A refreshing beginning – 2

“A refreshing beginning” Part-2 Continues….

“I was wondering about something,” I told her, rolling over onto my back, propping my head up on a pillow, a sure sign and indication that I intended to be here for a while. Having closed the drawer, she pretended that it could wait, rather than continuing, and sat down on the edge of the bed facing me instead.

“Wondering what?”

“You once told me a while back that I could come to you with anything, no matter what it was, or how personal it was. Remember?”

Mom had always told me if I ever had questions about anything, especially with regards to sex, that I could indeed come to her with my questions, and that regardless of what it was, or what I wanted to know, she wouldn’t be judgmental, or question me as to the why of it. A promise she had always held to every time I had come to her and actually done that. She merely nodded her head in agreement, waiting on me to continue. “Yes…I remember. Go ahead honey, what is it?”

“Obviously, I know that you and Antony are having sex. But I was wondering if it was as good with him, as it was with daddy.”

I know my question surprised her, but she stoically faced it, keeping a straight-forward expression on her face. The same one she always managed to create whenever I caught her off guard like this, even remotely. Giving her credit, mom had tried very hard to be candidly open and honest with me growing up, even when some of my questions were a bit more intimate and mature, especially at my early age back then. I realized as she began to answer, she was trying to read between the lines however, even though I hadn’t meant it to be taken that way.

“If you mean do I love Antony more than I loved your father? The answer is no. I will always love, and miss your father Maria,” she told me. Always calling me by my formal name, mom had never accepted or gotten used to the idea of calling me by my nick-name the way everyone else did. I even wondered at times if she hadn’t regretted naming me that, because of it. “Just as Antony will always love and remember Jackie. They’ll never, ever be able to take one another’s place. But yes…I do love Antony too. Differently perhaps, in a different way than I loved your father, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Well no. Not really. I already figured that much out mom,” I told her. “I know you still love and miss daddy, same as I do. But I also know you love Antony too. I think I’ve always known that, as close as the four of you always were,” I said not hinting at what I knew, but nevertheless seeing the slightly startled expression in her eyes for a brief moment upon hearing me say that.

“So it wasn’t any big surprise when Jacob and I learned the two of you had decided to get married. And trust me mom, we’re both very, very ok with that. I really was just curious…is the sex as good with Antony as it was with dad?”

Though puzzled at my curiosity perhaps, she openly answered me again. “Yes. It’s good. At times better even. But then again, Antony and your father are different men. There are some things your dad did that are better than the way Antony does them, and by the same token, there are certain things Antony does that are better than the way your father did it. Does that answer your question?”

I know she was dying to ask me why, but unless I opened that particular door and allowed her to ask it, she never would. She certainly hadn’t in the past, as part of our mutual trust and agreement. So she wouldn’t ask me now either, unless I opened that particular subject up, so that she could.

“Pretty much,” I answered, looking for, and then seeing her look of disappointment, which I was hoping for. “I guess I just wanted to confirm for myself how you felt, since I pretty much feel the same way about things. I do believe that it is possible to love more than one person at a time.”

“We all do,” mom interjected. “It’s something everyone does. You can love people differently in many different ways. Sometimes more than others, and yet…sometimes the same, though even that can be different too, if…that even makes any sense to you.”

“Oh yeah, it does,” I told her. “I understand that perfectly. Again, I was just wanting to confirm something for myself, that it was possible…that I could eventually love Antony with the same kind of love I have for daddy…even though that too is a little different, you know?”

Mom smiled, nodding her head again. “Yes baby, I think I do know.” More importantly, I think she was happy to hear me say that, though the real reason behind my asking would remain something else entirely for a while. “Is there anything else?” She asked, smirking.

It was part of the game, part of the ritual we had played for more times than I could even count. Had she not asked me that, I’d have been totally disappointed. In the past, we would sometimes…but not always, end our intimate little discussions this way. One would think my answer would be, “No…or not right now,” something along those lines. But it never was.

Again, it was part of the way we interacted together, our bonding. Sometimes I would ask her a question that was meant to totally shock or embarrass her before leaping out of the bed, running off. There were a few times however when the question was somewhat serious, delaying things just a bit as we then continued on for a time, still talking and chatting about whatever subject it was. Mom was steeling herself up for the “bomb” as she called it, wondering what I might drop on her. The smirky little smile she was trying to hold told me that much. So I dropped it on her. That was part of my plan too.

“Well there is one small little thing I was wondering about,” I started giving her my likewise patented serious expression. She had a hard time holding back the grin as she responded to that.

“Oh? And what might that be?”

“Is Antony’s cock bigger than dads was?”

Even though she had tried to prepare herself, she still wasn’t. The color suddenly filled her face as my words ripped right through whatever barrier she’d tried to put up to prevent me from getting to her. I wasn’t worried about her getting mad at me for asking that. It was still part of what we’d always had, always shared together in the most intimate of mother/daughter ways. But it still took her by surprise.

“Maria… Ann… Green!” She exclaimed, which was her way of letting me know none to subtly, that I was actually pushing the limits here. Mom never ever used my formal, middle, and last name all in one sentence, unless I had.


“You know damn well what!” She added looking even more flustered, though I was glad to see her smirk return as the shock of what I’d asked began to wear off. Perhaps she was thinking this is where I’d do my roll out of bed thing and scurry out of her bedroom. Except for the fact, I didn’t. Still looking at her, actually waiting on an answer. “You are kidding right?” She now asked seeing that I wasn’t going anywhere, though I hadn’t said anything else either. She looked at me again, but I just kept looking back at her straight in the eyes, not smiling…giving her my “I’m still waiting look.”

When she walked over to her bedroom door, closing it…I knew she was going to tell me. She came back and sat down at the foot of the bed, almost whispering as though dad himself might be eavesdropping in on us. “Maybe a little,” she said just loud enough to hear, and then grinned, blushing at her own admission. “Now…is THAT all you wanted to ask me?”

It was time to take this into overtime here. “How much bigger? I mean, is Antony like average bigger, or monster-size bigger?”

“Sin…thia.” Mom said, dragging out the name as though putting her own emphasis on the fact I was being truly naughty here with her, though liking that I was on the one hand, and feigning shock at me for being so on the other. Being older now did have its advantages in some respects. There were times like this for instance, when we went a little beyond the typical mother/daughter relationship into being “girl-friends sharing secrets.”

“He’s just a little bigger, longer maybe…maybe an inch or so is all. But your dad was definitely thicker in that department too. They were both nice.”

I’m not sure she caught the inadvertent slip there, though I certainly did. I am sure she’d meant it in the past tense meaning dad and all…but the reality was, she was sitting there thinking back…and thus had included Antony’s cock in the past tense as well…remembering. I let that one go however.

And though she didn’t do it very often, every once in a while, she’d turn the tables on me. This must have been one of those times, as she allowed herself to not only think the thoughts, but then express them, asking me. “So, what’s the biggest one you’ve ever seen? And whose?” She carefully added as though making that an afterthought.

This couldn’t have worked out any more perfectly if I’d have tried. I had managed to drive this in the direction I’d been meaning for it to go in the first place. Not too much, and not too fast. Baby steps here. But I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do in the first place.

“Oh, that’s easy,” I said looking at her seriously now with no hint of mischief here. “Jacob’s!” And with that, I rolled out of bed, and headed out of her bedroom while she sat there trying to comprehend what I’d just shared with her. I hadn’t even answered the first part of her question. I figured that might indeed come up again later. Suffice it to say, for now at least…she had a hell of a lot more than just that to ponder.

Truth Serum – Chapter Five

Jacob and I had both feigned being tired, and thus heading upstairs to bed a bit early. It wasn’t quite eleven when we said our goodnights, leaving mom and Antony sitting alone together there in the family room. I made a real showing of going through my normal routine before heading into my bedroom, remembering to close my door, though this was itself still a bit new to me.

The truth was, I was still standing outside in the hallway, creeping back quietly to the top of the stairs. I knew mom would wait until she was sure she wouldn’t be overheard before saying anything. Sure enough, I could hear the two of them talking, though in hushed tones, just barely loud enough for me to even make out.

“She said that?” Antony was asking. “Really?”

“Yes, she did. Clear as day. She didn’t give me the chance to ask her anything more about it though. That’s all she said. The biggest one she’d ever seen was Jacob’s.” I heard Antony laugh, chuckling, and then the sound of mom punching him in the shoulder.


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