She is my time – 4

This Story is part of She Is Me Series

“She is my time” Part-4 Continues….

And though she was wearing panties, which I found oddly erotic looking at, she was also sporting a fairly impressive looking erection, which also looked rather interesting pressed so tightly against the dainty material.

But that is also when it dawned on me. That cock, that prick, that turgidly hard member would soon be sliding in and out of my pussy. I was about to be fucked, truly fucked for the first time in my bizarre little male-she existence.

“Look, I know how you must be feeling right now Howard, because I’m feeling it too. I’m looking at you as a woman at the moment, a very attractive, sexy woman. And yet inside, I know…you’re a man. And you…looking at me as a man, a man with a hard cock, something I know must be foreign to you to even contemplate. But you have to keep in mind, I’m very much a woman inside. A woman who is very much attracted to men,

and yet…here I am as a woman, about to fuck a woman in the physical. But we both have to find a way around that logic, that mentality, or we’ll never accomplish what we absolutely have to do here.”

“Any suggestions?” I asked, feeling a little silly at the moment, apprehensive and uncertain for sure.

“Maybe…something that might help, but it’s also a bit dangerous in some respects. More so for you than me maybe, only because I’ve been living like this for a lot longer than you have, and have learned how to control it, deal with it. But let me ask…” Chris walked over to the bed sitting down on it, drawing me down next to her. Both naked, the inevitable only moments away now, she took my hands in hers. “Have there been moments when you’ve sort of felt yourself losing your identity? I call it crossing over. It’s when your thoughts, even though they’re your own, almost feel like they’re hers. If that even makes any sense to you.”

“Actually, it does. There have been times when I have this mental image of myself, and see myself shaking my head, as though doing so to clear my head, my thoughts. Realizing I was thinking as a woman, and not as who…and what I am. Almost as though I was actually becoming my cousin.”

“Good,” she said, smiling at me. “Good in the sense that… that is what we need to do here now. Only we have to allow the cross-over to some extent, albeit only briefly. But like I said, that’s where it’s more dangerous for you than for me. I’ve learned how to accept that, and feel myself as Chris, and not as Christine. You need to do that now…Maria,” she said, calling me by my cousin’s name. “From here on in, while we’re doing this, getting familiar, getting comfortable. You have to become Maria, just as I will be…Chris. Think you can do that?”

I looked down at her groin. “It might help if you were to take the panties off,” I told her. “I’m finding that weirdly erotic, and not necessarily in a good way either.”

Christine laughed, standing up again, and hurriedly stripping off the black lace panties until she stood in front of me, her hard stiff cock sticking straight out in front of her. I now knew she’d become Chris, just as I was about to let myself go, and actually become…Maria.


It was in a way again…like having an out of body experience, only wide awake. I had to force my mind’s eye to see myself as Maria…not as Howard. I began to draw on the various sensations I had learned about her body, how each of these felt when I first explored my new self. I remembered the intensely electrifying tingles when I had first touched her breasts. Feeling the super sensitivity in having done that. The way the electrical pulses, surges of arousal and desire had traveled so foreignly down between my legs, to my clit…my clit. Not Maria’s clit, not even Howard’s clit…but my clit.

My clit. I was neither Maria, nor Howard. I was a woman at the moment without a name, but that almost seemed more appropriate, more acceptable under the circumstances than anything else. I needed to be anonymous, and I needed Chris, Christine to be a stranger in a way to me as well. Someone I didn’t see as either one. I reached out, wrapping my small delicate hand around his thick hard cock, squeezing it, familiarizing myself with the length and girth of it, finding it arousing as I did that. It had been so long, or so it seemed anyway, since I had actually felt myself holding a dick…a cock, a prick…in my hand.

“Turn out the lights now,” I told him. “And fuck me.”


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