A refreshing beginning

This is a new story called ” A refreshing beginning” let’s begin….. Author’s note & fair warning. Though all characters portrayed in the following story are purely fictional, (and well over the age of 18) let it be known that there is a bit of incestual intimacy between the mother and daughter during the course of this story. So if this isn’t to your liking, I would urge you to move on to another story, and by-pass this one. To those of you who don’t mind such antics…enjoy. And would appreciate hearing from you, and letting me know what you think.

Fate and Surprises – Chapter One

I’ve always found it interesting when life deals you a surprise, both good and bad, either one very often leaving you confused and more than just a little disoriented. Such was the case with me, when circumstances dictated a change in my own personal life that I never saw coming.

My name is Maria, Maria Green. My friends call me “Cyn ” though everyone knows they’re really calling me “Sin” as I always have had a bit of a naughty side to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no slut. I didn’t fuck every boy on the football or basket ball team. In fact, I didn’t even have sex until I had graduated from high school two years ago. Sure, I’d petted, and done just about everything else short of having actual intercourse. And not that I didn’t want to either, because I did.

And it wasn’t like I was saving it for marriage either. What I didn’t want was to become pregnant this early in life. And to be perfectly honest about it, I wasn’t about to put my faith and trust in some boy that couldn’t put a condom on, or wouldn’t. Even if I was also on the pill. That’s just the way it was with me. Accept a hand job, or even a blowjob if we’d been together for a while, and expect nothing else. The moment I felt pressured, it was over with.

But that’s basically why everyone called me “Sin”. Leo, my first real boyfriend, even though he wasn’t the first one I ever slept with, was the one that tagged me with the nick-name that eventually stuck. He said it was just plain sinful to even look at me. Sure, I had (I think) nice looking breasts, not too large, or too small, perfect for my height and weight at five foot five and a hundred and twenty one pounds. Long dark brown, almost black hair well past my shoulders and a nice tight ass that I honestly felt was my best feature.

And Not that I dressed provocatively on purpose, or wore things that were a bit too revealing either. Even though at times I certainly did. It was more my personality, my outlook on life, and the open-minded attitude I carried that caused Leo to call me “Sinful,” and eventually just “Sin.” I was always, always curious…about everything, and usually wanted to try it…at least once.

But this really isn’t where the story begins either. The story begins with me growing up next door to my childhood friend, Jacob. Now Dan as he calls himself. I was an only child, just as he was. And our parents were the very best of friends. We had no idea how good of friends they really were until years later, as I’ll soon here relate. But suffice it to say, Jacob…I mean Dan and I were almost like brother and sister whenever we were around one another, which growing up…was a lot.

And as such, maybe because of that childhood closeness, we never really ventured into the realm of pursuing anything more than that with one another. Well not really anyway. I mean we did explore those childhood curiosities yes. Played doctor in the closet, discovered what the real differences were between boys and girls. Kissed for the first time a member of the opposite sex.

(Which I really enjoyed), and had someone I could confide in, share secrets with, and knew he would have my back. Just as I would always have his. Although we were damn good friends and companions, it was again…more like having a brother who was the exact same age as I was, without being twins. We had known one another for what seemed like forever, hardly ever apart. And then college came. Dan getting a scholarship to a college out of state, and me…getting a partial scholarship to one a bit closer to home, though I still ended up moving out and into the dorm.

Life moved on. And though we still kept in touch from time to time, the brother I had once known and had, was moving on in life, just as was I.

And then the shit hit the fan.

This was one of those bad surprises that rocks your world, turns it upside down and inside out, and rattles your head so much in the process that you can’t think clearly. If you can even think at all. When I got the news, I was flabbergasted, disoriented, and simply torn apart. At the time, I didn’t even think about the why of it…only the unfairness and shock that it had even happened. The only upside, if one can even call it that, was that Jacob went through it with me.

Our parents had gone out to a party on New Year’s Eve. Coming home, they were struck head on by another drunk driver. My father and Jacob’s mother had been sitting together in the front seat. They were both killed. My mother, and his father, had been in the back, and came away with nothing more than a few bruises and scrapes, but at least they’d both survived.

So now here we were, seeing one another for the first time in well over a year, attending a funeral that my mom, and his dad, had decided to combine together as a memorial to both as so many of their friends and family had known the two of them equally as well.

I cried for Jacob. And Jacob cried for me.

And again, life went on.

Jacob went back to school out of state, but only so long as to finish the quarter, and then he was heading back to attend the same school I was, for several reasons. One, to help out his dad around the house, to shoulder some of the expenses as there’s only been just enough insurance to see to immediate expenses, though paying off the mortgage was one of those. Still, it meant Jacob really did need to come back home to live again.

Which I did as well. Mom needed me, as much as I needed her. So once again, we seemed to step back in time just a little. Me and mom live next door to Jacob and his dad.

And neither one of us was surprised when a year later his dad proposed to my mom, and she accepted. It seemed like the most natural thing that could possibly occur, though that also meant, Jacob and I were about to become real brother and sister, even if we’d only be step brother and sister to one another. But something I had always felt all these years anyway, just seemed to come together quite naturally, for all of us.

And then Jacob and I got another unexpected surprise, and one that again shook our world to the very core.

It stood to reason that our parents decided to sell both homes, and move into a new one, even closer to the university that Jacob and I would be attending, giving us another reason to live at home and again save money by being there. And though the wedding was still a couple of months away, my new Stepfather, Antony moved in with mom and of course, so had Jacob. His room just down the hall from mine, though that still took some getting used to.

By now, I had gotten used to running around half-naked most of the time without having to worry about running into anyone. Even if it was Jacob. Let’s face it, we hadn’t seen one another naked since we were kids, and a lot of changes had taken place since then.

I wasn’t used to closing my bedroom door at night whenever I went to bed. With the master bedroom downstairs at the opposite end of the house, there was really no reason for me to do that, especially since it was just mom and I living there for a time. That first weekend after Jacob and Antony moved in with us, brought about more than one slightly awkward moment. Sitting on the toilet peeing was the first one, as Jacob came out of his room, heading towards the bathroom himself.

I slept naked, and quite naturally just got up, and went into the bathroom to do that when he came out of his room. Needless to say, we were both a little embarrassed over that one, though we actually laughed it off a bit later. But I immediately realized after that had happened, that I had a decision to make. I could either change my personal life-style and habits, or say fuck it and be myself.

I said: “Fuck it.” And then laughed, remembering the look on Jacob’s face when he first saw me sitting there on the toilet, and me trying to be nonchalant about it. Though I was mostly amused by the look on his face as his eyes seemed glued to my very bare tits. I actually found it quite flattering. And especially coming from Jacob. I had never once ever seen him look at me that way. With lust in his eyes. And that made me look at Jacob a bit differently myself. I’d always thought him to be cute, funny, that sort of thing.

But standing there in nothing more than a pair of pajama bottoms at the age of 20, seemed silly-sexy in a very real cute sort of way. Not to mention he’d filled out, been working out, and now had muscles I never even knew existed on his six-foot, hundred and ninety pound frame that didn’t contain an ounce of fat on it anywhere. Jacob, my brother…well, my soon to be stepbrother, was a hunk!

And now, this is where my story really begins.

Hidden secrets – Chapter Two

After dad died, mom had pretty much left his private study the way it had been. I don’t think she’d even gone back inside that room even once, since the last time she had. Though I hadn’t either out of respect for her, and a sense of eeriness that came over me whenever I even got close to it. Mom had locked the door, and it had remained so ever since. Up until now anyway, when we no longer had a choice.

It was time to pack things up in preparation of moving into a new home, so needless to say, that chore of going through dad’s stuff, was left up to me. I was grateful to Jacob when he offered to lend me a hand, going through everything, and either filing away what was important enough to keep, or boxing up what wasn’t for future decision making as to what we’d eventually end up doing with it.

We’d already spent half the day going through his stuff when we came across a rather unexpected surprise. I had pulled out one of the drawers on his desk to empty it of the final bits of scattered debris, loose paper clips, post it notes, the odd change scattered here and there, and even a few odd looking nuts and bolts that were certainly out of place.

When I did that, I discovered something that we might otherwise have missed. Or rather Jacob did anyway, as I emptied the drawer into the waste can and was about to put it back into the old roll-up desk again when Jacob drew my attention to it.

“Hey Son…what’s that?”

“What’s what?”

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