A refreshing beginning – 6

“A refreshing beginning” Part-6 Continues…

“Just this right?” She asked. Though I didn’t exactly answer her.

“Hurry up mom…it’s on a ten second delay,” I explained as the little light began flashing, letting us know we had only moments before the camera went off. Mom hurriedly positioned herself, looking back over her shoulder when the camera flashed. “Stay where you are, let me look…see how close we are to this one.” Even if it was close…I had no intention of letting her get away just yet.

“Ok, you need to move your legs a little further apart in this one. I can’t quite see your pussy as well as in the old photo,” I explained.

“I’m not even sure you should be looking at my pussy like that,” she teased back, not really meaning it. Already, I could see the “not mom look” coming into her eyes. It was just a matter of time now, when my really Cooper, nasty mom…would fully emerge here, if I was lucky enough.

The more photos we took, the more aroused she became. Even making a game out of it to some extent. Keeping it naughty yes, but yet innocent for the most part between us. Sure, there was a touch here and there as I moved her about, putting her into more and more lewdly positions. But never doing anything that would cause her to lift an eyebrow at me. Stealing a glimpse now and then however, I could see how wet and slippery she was starting to get. I even had her tell me about the photos we picked through, finding some to pose against, having her explain what was happening, or what did happen after the shot was taken.

It was having the desired effect on her, as I slowly moved her towards the photos I hoped I could convince her to emulate. When I was sure she was about as aroused as I could make her, without having really done anything, I made the suggestion, trying to be innocent about it when I did.

“Hey…I have an idea, and I bet it will blow Antony away too!”

“What?” Mom asked guardedly, as though sensing I was indeed up to something.

“Let’s do…this one!” I said holding the photo up that showed mom and Jackie, obviously engaged in a mutual sixty-nine.”

“Oh yeah sure we will!” She tried laughing it off.

“Not for real, just to pretend. We can at least get into the positions, as though we were really doing it, just to see how it looks. And then if it looks close enough, you can tease Antony with it, and explain to him later, we actually weren’t doing anything.”

“Except for posing in photographs together,” she reminded. “Which is bad enough.”

“Yeah, but can’t you imagine the look on his face if he thinks we did?” I pressed. “Come on mom, you love blowing his mind, teasing and exciting him, and I guaranfuckingtee it…this will do it too!”

“Oh it’ll do that alright. But I’m sure it’ll do a lot more than simply blow his mind…more like his balls,” she laughed giddily.

“Well then?” I hoped, once more jumping onto the bed, asking. “So…do you want a bottom? Or top?”


I know damn good and well she had to be thinking the same thing I was. To be positioned that close, that intimately over one another, even if we weren’t doing anything sent a flood of shivers racing up and down my spine. Not only could I clearly, and easily see the wetness within her satiny folds, but the pungent, hot aroma of her sweet smelling cunt was intoxicating, just as I knew mine had to be. And though twice she tried to convince me to ‘call it’ as she stated, I kept looking at the photos we’d taken, comparing them, and telling her they just didn’t look convincing enough yet.

“Sorry mom…but so far, we look like those lipstick lesbians with their tongues hanging out a mile away from one another’s cunts. We need to get a little more up close and personal here.”

“Just how much closer and personal do you intend on the two of us getting?” She asked.

“Let’s put it this way…nose close. Close enough to stick my nose in it close. At least for one shot anyway, let’s see if we can really make this one look real.” The thing was, even as she reluctantly agreed to do it, I had every intention of making it real…if even only for a moment.

Turning the corner – Chapter Thirteen

I had set my camera to take a picture every three seconds until I told it to do otherwise.

“Come on mom, you can do it…can you feel my nose? (Click) The camera had begun taking photos, hearing the faint little click as it took the first one.

“Yes,” she responded faintly. Her voice husky, sounding almost out of breath. I knew she could see how wet I was, same as her, as I lay there looking up at her pussy, that hard little clit-cock of hers only inches away from my tongue.


“Let me feel your nose mom,” I asked once again. “Let’s try and get a really good one.”


I felt her nose suddenly snuggle against the opening of my cunt, smiling as I pressed my own further into her as well. And then licked her. Softly, just grazing her clit with the tip of my tongue.


“Oh god…Sin, no!” Mom groaned. “We…we…”


I ran my tongue through the wet slick folds of her slit, spearing her for a moment, tasting her sweetness as she once again groaned deeply. The press of her face even more so against my own. “Lick it,” I thought. “Lick it mom…lick it.”


I drew her clit into my mouth, gently sucking it now, caressing it with the flat of my tongue, feeling her shudder, and then…the soft caress of her tongue on me.


“Oh god! Yes! Yes!” I moaned into her pussy, once again flicking out my tongue, letting it dance playfully on the floor of her clit.


She sucked my clit into her mouth, chewing it…rolling it between her lips, panting hotly as she did. I was doing the same to her, delirious with pleasure now. The two of us emulated one another, fingers added to the mix as well, as we began to explore, tease and please.






We lay there afterwards side-by-side, just holding and gently caressing one another, hands gently touching. “We shouldn’t have done that Sin,” mom finally began. I was about to reply to that, reassuring her when I did as she continued. “But what’s done is done…I can’t go back now,” she added, sliding a finger back inside the wet opening of my cunt, once more teasing and exploring me. I was surprised at that, yet elated. “And I can’t marry Antony without his knowing about this, it wouldn’t be fair to him. I have to tell him about this, what we did.”

“I know, and you should. We should, together. But I’m willing to bet he won’t be angry with you mom, I’m sure of it in fact. And I’m also willing to bet, as long as it’s presented in a way that assures him that he’s still part of the equation, that it won’t be something he’ll feel excluded from or not a part of. But that also depends on how you feel about it too,” I added.

She knew what I meant. “And what about Jacob? How do we handle that? Obviously the two of you are involved now, how will he feel about his father being involved with us? All of us?”

“As long as it IS all of us…there won’t be any problem. Like I told you before mother, Jacob has confided in me when the two of us have been together, how hot he thinks you are. He just hasn’t shown that around you, or expressed it out of respect for you both.”

“I don’t know Sin, maybe he’s just saying that to please you, because it excites you to hear him say it. It might be only that. I am after all twice his age, and you are far younger and prettier than I am.”

“Nonsense. You are just as pretty, if not more so. So don’t put yourself down. You’re a beautiful attractive woman, and I’m not just saying that because you’re my mother. I’m attracted to you as a woman. But…back to Jacob. I know Jacob, I know he’s been honest and candid with me. And I think I know a way that he can prove it to you. But you’re once again going to have to trust me too. And as far as Antony goes, I think we can settle that little problem tonight. And I think we can do it in such a way, that it will even be at his suggestion that we do so…so he can see.”

Mom laughed. “I have a feeling you’ve already thought this out ahead of time haven’t you?” I smiled back at her, and then reached over, slipping my fingers inside her pussy as we lay there masturbating one another to another slow, yet very satisfying orgasm.


Approval – Chapter Fourteen

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