cock poke her in the shoulder, or rub alongside her breasts as I moved around the table, eventually massaging her legs where I lifted, and had her spread them just a little.

She had to know I could easily see the split of her pussy as I did that, especially as I eventually saw a bit of glistening dew forming there as I worked on her firm ass. I even allowed my fingers to just brush tantalizingly close to her pussy, hearing an involuntary moan as I did that, though she quickly followed that up with a precautionary warning as well.

“Easy Xavier…you promised.”

“I promised to make you feel good,” I reminded her. “And that’s exactly what I’m doing isn’t it?” “Yes…but,”

“Shh,” I silenced her. “Just relax, enjoy it,” as I soon after instructed her to roll over onto her back as I proceeded to work on her shoulders again, though working my hands down her arms, and lightly running them over and about her breasts too. I was careful to massage her tits without actually making it feel like a sexual caress, though that would come soon enough. Already her nipples were hard and stiff, standing out thick and proud, obviously excited as I worked downwards from there to her tummy.

Once again I just let my hands and fingers skiff over the delicate furrow of her mound, feeling her quiver as I quickly passed by. I stepped around her once more, working her upper thighs, fingers slowly inching upwards to her furrow as I managed to coax her into spreading her legs again without asking her to do so. She was obviously excited, even if she was pretending not to be. And as such, it was time to spring my big surprise on her.

I started to work on her arms again, one at a time, lowering them purposely off to the side of the table.

“Just let them dangle there for a moment,” I said softly. Don’t move for a second while I finish this.” I had hidden a coil of soft rope that I’d created two slip knots with, now pulling that out from beneath the table where I had secretly tucked it away. I carefully placed both loops around her wrists simultaneously, and then pulled.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Mom suddenly asked a moment too late, realizing that her hands were now bound as I tied them off to the table legs beneath her. She at first thought I was just teasing her, messing with her perhaps though I hurriedly ran around to the bottom of the table and produced two more.

These of course which I now slipped over her feet, and then tying them off, thus having her completely captured and now spread-eagled there on the table. “Xavier? Xavier?” She struggled against her bonds, though she was firmly secure, unable to move in any direction. At last giving up her struggle, seeing the futility of doing so, she looked at me with a very surprised and confused expression on her face. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” She now asked, looking somewhat stern at me as though that would deter me from what I was planning on doing.

“Like I said…making you feel good,” I grinned at her.

“Like this?” She said once again trying to lift her arms, though showing me the futility of her ability to do so.

“Xavier please…I’m your…”

“Mother. Yeah, I know. And a damn sexy one too. Now, now quit trying to fight this mom, I’m not about to let you get up until you’ve had a nice little orgasm or two.”

“Xavier!” She said struggling once again. “I can’t…I just can’t, you know I can’t!”

“Yes you can, and besides mom…you don’t really have a choice here now do you? So the sooner you just relax, enjoy it…and cum, the sooner I’ll let you up and off the table here.”

Though she was still struggling with it emotionally perhaps, she had quit struggling physically. Actually relaxing her body again. “I can’t do this Xavier…I’m…I’m too nervous,” she stammered though the quiver in her tone in her voice told me just how aroused she was becoming. Though the real sign that she was had already betrayed her. I glanced down between her legs and saw a nice little river of creamy white sauce suddenly leaking from her debts.

“Hmm, what’s this?” I said running the tip of my finger up mom’s split, coating it with her essence, and then showing it to her as I brought it towards my lips, licking it off. “Looks to me like your body’s enjoying it, even if you’re not willing to admit it,” I said, running my finger up her precious slit once again, feeling her shiver.

“That’s it…” I coaxed, gently stroking her as she squirmed, this time doing so in obvious pleasure as opposed to fighting against the bonds still holding her. I indeed knew mom had a bit of a kinky side to her, almost an addiction according to my Aunt, so had figured that something like this might be just up her alley. And more importantly, just kinky and hot enough to get her to lose a few of her pointless inhibitions. “So…feels good doesn’t it?” I said teasing her, now slipping a finger fully inside my mom’s wet slippery cunt as I wormed it about inside her. “Come on mom…at least admit it. Admit you’re enjoying this.”

“Ok, ok…I am. There! Satisfied?” She cried out, squirming once again against her restraints, though feebly now as though trying to show me she was still fighting against this. Only that’s when she also happened to glance up at the clock on the kitchen wall. “Oh God…Dorothy!” She suddenly exclaimed, this time truly trying to sit up, using every ounce of strength she had to no avail. “Xavier…you have to release me! Dorothy will be here around two o’clock! She said she’d be dropping by with a copy of a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try!”

Dorothy was a neighbor friend of hers who came over from time to time. And by her reaction, I had no doubt she was telling me the truth here too. But I decided to use that to my advantage. “Well then…that doesn’t leave us too much time now does it mother?” I grinned wickedly at her. She was looking at me in lustful frustration. On the one hand, I could see by the look in her eyes she had nearly succumbed to what I was doing, but now…with the certain knowledge her friend was due to drop by a short time from now had created a small change of plans.

“I can’t…I can’t…no way, I can’t cum…knowing,” she panted desperately.

“Hmm, well then…I guess since you can’t at the moment, I’ll just have to be satisfied with you making me cum then.” Once more, the implication of what I’d just said caused her to quit struggling for a moment.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean? Just what I said…since you say you’re too nervous and worried to cum right now, you’ll have to make me cum then instead…before she gets here.”

“Xavier please…I can’t, I’m your…”

“I know. We’ve already been here mom. No point in saying it all again. How about you just do it, and then I’ll untie you and let you go before your friend gets here.”

“What is it you want, and how can I?” She asked, staring at my rock hard cock again.

“How about licking and sucking it? That should be easy enough don’t you think?”

“No Xavier…no! I can’t! I won’t!”

We had reached a bit of an impasse here with mom no doubt hoping I’d give up and give in before her neighbor really did show up. It was time to raise the stakes just a little. But how? I glanced about, looking…trying to think, when I saw the perfect solution. I walked away for a moment, heading towards the kitchen counter where she kept a few handy utensils ready. Grabbing a wooden spoon, I walked back towards her. Mom looked at me.

“And just what the hell do you intend on doing with that?” She asked. I answered her by slipping the handle of the spoon inside her pussy. “My god Xavier! What the fuck?” I walked over, grabbing another, walking back, and then inserting it beside the first one, so that now she was laying there on the table, bound to it, spread-eagled with two wooden spoons sticking out of her pussy.

“You ready to lick me now mom? Or should I add another?” I said picking another one up. “Can’t even begin to imagine what Dorothy might think should she come over and find you here laying like this with a bunch of wooden spoons stuck in your cunt.” And mom knew that she would too. Dorothy had dropped by before, left things for mom on the kitchen table if she had gone out for a while. She knew where the hidden key was to the back door.

If mom didn’t answer the door after Dorothy knocked, it would be only a matter of time before she’d go searching for the back door key and let herself in. I ran the smooth flat surface of the wooden spoon over her clit, and tapped it lightly against her before spinning it around again, now adding it to the other two. She now had three spoons sticking obscenely out of her pussy.

“Ok, ok…I give up, you win! Now hurry up, before she gets here!” Mom pleaded desperately. “Just take the fucking spoons out!”

“Not until you make me cum first,” I told her as I walked over to the table, placing the head of my dick upon her lips, rubbing them back and forth with my prick for a moment. “Go ahead mom, kiss it….lick it, I know you really want to.”

I watched as her tongue finally snaked out of her mouth, running around the head of my dick, flicking away at it. She was moaning softly as she did, obviously enjoying it, even though she had made every effort to deny that she wanted to. I reached down, capturing her very hard, very erect little clit between my fingers and began rolling it around as though it were in my mouth, feeling her moan around my cock as she sucked it in. As I jacked and masturbated her hard little clit, she in turn lovingly sucked, and continued to pleasure my cock as I fed it to her face.

She was shuddering now, almost uncontrollably, murmuring her pleasure as I continued to flick her clit, rolling and rubbing it as she dutifully sucked my cock, enjoying it as she did. Even as she began to climax, three spoons still stuck inside her pussy, I felt my own release rapidly approaching, pulling out, seeing her reaching for it again with her lips, even as she climaxed.

“No!” She cried out, looking up at me.

“You want it then?”

“Oh yes Xavier, yes! Please baby…give it to me.”

“Where do you want it mom?”

“In my mouth, I want you to cum in my mouth! Please Xavier…please. Hurry baby, hurry…she’ll, she’ll be here any time now!”

I felt her lips once more surrounding my cock, drawing on it, sucking it as my balls churned, as the first jettison of spunk ran up the length of my shaft. Within moments, I was pouring my seed into my own mother’s hungrily sucking mouth as she greedily drank it down as fast as she could manage it. Even before I had completely finished draining myself down mom’s throat, I caught a shadow of movement passing by the kitchen window. “Guess who’s here?” I said stepping back, enjoying the look on mom’s face, cum dribbles still escaping from the corners of her mouth.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Untie me Xavier, please! Untie me!”

There was a quick knock on the door, as I slowly released the restraints around her legs. “Faster Xavier, faster!” Mom was asking, almost in a whisper as she looked towards the back door, seeing the shadow of her friend standing there just on the other side. I finished the restraints on her wrists, watching mom bolt off the table, one hand reaching between her legs for the three spoons, as she suddenly raced past me heading back down the stairs.

I turned, grabbing the remnants of the makeshift massage table we’d made and moved into the living room, tossing everything onto the couch, and then slipping into my robe just as I heard the back door opening, Dorothy calling out as she entered.

“You who? Maxine?” I walked around the corner at that moment, surprising her, scaring her just a little as she jumped, not at all expecting me of course.

“Hi Dorothy,” I said rounding the corner, “Sorry, but I wasn’t expecting anyone,” I said having purposely not tied the front of my robe closed. I had seen her initial look as she in turn had obviously seen me before I’d gathered my robe closed within my hand.

“Oh, I…uh, sorry…I wasn’t,” she stammered blushing profusely, before finding herself. “I was looking for your mother. She was expecting me.”

“Oh…well, she should be upstairs any time now,” I told her. “She’s downstairs brushing her teeth at the moment.”

“Brushing her teeth?”

“Yeah, just got a new toothpaste she wanted to try out, and said it left her mouth feeling all tingly after using it.”

“Yeah? What’s it called?”

“Not sure…spurt, or splat…something along those lines anyway.”

“How odd,” Dorothy commented.

“Yeah, I’m sure it goes by another name, you’d have to ask her though,” I said, turning to hear mom’s footsteps coming up the stairs once again. It was time to leave, though I was half tempted to stick around and listen in on that conversation. All I heard as I headed up the stairs to my room was mom when she replied to whatever Dorothy had asked.

“Oh yeah…that, the new toothpaste. Yeah, it does leave your mouth feeling all tingly…”


It was an hour later when mom came marching into my room, not even bothering to knock though I was half expecting that, and hadn’t locked my door either. I was still naked in fact, laying on top of the bed, watching porn on the TV, and hence had another nice hard erection waiting for her when she came barging in. She looked, most certainly as I had anticipated she would, though immediately drawing her eyes away from my erection, first glancing at the TV, and then into my eyes as she spoke.

“I suppose you think that was really funny,” she began.

“What? Tying you to the table? No…I was very serious about that,” I answered.

“That’s not what I was referring to, and you know it. And we’ll talk about the other later…but you nearly got me into a lot of trouble with Dorothy over that toothpaste thing you pulled.” She was trying to look serious, and then I laughed, causing her to do the same.

“So…what DID you tell her anyway? She seemed really interested in trying out the new toothpaste you got too,” I said, still laughing.

“I told her a friend of mine sent it to me from Canada, and that it wasn’t available here in the States…I didn’t know what else to tell her after all that. Still not sure she was buying it though.”

“More than happy to put some in a cup for her, you can run it over to her later if you’d like.”

Mom laughed. “That’s horrible! You’re horrible! And especially seducing your own mother like that!”

“But…you liked it though didn’t you?” I said reaching down to wrap my fist around my hard cock again. “And you liked sucking this too didn’t you?”

Mom licked her lips, finally nodding her head yes, acknowledging finally to herself and to me that she had in fact done so.

“Well, since we’re finally admitting we BOTH enjoyed that, come here…I have some more toothpaste to give you.”

To my surprise, mom actually came over, undoing the robe she had on, revealing her nakedness beneath it as she slipped onto the bed. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this,” she told me.

“Me neither,” I said quietly to myself, and then slithered down between mom’s legs, spreading them, where I finally placed my lips and tongue between and paid homage to the place I had once come from.

“Just one more thing,” mom said as she placed her hands on my head, forcing me to lift my face upwards for a moment. “Bad enough all this…which I’m still trying to wrap my head around as it is…but you need to know Xavier, as much as I’d like to…want to even, I can never, ever let you fuck me. Understood?”

“Whatever you say mom,” I said and then dove back down between her legs again. “For the moment anyway…” I then said to myself.

Twenty minutes and two orgasms later, I was just coming up for air when I asked. “By the way, where the hell’s Aunt Sophia anyway?” I wondered.

Almost magically the door opened. “Right here,” she announced walking in. “Your mother told me to give her thirty minutes alone with you at least before I came up the stairs. Been standing outside for the last ten, just listening and getting myself off. But…since the question was raised, and though I’m a few minutes earlier than I promised, figured I might as well.”

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