A refreshing beginning – 7

“A refreshing beginning” Part- 7

“Sorry no, I wasn’t exactly expecting company tonight, though I’m glad you’ve decided to join me. And no, you can’t have this one,” she said, only then giving the one in her pussy a couple of quick deep thrusts. “I’m enjoying the two of them too much,” she grinned wickedly. “Why don’t you just go down to your room and get one of yours?”

“Perhaps in a minute I will,” I leered at her suggestively, planning on surprising her later any way as I’d just recently picked up a brand new strap on dildo I was dying to try out on her, and her on me. “Wanted to ask you. Has Antony spoken with Jacob about anything yet?”

Mom knew where I was going with this, shaking her head no, chuckling. “Not yet. Even asked him about it again this morning. Told me the ‘opportunity’ just hasn’t really come up yet, though I suspect he’s not exactly been looking for it either.”

“Yeah, same thing with Jacob too. I’ve decided that the two of them are never going to actually sit down and discuss any of this, preferring to just let things take whatever natural course they do the way I see it.”

“That’s what I’m thinking as well. They’re too much alike for their own good the way I see it. You notice how neither one of them is willing to make that first step…with us?” She laughed again.

That was true. So far they’d done just about everything else with us, or to us. The only exception up until now, was actual intercourse. It was like they were waiting for one another’s permission to actually do that, which both mom and I had already given them ourselves, and yet…so far things hadn’t progressed quite that far.

“I think they’re both shy about being around one another for one thing, and perhaps worried about one another fucking us, and the reaction they might have upon seeing that.”

“Yeah, the old double-standards,” mom laughed again, though simultaneously moaning as she shifted slightly, and surprised herself in the process as the vibrating toys seemed to have hit an unexpected happy spot. “I mean it’s not like we were asking them to touch pee-pees together or anything,” she quipped, causing me to burst out laughing.

“Not that I’d mind seeing that either. But yeah, you’re right…that’s certainly not going to happen, but getting fucked by them both in the same room isn’t going to happen either if we don’t figure out a way to get them to overcome this last hurdle they both seem to have.”

“Well actually, I have been toying with an idea,” mom grinned once again giving herself a couple of hard quick thrusts looking at me, or rather looking at my pussy as I had now turned facing her, one leg over the back of the couch, the other now resting over the top of one of hers. For the moment at least, my fingers were doing the dirty work as I slowly teased, circling my clit.

“Very funny,” I shot back, but then asked her seriously. “So what do you have in mind anyway?”

“Actually I got a general idea while watching the movie,” she told me. I looked back at the orgy now wildly taking place on screen. At least twenty people or so, some in multiple groups, others in simple pairs, but everyone watching or doing everyone else in the same room.

“What? You want to have an orgy and invite people?” I laughed, not quite expecting that, though doubting even that would get either one of them inside the same room together…though who knows, it might. Like I said before, once Jacob’s prick was hard, anything was possible. Well…almost anything anyway.

Mom laughed. “No, I don’t think either one of them would be ready for something like that, though I’m not sure I would be either,” she added. “I’m quite enjoying things the way they are, just amongst the four of us, though it is time to move on from the threesome thing we have been doing. No…it was something else I saw, that sort of gave me the idea, so let me run it past you, and see what you think.”

She did. And as I sat there hearing her out (still watching her fuck herself too of course) I began to like her idea more and more, adding a few thoughts of my own until we’d eventually ironed out the specific details of how we might pull this off.

“Tomorrow night then?”

“Agreed!” I said I was already looking forward to it. Though at the moment, I was looking forward to something else too. “Be right back,” I announced standing.

“Getting yourself a toy too?” Mom laughed, “A bit envious are we of mine?” She teased.

“Sort of. But…I have another little surprise in store for you,” I assured her, and then headed down stairs to put on my great big little girl’s dick.

Blind man’s bluff – Chapter Seventeen

We had finally agreed on the cover story we were planning on using. Mom and Antony were going out to dinner, which was true. But I had also told Jacob they were then going out to see a movie together after that, which meant they wouldn’t be home until really late. Mom had in turn told Antony that some friends of ours were dropping by later to pick us up, which would thus explain Jacob’s car in the driveway when they returned.

Though the plan was basically pretty lame, it would hopefully serve its purpose. That…and depending a great deal on their respective cooperation, though hopefully the incentive we’d be offering would see to that. Zero hour was eight o’clock for me, and eight fifteen for mother.

Though Jacob knew I was up to something, he didn’t know exactly what. As the time drew near, I announced we were going to play a naughty little game I’d come up with, something I knew he’d appreciate. I explained that I was going to blindfold him, and bind him outside in the backyard. He’d always been a big fan of doing it out of doors anyway, so I knew just that simple concept would appeal to him. “Here’s the thing,” I began.

“Simple rules, you can’t make any noise…nothing. The moment you do, you get a ten minute penalty. Which means you just simply have to sit there. Three penalties, and you give up your turn. Which then means it’s my turn. The one who can last the longest without making any noise wins.”

“And what do I win?” He asked smugly. I knew the carrot I was about to offer had to be worth it for him to play, and play seriously. “I have to do whatever you want me to do…wherever you want me to do it. And the same goes for me too.”

The one thing Jacob loved seeing was all those people who either had public sex, or who flashed themselves at total strangers. He had once asked me if I’d be willing to do a “flash the pizza guy at the door,” sort of thing for him, though at the time I told him I’d think about it. This however, completely opened up the door for him, so I knew he would go for it.

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